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"Life Among the Septics" is the second episode of the fourth season of The Boys. It was released on June 13, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video. It is the twenty-sixth episode overall.


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The episode opens on a movie set for the film "Training A-Train", featuring A-Train before he became his famous Supe self. The director, Adam Bourke, shoots an inner city housing project, where Reggie Franklin works as a runner for drug dealers. His high school coach, played by Will Ferrell, tries to convince Reggie to return to sports. After the scene ends, Bourke tries to talk to A-Train about his lackluster performance. A-Train is upset by the inaccurate and offensive portrayal of his life, as his real coach was his brother, who worked as a waiter not a drug dealer. He storms off and goes back to his trailer, where Black Noir II intercepts him to open up about his guilt over the recent murders on Homelander's orders. A-Train dismisses him, calling him a "brain-dead maniac" and telling him to be quiet because that's what Black Noir is supposed to be like.

Hughie has an emotional conversation with his mom, finding out that she and his dad had been talking for over a year and that his dad left her power of attorney instead of Hughie. Shocked, Hughie storms out, intent on seeking legal guidance to challenge her for power of attorney.

Frenchie wakes up with Colin after an intimate night together. Colin catches Frenchie trying to sneak away.

Meanwhile, Kimiko sits in a therapy session, still unable to speak. She storms out after her doctor tried to ask about her family history. Later, at The Boys head office, Butcher reveals his terminal diagnosis, which surprises the group. M.M., who is now the defacto leader, demands Butcher leave the group, seeing him as a liability.

Vought's PR team pitches Ryan's debut as "Homeboy," but Sister Sage criticizes the idea, arguing Ryan needs to build an independent image, not just be Homelander's son. Homelander reluctantly agrees but is visibly troubled by the idea, not wanting the spotlight to be taken away from him.

The Boys discuss the suspicious murders of three Homelander fans. M.M. focuses on Sister Sage and why she was even there in the first place. They hack her phone and discover she will be at a Vought event later on and they plan to crash it. Starlight and Hughie stay behind to confront A-Train and stay close to Hughie's dad in the hospital.

At the Vought event, The Boys unexpectedly run into Butcher, who hacked M.M.'s password to find out where they were. Inside, they see several conspiracy theorist booths, with propaganda against Starlight and claims that Stormfront is still alive. Sage attends a panel hosted by Firecracker, who admits she sells the idea of "purpose" to the disenfranchised. Butcher and M.M. argue about their mission, with M.M. beating Butcher and telling him to leave.

Kimiko sees a child trafficking booth using an image of herself, which enrages her. She chugs several beers and gets drunk. She proceeds to vandalize the booth and make a scene. Frenchie pulls her away.

Hughie and Annie stake out A-Train, witnessing a confrontation with his brother, Nathan, who exposes A-Train's fake hero stories. A-Train later provides evidence to clear Starlight's followers of the Homelander Trial murders as a way to start to undo his wrongs.

Ryan's staged solo save goes wrong when he accidentally kills his stunt coach, Koy. Homelander forces Ryan to smile despite his trauma. Meanwhile, The Boys fall into a trap set by Sage and Firecracker. Sage instructs Firecracker and Splinter kill The Boys, after realizing they were tailing her. The Boys manage to kill Splinter and his clones as well as defeat Firecracker, who runs away.

In Homelander's apartment, Ryan is devastated by killing Koy. Homelander tries to console him but can't seem to understand why he's crying over the death of a "fragile" human.

At a Starlighter rally, Annie, inspired by A-Train's bravery, embraces her role as a political symbol and starts to speak up.

Frenchie relapses and takes drugs again. He confesses to Cherie that he's been seeing Colin and she reminds him that they killed his family many years ago and Frenchie needs to back away. Kimiko has lead on a local group of human traffickers. Butcher seeks M.M.'s help to help save Ryan, but M.M. rejects the offer.




I swear to god...stupid people who think they're smart make me want to eat my own s*it.
―Ashley about The Deep


  • The title of the episode is named after issue 5 of the comics.
  • There is an error on the General trivia for the episode's X-Ray. The 14th trivia fact lists that "Splinter Prime is always identifiable by the Firecracker logo tattooed on his right arm." In the episode however, the tattoo is on his left arm.




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