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For the Animated version of this character, see Laser baby (Animated)

"Holy fuck! That was diabolical! You little fucking beauty."
Billy Butcher[src]

The Laser Baby is a baby Supe who appears in Episode 5 of Season 1, "Good For The Soul".

The Boys Series


"That's a fuckin' baby Supe! Chosen by God, my ass. These cunts are made in a fuckin' lab!"
Billy Butcher to Mother's Milk

After Hughie finds out from Ezekiel that Samaritan's Embrace acts as a front for Vought's illegal shipments of Compound V across the country, he directs Butcher and M.M to a local hospital that the charity is involved with. There, they discover a lab full of newborns being injected with Compound V through intravenous lines and realize that Compound V isn't just a performance-enhancer; it's what turns humans into Supes in the first place, meaning that all Supes were normal people once. One of these newborns is the Laser Baby, who is sound asleep when Butcher and M.M first enter the lab.

After Butcher extracts a small amount of Compound V from the Laser Baby's IV bag, he and M.M are suddenly ambushed by a group of security guards armed with assault rifles. In response, Butcher grabs the Laser Baby and gleefully uses the infant's powers to easily slaughter all the guards.

"Now, keep your nose clean, sunshine, or I'll come back and stomp ya."
Billy Butcher to Laser Baby

Knowing that there won't be much time before more guards arrive, Butcher gently puts the Laser Baby back in their crib and tells the infant to stay out the trouble before he and M.M quickly escape the scene.

Powers and Abilities

  • Heat Vision: Similar to Homelander, the Laser Baby can generate blue heat energy from their eyes. These blasts of energy are powerful enough to easily cut through human flesh and bone.


  • Jack Quaid has one of the limited edition 1:1 scale Laser Baby figures.[1]
  • Karen Fukuhara also has a limited edition Laser Baby figure, which she did a giveaway with on her YouTube channel.[2]
  • During the promotion for Season Two, Amazon Prime Video released an AR game app named "Baby Laser Tag"[3][4], in which the player can use the baby to kill random Supes.