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"Holy fuck! That was diabolical! You little fucking beauty."
Billy Butcher[src]

The Laser Baby is a baby Supe injected with Compound V.

The Boys Series[]


"That's a fuckin' baby Supe! Chosen by God, my ass. These cunts are made in a fuckin' lab!"
Billy Butcher

Supes are the results of children whom, with the permission of their parents, were heavily medicated with medium to high doses of Compound V; an alchemical super serum known to produce permanent superpowers in human subjects.

Season One[]

After Hughie found out info about Compound V from Ezekiel, Butcher and M.M find the hospital injecting newborns with Compound V through an intravenous line. The eyes of the baby in the incubator emit energy like Homelander. They are shocked to find that Supes are engineered in a lab, not born the way they are. Butcher extracted some of the Compound V from the IV bag. When they were interrupted by men shooting at them with assault rifles, he grabs the baby to kill all of the men.

"Now, keep your nose clean, sunshine, or I'll come back and stomp ya."
Billy Butcher

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Laser Eyes: The Laser Baby is also capable of generating heat energy from his eyes that can cut through just about anything.


  • Jack Quaid has one of the limited edition 1:1 scale Laser Baby figure.[1]
  • Karen Fukuhara also has a limited edition Laser Baby, which she did a giveaway with on her YouTube channel.[2]
  • During the promotion of Season Two, Amazon Prime Video released an AR game app named "Baby Laser Tag"[3][4], in which the player can use the baby to kill the Supes.