Jessica "Jess" Bradley is a senior VA officer, introduced in #39 as an intelligent career-climber who was attempting to get in with Stillwell. In #40, she was taken on as his confidant and protégé, and he told her that her work had gotten her noticed years ago - he was merely waiting for her to speak to him. Their relationship soon becomes a strong one, with her appearing to develop feelings for him and Stillwell marking her out as vital to VA's future; in #61, she admits she feels safe around him and he admits he can relax around her.

She is more worried about the seedier, more uncontrollable aspects of the superheroes than Stillwell is, and is visibly sickened by the photographs of the Homelander's rampage. She is the first of Vought's executives to express that more concern should be shown for the victims of the superheroes actions, in particular after reviewing Hughie's file. In #48, Bradley was present for Black Noir's disastrous attempt at flying a plane and the murder of his flight instructor; she was left covered in the dead man's blood, and had to struggle to keep calm afterwards, telling herself "he's [Stillwell] strong so you're strong". This led to her pointing out to Stillwell that Black Noir can't ever be taught to fly and it was wasting money to keep trying; he was convinced and cancelled any further training, but it appears Bradley was the first senior VA worker to raise this as an issue.

After the Homelander's coup is crushed, Bradley appears before Congress, and spends a great deal of time with Stillwell. She would subsequently be betrayed by him when, during his appearance before Congress, Stillwell shifts the blame for the disaster from Vought-American onto Bradley. Stillwell had realized long ago that a disaster was looming with its superheroes, and had promoted Bradley to a leadership position specifically so that he could scapegoat her when that happened, portraying her as a rogue element who could be held culpable for all the company's misdeeds. The realization of his complete betrayal causes Bradley to have a breakdown in her hotel room, tearing out her hair while screaming.

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