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Lenny Butcher was the younger brother of Billy Butcher.


Lenny was described by his aunt Judy as a "skinny, nervous, little bugger," much like Hughie. He had a close relationship with Billy and was one of the few people who was able to curb his brother's violent behavior, as displayed by one time when they were in grade school, Lenny was able to convince Billy from killing another boy named Dorian after the latter broke Lenny's nose, causing Billy to become protective of his kid brother.

Growing up, the two of them were both physically abused by their father Sam, and unlike Billy, Lenny was implied to have taken the abuse very hard. At some point before the events of season 1, Lenny committed suicide, leading a devastated Billy to believe that Sam's abuse was what drove Lenny to kill himself and blame their father for his death.

Years after Lenny's death, Billy met Hughie and came to treat him like his younger brother, particularly because of how much Hughie resembled Lenny in both appearance and personality. This is later confirmed when Billy briefly hallucinates Lenny in Hughie's place during their mission in Russia to locate the weapon that supposedly killed Soldier Boy.


According to various accounts of him, Lenny seemed to be much like Hughie in attitude: good-natured and kind, the polar opposite of his brother Billy. Also, much like Hughie, Lenny acted as somebody who was able to balance Billy's violent and often murderous tendencies.

In the Comics

Lenny is the kid brother of Billy Butcher and takes more after their mother in terms of both looks and temper. Lenny was one of the few people in Billy's life aside from Becky who was able to calm him down and curb some of his violent tendencies. On one of these occasions, Lenny stopped Billy from murdering their father after the latter caved in their mother's eye socket. While Billy joined the Royal Marines, Lenny went on to college. Tragically, Lenny died not long after when he was run over by a bus.




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