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I'm just... The kid addicted to their PlayStation. Who goes to Olive Garden just for the breadsticks, who binges Property Brothers. I've never changed, Dad. I've always just been me.
―Jordan Li to their father.[src]

Jordan Li is a main character of the Amazon series Gen V, a spin-off series of The Boys. They are a competitive student at Godolkin University and Professor Brinkerhoff's former T.A.


Jordan was born to Paul and Kayla in the early 2000s, and shortly after their birth, they accepted Vought's offer to inject Jordan with Compound V, subsequently transforming them into a Supe and granting them superhuman powers and abilities. They regularly used their ability to change between the two sexes in civilian life, as they identify as bigender and use all pronouns, despite their parents' disapproval due to being born male. Jordan later enrolled in Godolkin University and met Richard Brinkerhoff of College of Crimefighting. Brink helped Jordan grow comfortable with their powers and the two formed a friendship.

At an unspecified time, Jordan overheard an argument between Brink and Luke. Luke claimed he remembered "what he saw" and demanded Brink tell him the truth. Jordan entered Brink's office and Luke demanded Brink tell him where Sam is. Before Luke ignited, Jordan grabbed a sedation mask and incapacitated Luke. Brink thanked Jordan for their intervention, but Jordan inquired what Brink was doing to Luke. Brink explained Luke was undergoing power enhancement injections and sometimes he has a "bad reaction.” Jordan then demanded injections as well, but Brink claimed they didn't need it. Brink instead offered Jordan the position of his new T.A., to always protect him and to keep this incident covered. Jordan ecstatically accepted the role and became Brink's new "Gatekeeper.”

The Boys Series[]

Gen V: Season 1[]

"God U."[]

Jordan Li is first seen outside of Brink’s office when Marie Moreau comes up to them and demands to see Brink due to her being rejected from his class. Jordan brushes Marie’s demand off by telling her that they were the ones who decided to have Marie rejected from Brink’s class as his T.A. Shortly after, Brink appears and tests Jordan’s reflexes by shooting them with a revolver. This makes Jordan switch into their male form, absorbing the bullet. Jordan is seen later on when Andre Anderson invites Marie to go out with him, Luke Riordan, Cate Dunlap, and Jordan. While introducing Marie to everyone, Jordan interrupts by coldly saying that they’ve met Marie only for her to ask if they were going to reject her from their outing. Jordan states that he would love to but is quickly shut down by Andre. They all go out to a club and begin to do molly. Jordan and the rest begin to tell Marie to try the molly, leading Jordan to reluctantly admit that they find Marie to be "cool". Later on, after Andre accidentally slits a women's throat, Jordan is telling Andre and Marie that they all need to leave now. Marie stays behind and saves the woman’s life using her powers. The next day, Jordan is seen leaving Brink’s office and passes by Luke who is making his way towards Brink. After Marie witnesses Luke killing Brink, she runs away while Luke is chasing her and bumps into Jordan in the hallway. Jordan stands in between Marie and Luke asking what he is doing and to relax. Luke ominously says to Jordan “You’re in on it too,” leading to him attacking Jordan. Jordan tells Marie to run as they hold off Luke in a fight, switching between their male and female forms. Eventually, Luke overwhelms Jordan and chokes them out until they are unconscious.

"First Day"[]

Following Jordan and Luke's fight, Jordan is seen later that night after the fight recovering from their wounds in their female form. Later, Jordan is seen in their dorm room angry that they have been moved from number two to number five in the university rankings. They are next seen paying tribute to a Brink memorial where Cate attempts to apologize to them for what Luke did to Brink. Jordan is later seen in the crimefighting class now led by the Dean, Indira Shetty, who welcomes Marie into the class. This upsets Jordan as they believe that Marie is trying to steal their credit for fighting off Luke. Marie argues that she does not owe them anything because she almost got expelled covering for them at the night club prior. Jordan switches to their male form to stop Marie from leaving and acknowledges that Marie is right and that she does not owe them anything, but asks regardless for her to tell the truth that they were the ones to fight Luke. Later on when Marie is being interviewed, she disregards Jordan's request and goes on to say that she and Andre were the ones to stop Luke, leaving Jordan feeling betrayed.


Jordan is seen having sex with Tyler Oppenheim in their female form, still upset with Marie having taken her credit during the interview. Jordan and Tyler are interrupted when Jordan's parents, Paul Li and Kayla Li, begin to knock on their door, surprising Jordan. This causes them to tell Tyler to leave while they clean up the room and revert to their male form. When Jordan answers the door, they reveal that they are there to show Jordan their support and condolences for Brink's death. Later that night, Jordan is seen with their parents in attendance of Brink's memorial gala. As they enter, they glare at Marie as they walk past her, showing that they are still angry at Marie for not telling the truth. Jordan is next seen trying to get a sponsorship stating that they qualify for one. They are then rejected for not having the numbers to qualify for one. Jordan's parents later interject themselves, taking away their attention. When their parents are talking Jordan up, they shapeshift into their female form, upsetting their parents. They begin to argue with their father, stating that they have never changed who they are, despite being able to look different. Jordan is next seen at the bar when Cate walks up to them to share drinks with them. Jordan later sees Marie and begins to antagonize her for seeming like a perfect person. This leads to Marie to reveal that she killed her parents with the blood from her first period. Cate begins to comfort Marie by telling her when her powers first manifested. Jordan then jokingly tells Cate and Marie that they killed their grandfather with their powers, only for Cate to say that it is not true. When Andre tells Cate, Marie, and Jordan that Emma has gone missing when trying to find Sam, Jordan abruptly asks who Emma is.

"The Whole Truth"[]

Jordan is seen with Marie, Andre, and Cate after the memorial gala to see where Emma's tracking chip had gone. They see the craters that Sam left behind while Marie finds the damaged tracker. When the updated rankings come out, Jordan sarcastically congratulates Andre and Marie for still being ahead of them. This leads to an argument between Jordan, Andre and Marie, with them arguing that they are in over their heads to investigate The Woods by themselves, with Cate agreeing with Jordan. They are next seen in the background witnessing Marie talking to Rufus in an attempt to find both Emma and her younger sister, Annabeth Moreau. They follow Rufus back to his dorm room, blasting it down right after Marie explodes Rufus' penis. Jordan leads Marie out of his room and warns her that Tek Knight is on campus and will pry the truth out of Marie. Jordan is next seen in the crimefighting class with Marie. Here, Tek Knight begins to interrogate Marie as to what really happened on the day Luke committed suicide. He eventually gets Marie to break as she confesses that Jordan is the one who fought Luke and saved her life, causing Jordan to feel uneasy. Jordan goes to Marie's dorm and demands to know why she would sell herself out to save Jordan, claiming that she did not want her to bury herself. They go on to ask what her angle is. Marie argues that sometimes people do not have an angle and just want to help people out of kindness. This causes Jordan to admit that they extremely scared, leading Marie to tell them not to be. Jordan advances on Marie, switching to their male form, and kisses Marie. Jordan immediately apologizes, believing they misinterpreted what Marie saying. This leads to the two continue kissing until they are interrupted by Emma's sudden return. Later on that night, Marie, Emma, Jordan, Andre, and Cate show up to Edison Cardosa's house, where Emma deduces that is where Sam is headed. They save Cardosa and his family from Sam. They hold him off until Emma enlarges and pins Sam down to calm him down. Suddenly, Jordan, in their female form, is shown to be sleeping next to Marie, implying the two had sex prior to Marie waking up.

"Welcome to the Monster Club"[]

Jordan awakes to Marie next to them, both of them naked. They awkwardly begin dressing themselves as both Jordan and Marie admit that neither of them remember the past few days. They change into their male form and discuss with Cate and Andre as to why no one can remember the past few days. After Sam talks with Marie and Emma, no one seems to remember Sam either. Back on campus, Jordan and Marie attempt to talk about what happened between the two of them. Being used to getting rejected, Jordan instinctively tells Marie that the two are cool, leaving Marie visibly upset. They later see Rufus talking with Dean Shetty, causing them and Marie to chase Rufus for information. They are misdirected as Rufus had paid another shapeshifter to take his appearance. Jordan is next seen in female form talking to Maverick about their first girlfriend. Maverick explains that Marie likely does not care about how Jordan looks and is simply afraid of being rejected again, which causes them, to rethink what they said to Marie. They see Marie and try to tell them that they do like her, but Marie has no recollection of their prior interaction due to Cate mindwiping her. This infuriates Jordan to believe that Rufus is the cause of this, but Marie stops them and removes the tracker chip inside of them. Marie and Jordan go confront Rufus about the tracker chips inside of them. Jordan is ready to kill Rufus but is stopped by Marie, who was informed by Emma that Cate is the one who did it. Soon after, Andre shows up to kill Rufus too, but is stopped by Jordan, Marie, and Cate. Cate later reveals to Andre she is the one who mindwiped all of them.


Jordan, Marie, Andre, and Cate spend the night in Dusty's house. As they interrogate Cate, she begins to have a seizure due to a prolonged period of her not taking her medications. This causes Cate to bring them all into a mental state where all of their memories are connected. They all briefly meet Soldier Boy who informs them that if they do not get Cate to wake up, they will all die there. It is revealed that Jordan was aware, to an extent, that Brink was giving injections to Luke to enhanced his power and give it to Sam. It was here that they intervened and saved Brink by incapacitating Luke. This leads Brink to offer Jordan the position of gatekeeper and T.A. for him, which they happily accept. Jordan is then confronted by his past self for being a coward and only looking out for themselves and allowing Luke to be tortured. When Cate and everyone wakes up, Emma and Sam enter Dusty's house. Recognizing Cate, Sam begins to attack her, leaving Marie, Andre, and Jordan to try to get Sam to stop attacking Cate.


Jordan, Marie, Andre, and Cate are sitting in a diner to discuss about what to do with the information of the Woods as well as what to do with Cate. Feeling betrayed, Jordan changes into their male form and coldly tells Cate to stay out of their heads and only might they trust her again. Jordan storms out with Marie following them. Seeing Victoria Neuman's political campaign banner, they decide to get her to expose the Woods. Jordan reveals that they have access to Shetty's office because they are still the T.A. In her office, Marie and Jordan find out that Shetty's husband and daughter were on airplane during the Crash of Transoceanic Flight 37. This information later reveals why Shetty is trying to develop an airborne virus that can kill all Supes, as she believes that Supes leave a path of destruction in their wake. While trying to get Marie to Neuman, Jordan causes a distraction by picking a fight with Justine Garcia for exposing the truth of Emma's power. Under Cate's mind control, Shetty slits her own throat as Jordan, Marie, and Emma watch in horror. Jordan attempts to stop the bleeding, but is too late.

"Guardians of Godolkin[]

Once Sam reveals that he believes in what Cate is doing is justified, Jordan attempts to stop Cate and Sam but ultimately lets them leave, knowing that Sam is far stronger than them. Knowing where the Woods are, Marie, Jordan, and Emma race to get there to stop Cate and Sam from freeing all of the other supes, but are too late. Realizing that they will unleash havoc upon the campus, the three decide to split up to different sections to help evacuate everyone. When a high frequency sound is played to subdue the supes, Jordan is seen temporarily incapacitated. Later, Jordan saves Adam Bourke, Ashley Barrett, Also Ashley, along with other Vought board members, from Bleeding Ears Supe using their energy blasts. They tell everyone to get to a grounded helicopter that is reinforced. While defending the helicopter, Jordan is ganged up on from Sweaty Supe, Glowing Eyes Supe, and Shredded Shirt Supe. As Marie kills Glowing Eyes Supe, this leaves the other two supes distracted for Jordan to subdue and kill Sweaty Supe by strangulation. After all of the supes are dealt with, Cate attempts to mind control Jordan. This leads Marie to blow up Cate's arm before she can control Jordan. Shortly afterwards, Homelander shows up and accuses Marie of being a monster for attacking other supes. Homelander then uses his laser vision to incapacitate Marie. Some time later, Marie wakes up, to the relief of Jordan, in an unknown location with them, Emma, and Andre.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Gender Transformation: Jordan possesses quick-acting gender transformation abilities, allowing them to seamlessly shift between male and female forms, each with their own set of powers.
    • Energy Blasts: In female form, Jordan possesses the ability to release concussive blasts of energy from their palms. These blasts, which take the form of a pale energy pulse, have the capability of stunning, throwing, and killing humans and Supes. Jordan can also control the intensity of these blasts.
    • Superhuman Agility:
      Jordan Li agility

      Jordan easily dodging Sam

      In female form, Jordan possesses superhuman agility, causing them to be more agile than humans and some Supes. They smoothly and swiftly dodged numerous life-threatening punches from Sam Riordan and Golden Boy. Furthermore, they effectively evaded being struck by a hostile student's laser vision throughout a brawl.
    • Superhuman Durability: In female form, Jordan possesses superhuman durability, making them more durable than humans and some Supes. In a fight with Golden Boy, they withstood being slammed into a ground with enough force to crack it, kicked across a hall, and thrown into a concrete pillar. They also managed to endure being struck by a Supe's laser vision for a brief moment.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: In female form, Jordan possesses a limited but rapid, accelerated healing factor. They can recuperate from cuts, bruises, and lacerations.
  • Indestructibility:
    Jordan Li durability

    Jordan withstanding a punch from Golden Boy

    In male form, Jordan possesses indestructibility, meaning they are physically impervious to all forms of damage and unable to feel physical pain. Because of this, it is nearly impossible for external physical forces to move Jordan when they are properly grounded. As a result, they have resisted everything thrown at them, including gunfire, Sam and Golden Boy's physical attacks, scorching flames, and laser vision, remaining absolutely devoid of injury. Given this, they are the most durable student at Godolkin University.
  • Superhuman Strength: In both forms, Jordan possesses superhuman strength, which makes them stronger than humans and most Supes. They are a physically powerful top-ranked student at Godolkin University, being right below Golden Boy. With their strength, they can knock down steel dorm doors. Additionally, they overpowered two Supes from The Woods, even unintentionally strangling one to death.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Jordan possesses superhuman hearing, allowing them to hear better than humans. Like all Supes, they can hear higher frequencies that humans cannot.[1]


  • Skilled Combatant: As a crime fighting major, Jordan has received training in the basics of hand-to hand combat and is a skilled fighter, holding their own against Golden Boy for a prolonged time, and overwhelming a gaggle of students in a fight and held their own against the Wood’s supes. Jordan has only been defeated by multiple opponents or Supes of greater power like Sam or Luke.



  • Brute Force/Limited Durability: Despite Jordan being indestructible in their male form, they can still be rendered unconscious by tremendous force. While in their male form, Luke strangles them, causing them to go unconscious. Regarding their female form, they are not indestructible, meaning they can be stunned, knocked unconscious, and killed by extreme force. After fighting Luke, Jordan's female form is heavily bruised and bloodstained, indicating they can be wounded.
  • High Frequencies: Due to being a Supe, Jordan is susceptible to high frequencies. When a high frequency is playing, it can induce immense pain and temporarily neutralize them. During a massacre at Godolkin University, Jordan is momentarily neutralized through the use of a high-frequency alarm.



  • Reina Hardesty was originally announced to portray female Jordan Li; however, that role eventually went to London Thor.[2]
  • Originally, this character was supposed to be a set of twins, with the female being named Jordan and the male being named Mark.



How you feel? 'Cause I'm sweating cocaine.
―Jordan Li to Golden Boy.[src]
I'm just... The kid addicted to their PlayStation. Who goes to Olive Garden just for the breadsticks, who binges Property Brothers. I've never changed, Dad. I've always just been me.
―Jordan Li to their father.[src]
Piece of dickless shit.
―Jordan Li to Rufus after saving Marie Moreau from him.[src]
Because I distracted him. Tag team cocksplosion, alright?
―Jordan Li responding to Marie Moreau.[src]