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"I'm Your Pusher" is the third episode of the first season of the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Its animation style is an homage to the original The Boys comics, with a story that is canon to the continuity of the comics[1]. It was released on March 4, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.


Drawn from the pages of the original The Boys comics… Billy Butcher, alongside Terror, terrorizes a drug dealer into giving a certain super a special fix.


Billy Butcher shows up at O.D.’s place and bangs on the door, asking him where the children’s blood is. He’s a fixer for many of The Seven, including Homelander and A-Train. Butcher wants to use him to get back at The Seven.

Butcher hands over a serum and demands O.D. fix up Great Wide Wonder with this purple juice. If he doesn't, Butcher threatens that he will be in touch with the DEA and O.D. will go to prison. Butcher wants revenge because Great Wide Wonder killed several people, while flying with them for sex, showing no remorse for his actions.

The next day, Great Wide Wonder takes the serum and starts flying around, but he loses control and eventually smashes through Ironcast. He explodes instantly when hitting a wall.

As Homelander and Maeve see what happens, they quickly think of a way to distract the crowds, promising to avenge Great Wide Wonder. They fly up to the sun, where a make-believe war satellite is. Butcher walks away from the scene, leaving O.D. behind.





  • New York City, New York
    • Oswald Deneeka's Apartment





You'll believe a cunt can fly.
―Billy Butcher


  • This episode takes place in the universe of the original comic series.
    • The episode takes place after the Boys dealt with Tek Knight and SwingWing due to Hughie having his black overcoat but before the series' endgame begins due to Jack still being alive. According to the fall setting, this episode must take place in October or November of 2006.
  • Ranch Dressing Cum Squirter, who appeared in the previous episode, makes a guest appearance at Oswald's party eating wings while watching an elephant supe snort up a pile of powder with his truck.
  • A figurine of Areola, who appeared in "BFFs", can be seen in the background at Oswald's apartment.
  • A supe based feline based character similar to Cherry Sinclair from the following episode "Boyd in 3D" can be seen passed out at Oswald's apartment.
  • Billy Butcher's line "You'll believe a cunt can fly" is a reference to the tagline "You'll believe a man can fly" from the 1978 film Superman.