Lenny Butcher is a character mentioned in the Amazon series The Boys. He was Billy Butcher's kid brother.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

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Death[edit | edit source]

Lenny committed suicide sometime before the events of Season One. Billy believes that this was because of their father's abuse.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lenny Butcher was described by his Aunt as a "skinny, nervous little bugger". But from her other accounts of him, Lenny seemed to share many of the attributes of Hughie -- good-natured and kind -- the polar opposite of his elder brother, Billy.

Much like Hughie in the events of the show, Lenny acted as somebody who balanced out Billy's violent, often murderous tendencies. Shown in how he was able to stop Billy from beating on a kid he was likely to kill, without backlash from Billy, where teachers and other kids had tried and failed.

In the Comics[edit | edit source]

Lenny is the kid brother of Billy Butcher, and takes more after their mother in terms of both looks and temper. Lenny was one of the few people in Billy's life aside from Becky who was able to calm him down and curb some of his violent tendencies. On one of these occasions, Lenny stopped Billy from murdering their father after the latter caved in their mother's eye socket. While Billy joined the Royal Marines, Lenny went on to college. Tragically, Lenny died not long after when he was hit by a bus.

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