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I didn't fucking do shit...!
―Jack from Jupiter

Jack from Jupiter is a minor character and supporting antagonist in the highly controversial comic book series The Boys. He was a deformed and hedonistic member of The Seven. As implied by his codename and appearance, he was marketed to the public as crime fighting alien superhero. While not as violent or corrupt as some of the other Seven members, Jack did, however, willfully turn a blind eye to damage and crimes caused by his teammates.


Jack was created by Vought-American along with the rest of The Seven. Despite his status as a long-time member of the world's most successful super team, his lack of the star appeal and major powers, means he is seen as fairly unimportant to his corporate sponsors (even more so than the Deep) and The Boys (a CIA-backed team charged with keeping superpowered individuals in-line). His teammates likewise see him as unimportant, as they are as self-absorbed as he is. Even the newer recruit A-Train, who Jack took under his wing to some extent, has little attachment to him, and showed little sympathy when Jack met with misfortune.

While investigating the murder of a transgender prostitute, Hughie and Butcher make their way to Dr. Peculiar's office and find records of Jack's depraved sexual behavior. Eventually, footage of Jack's deviant side is leaked to the news, and a panicking Jack grows more and more anxious as he wants Homelander to sort out who is blackmailing him. Basically, ignoring Jack, all his teammates express little concern for his troubled state. Jack ends up getting into an argument with The Deep, who backhands him across the room. Bleeding from the attack, Jack activates his invulnerability field and challenges The Deep to a fight. However, Homelander steps in and manages to break the pair up.

The Seven later confront The Boys on a rooftop. Butcher denies sending out the information; Homelander analyzes Butcher and confirms he isn't lying. An enraged Jack panics further at the revelation when Homelander refuses to continue searching for an answer.

Later, Butcher's dog Terror is found dead, and it is assumed by The Boys that Jack killed him. Butcher then tracks Jack to a backroom, shoves him against a wall, holds his throat closed and repeatedly stabs him in the stomach while questioning: "Why'd you kill me dog, Jack?".


Jack from Jupiter's skin was a tan color, mirroring that of the color of the planet Jupiter. In a similar fashion he also had a red sphere affixed upon his chest to symbolize the Great Red Spot upon that same planet. In addition, he wore a red cape.

He possessed no eyebrows or indeed any other visible body hair, and was later depicted as not having a nose, instead possessing a pair of reptilian-like nostrils.


Jack is like his peers: essentially a vapid celebrity with superpowers, rather than an actual superhero. To the shallow and obnoxious Jack, this arrangement couldn't be better as he has only ever sought a life of decadent hedonism.

Although Jack is one of the more innocuous members of the Seven, he probably shouldn't be regarded as a decent individual, as he is aware of the violent crimes and fatal accidents, they cause but shows no concern about them, even playing them down and treating these incidents like jokes.

Jack seems to have some contempt towards his teammates, he thinks is "unfair" that Homelander, Black Noir and Queen Maeve hoard most of the popularity and profits of the team, and on various occasions comments to A-Train that he feels a little frustration over Queen Maeve's lack of interest in having sex with other members of the team.


  • Superhuman Strength: While not to the same degree as his teammates, Jack has super strength. He can easily carry A-Train, a man who is almost the same size as Jack himself, a feat that would be rather difficult for an ordinary human. However, he is not as strong as Butcher, since he was unable to free himself when he was being choked by him.
  • Flight: Jack can fly through the air weightlessly. He can move at great speeds and has great control over his speed force, being able to instantly stop moving while in the air. He can also carry other people, such as A-Train, while flying without any issue.
―Jack from Jupiter, activating his invulnerability.
  • Invulnerability: By saying the word "Carpo", a red toned force field surrounds his body, granting him an exceptional level of superhuman invulnerability. Butcher claimed he could survive virtually anything while his field was active, including tank blasts.



  • Lack of Training: He has no formal training in the use of his powers, or in handling dangerous situations. Along with the rest of his team, these inadequacies led to disaster when they attempted to stop a terrorist hijacking of a plane.


  • Time Limit: Jack can't remain in his invulnerable form permanently. After a certain period of time his force field will cease to exist, leaving jack vulnerable.
  • Pain From Transformation: Saying the word, i.e., transitioning from non-invulnerable to invulnerable is painful to him. Jack describes the pain from the transformation as being electrocuted with ten thousand volts up his rear.
  • Speaking: If Jack is somehow prevented from saying his word, he will stay vulnerable. This was confirmed by Jack himself, however he claims that this is not an issue since the word takes a very short amount of time to be said. In truth however, this is actually a very major weakness, since Billy managed to kill Jack by choking him (which prevented him from speaking) while stabbing him multiple times in the stomach until he died.
  • No Superhuman Durability: Jack in his normal form has the exact same durability as an ordinary person. This means that without saying his magic word, Jack can be easily killed. The Deep was able to give him a nosebleed simply just by backhanding him.



  • In the comics, Jack from Jupiter is a one of the prime members of the Seven, however in the Amazon show his position is occupied by a different character, Translucent. Just like Jack, Translucent is able to turn his skin (virtually) indestructible, however the key differences being that Translucent can alter his skin at will, whereas Jack must say "Carpo" in order to change. Furthermore, Translucent's skin reflects light, making him virtually invisible, however unlike Translucent, Jack is capable of flight.
  • A male pornstar dressed as Jack appears in a pornographic movie during Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, on his knees and surrounded by nude men, claiming that he wants "them all in at the same time". This mirrors a scene in the comic books in which a video of Jack having sex with a large group of transvestites is leaked onto the internet.
  • Is implied in the comics that Jack uses his invulnerability powers in some sort of sexual game, probably so he can be sodomized by transgender prostitutes without feeling any pain.
  • Jack is a mixed parody of the DC superheroes/Justice League members Martian Manhunter (for his invulnerability, and extraterrestrial appearance), Shazam (as his powers activate when he says a special word) and Hourman (due to his invulnerability only lasting for some time)
  • There is an easter egg reference to Jack from Jupiter in Stormfront's livestream during her first appearance in The Big Ride, A user in her chat can be spotted having the Username: JackoffFromJupiter.
  • In the animated spinoff series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical, Jack pretends to speak in a British accent when he's public such as quoting stereotypical slangs.


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