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Jonah Vogelbaum is a character in the Dynamite series The Boys.

History[edit | edit source]

Jonah Vogelbaum is a Jewish scientist that invented Compound V, originally as a super-soldier serum for Nazi Germany. Fearing for his life, Vogelbaum fled to the United States with the formula and a young Stormfront, who was the only surviving test subject. Once in the U.S., Vogelbaum started working for Vought. All supes, including the Seven, were created by being exposed to Compound V. Vogelbaum continued working for Vought until Mallory organized his kidnapping. While Mallory was originally just going to kill Vogelbaum, he changed his mind and made him work for the C.I.A. instead. Under Mallory's instructions, Vogelbaum created the Compound V shots that all members of the Boys are injected with, while deliberately making it so expensive the C.I.A. couldn't start a super-soldier program of its own. Mallory eventually tasked Butcher with assassinating the scientist. Unbeknownst to Mallory, Butcher actually spared Vogelbaum and made him work on a way to exterminate everyone that was ever exposed to Compound V. When Vogelbaum finally succeeded in creating a Compound V strain capable of this, Butcher murdered him so he wouldn't be able to undo his work.

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