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Jay is a minor character in the Amazon series The Boys. He was the best friend of Frenchie and Cherie.

The Boys Series[]


Jay like Cherie was a close friend of Frenchie, with the two going back at least 8 years ago. Jay often hung out with Frenchie, with the three taking different types of drugs and conducting crimes. One day, Frenchie plans to rob a bank, which Cherie and Jay agree to tag along, however Frenchie gets arrested by the C.I.A. From there, Frenchie is met by Grace Mallory, who is impressed about his engineering skills to counter a Supe's powers and wants to recruit Frenchie. Frenchie refuses the offer, so Mallory makes him a new offer to join or else she'll send Cherie and Jay to a super maximum security prison. Frenchie reconsiders, and takes the deal.

In 2015, while Frenchie works as member of The Boys he is tasked to follow The Lamplighter. While following him, Frenchie gets a call from Cherie telling him to hurry because Jay is dying from an unknown overdose. Forced to choose between his mission and his friends, Frenchie rushes to meet Cherie and Jay. Frenchie arrives and helps to revive Jay, he then tasks Cherie to keep Jay alive. As quickly as he arrives, Frenchie leaves his friends to resume his mission, inadvertently failing both.

Frenchie later admits to Lamplighter and Mother's Milk that he never saw Jay again after that night, and found out that Jay had died a few months later from another overdose.