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"The night our parents were murdered... Kimiko just stopped talking. Can't talk. She's never made a sound since. In the camp, we were alone week after week, just the two of us, for years. We... came up with a language so we could get through it. I-It saved us. Both of us."
—Kenji Miyashiro to Frenchie, explaining the sign language he uses to communicate with his sister.[src]

Kenji Miyashiro (宮代 健志) is a character in Season Two of the Amazon series The Boys. Kenji was Kimiko's younger brother and he is also known as the "Supe-Terrorist" or "Super-Villain".

The Boys Series[]


At a young age, Kenji, along with his older sister, Kimiko, were abducted by the Shining Light Liberation Army. Their parents were killed and they were forced to join the army. After that, Kimiko stopped talking altogether and she formed a secret sign language with her younger brother to communicate. They looked out for each other and protected each other.

After Kimiko was taken to the U.S. and successfully turned into a Supe from Compound V, the terrorists took Kenji and injected him with Compound V to do the same. He gained the ability to move things and people with his hands. He started to agree with the ideologies of the Shining Light Liberation Army and became an active terrorist, now labeled “The Supe-Terrorist”.

Season Two[]

He went on a boat to the U.S. and Kimiko recognized him in video footage, where he is seen flipping over a boat onto the harbor. Kimiko tracks him down and they reconnect, thrilled to see that the other is safe. Once Kimiko realizes that he doesn’t want to abandon The Shining Light she helps The Boys capture him.

He gets handcuffed and The Boys try to take him to Grace Mallory and the FBI. Both Kimiko and Frenchie try to reassure Kenji that they are not enemies, however Kenji dismisses it and uses one of his exposed fingers to manipulate an energy drink left by Frenchie in order to free himself. While en-route, the group gets disrupted by a helicopter reporting the boat as stolen and they are all under arrest. Kenji attempts use the distraction to attack Butcher, but gets disrupted by Kimiko and knocks the helicopter into the water. Eventually, the Boys are intercepted by The Deep, forcing the group to escort Kenji through a storm drain. The Seven arrive and pursue The Boys, with Homelander cornering Hughie. The Boys free Kenji so he can save Hughie from Homelander, as Kenji brings the roof down on Homelander. Kenji tries to escape once again but he gets stopped by Kimiko. The two then are chased onto the rooftops of apartment buildings by Stormfront. Kenji attempts to run away, but he goes back to help Kimiko when Stormfront catches her and attempts to break her neck. Stormfront then breaks Kenji's wrists, disabling his powers, and then brutally breaks his neck as his sister watches. He dies and his death gets publicized on the media, with everyone rejoicing that “The Super-Terrorist” is now dead.


Kenji has a big heart when it comes to his older sister. He also believes that the terrorist organization he's a member of is doing the right thing - that they are fighting for justice against the 'Americans' that attacked and destroyed his home. Later on, despite his numerous attempts to escape, Kenji still loves his elder sister more than anything when he returns to save her life from Stormfront, instead of escaping.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Telekinesis: Kenji was capable of moving objects with his mind. He was powerful enough to psychokinetically influence materials as heavy as a small ship freighter and was even able to subdue Homelander beneath tons of concrete rubble. However, because his power was often channeled through his hands, he could easily be subdued by binding and covering his wrists, palms, and fingers. After his wrists were broken by Stormfront, Kenji's telekinetic abilities were neutralized.
  • Superhuman Durability: Kenji is more durable than a regular person, as he was able to withstand being hurled through a concrete wall by Stormfront without any major injuries.


  • Multilingualism: Kenji could fluently speak English, Japanese and Sign Language.



  • Hand Usage Required: Kenji needs to move his hands to use his telekinetic powers. Because of this his hands and fingers need to be uncovered and functional. These limitations are showcased when The Boys were able to keep him subdued by covering his hands with duct tape, and when Stormfront disabled his powers by breaking his wrists.
  • Blunt Force/Limited Durability: While Kenji was certainly more durable than a normal human, he was killed when his neck was broken by Stormfront.



  • Kenji was credited as "Skinny Man" in The Big Ride.
  • The character does not exist in the comics, and the Female is by all accounts an only child.
  • His name could be referencing Kenshi Takahashi, a character from Mortal Kombat who also has telekinesis.