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Laurie Holden is an actress, producer, and human rights activist. She portrays Crimson Countess in The Boys.


Born in Los Angeles and raised in Toronto, Holden holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. After her parents, actors Glenn Corbett (born Larry Holden) and Adrienne Ellis, divorced, her mother married director Michael Anderson. Laurie then split her time between Los Angeles and Toronto. She has a younger brother, Christopher Holden, and a half-sister. Her grandmother was actress Gloria Holden (1903-1991) (Dracula's Daughter).

Holden received her first film role when she was a young child, when she plays Rock Hudson's daughter, in the TV mini-series The Martian's Chronicles (1980). After graduating from the Bishop Strachan School, she attented McGill Universtity, where she studied economics and political science. She transferred to University of California, and receved a degree in theater and film in 1993.

Later, Laurie is know for her roles as Marita Covarrubias in The X-Files (1996-2002) and Andrea Harrison in The Walking Dead (2010-2013). She also as regulars roles in TV series The Magnificent Seven (1998-2000), The Shield (2008) , The Americans (2017-2018) and Proven Innocent (2019).

Some of Holden's most notable roles include starring opposite Jim Carrey in Frank Darabont's film The Majestic (2001). Other movie roles have inclued Debbie McIlvane in Fantastic Four (2005), Cybil Bennett in Christophe Gans' artistic-horror video game adaptation of Silent Hill (2006), Amanda Dunfrey in The Mist (2007), and Adele in Dumb and Dumber To (2014). She cast also in indie horror Pyewacket (2017), and starred in the crime thriller Dragged Across Concrete (2018), alongside Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn.

In 2022, she joins The Boys's season 3, when she'll tackle the role of Crimson Countess. She sings on the soundtrack with songs ''America's Son'' and ''Chimps Don't Cry''.


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