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It's not just him. You all leave a path of destruction behind you. You have ruined countless lives. Just look at what you did to your parents. You can't help it. It's your species.
―Indira Shetty revealing her true motives.[src]

Indira Shetty is the main antagonist of Season 1 of the Amazon series Gen V, a spin-off series of The Boys. She is the dean of Godolkin University and takes a special interest in Marie Moreau.


Indira Shetty is a behavioral scientist hired by Vought International as the dean of Godolkin University and one of the masterminds behind The Woods. Although she was a Vought employee, she somewhat held her own agenda against Homelander and Supes, this was a result from the Flight 37 incident, as her husband and daughter were among the casualties.


I know you love me. It doesn't change the fact that you're a fucking bitch!
―Cate Dunlap

On the surface, Indira Shetty is a trustworthy and esteemed teacher for students in Godolkin University. She acts like a mother figure to them and seems to care about student. However, she actually is a highly manipulative and cunning individual who uses every means to secure her goals. She harbors strong hatred towards to Supes, deeming them "Dangerous Animals" and secretly developing a virus via the hands of Edison Cardosa as a means of eradicating Supes. Her motherly manners are means to manipulate students, especially those who have childhood traumas such as Marie Moreau and Cate Dunlap. Although she did have a genuinely softer spot for Cate, whom she deeply cared about and loved as she came to view her as a surrogate daughter.

The Boys Series[]

Gen V: Season 1[]

"God U."[]

Indira Shetty is seen in the Godolkin University orientation video.

"First Day"[]

Indira appeared in this episode.


Indira appeared in this episode.

"The Whole Truth"[]

Indira appeared in this episode.

"Welcome to the Monster Club"[]

Indira appeared in this episode.


Indira appeared in this episode.


Indira appeared in this episode.




  • She is loosely based on Marvel's Charles Xavier / Professor X and William Stryker.
  • Like Billy Butcher, she harbors ill will towards supes, especially Homelander, after Homelander allowed her family to die in Flight 37.