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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Little Nina/Comics.

"What was your safe word again? When I used the dog collar and the strap-on? What was it? Vincent Cassel?"
—Nina to Frenchie[src]

Nina Namenko, aka Little Nina is a supporting antagonist in Season 3 of the Amazon series The Boys. She is a Russian mob boss and an ex-employer of Frenchie.

The Boys Series[]


You're like a rabid little doggy but loyal to whoever holds this chain. Before William Butcher, there was me. Before me, it was your daddy. But you always heel, Sergei.
―Nina to Frenchie[src]

Nina is a Russian mob boss and a drug dealer, both Frenchie and Cherie worked for Nina, after a time, Frenchie dropped out and worked for The Boys.

Season Three[]

Nina is on the hunt for Cherie after she stole a drug shipment from her.

The Boys pay a visit to Little Nina to ask about a weapon that the Kremlin might know about. Butcher covers Cherie’s debt to Nina, plus 100 grand for her troubles. Nina still asks for Cherie back but is intrigued by their proposal. She gives them a mission in Russia to do before they go to find the superweapon.

Little Nina brings Kimiko chocolate limes at the hospital as guise to speak with Frenchie. Nina tells Frenchie how The Boys made so much mayhem in Russia, it cost her several of her trusted contacts. She tells Frenchie he owes her a debt now. Frenchie reasons that it was Butcher's fault, but Nina holds Frenchie responsible for introducing Butcher to her. She gives him a new mission - to kill Pyotr Semenov and his daughter Katarina by the end of the day. When Frenchie doesn't deliver, she orders for her men to capture him.

Nina handcuffs Kimiko and Cherie to chairs as she enters the room with a naked Frenchie. Nina humiliates Frenchie by revealing the origins of different scars on his body. Nina then orders Frenchie to choose who will live between Cherie or Kimiko. Before Frenchie makes a choice, Kimiko lock picks her cuffs with a popsicle stick. Nina attempts to grab a nearby gun, but Cherie breaks her chair and charges at Nina. Yevgenny fights the two and gives Nina enough time to escape.

Season Four[]

While staking-out the Shining Light Liberation Army with Kimiko, Frenchie sees Little Nina due to a drug-induced hallucination. She taunts him over the innocent people he killed as a hitman.


Nina is a very vicious and sadistic mob boss. She has zero reluctance to punish those who wronged her in the most despicable way possible. She has also been shown to be very sexual and often makes sexual remarks such as how Frenchie's cooking skills made her "cum", and how she had 'pissing buddies' in Russia which later on she used as blackmail. It was suggested that she once had a sexual relationship with Frenchie where she pegged him with a strap-on.




  • In the comics, Little Nina is a very short woman, she has a penchant for vibrators, as she avoids getting close to people she may have to kill later. She had an agreement with Vought and turned 150 criminals into Supes to wreak havoc. Her plan was foiled by The Boys and Love Sausage.