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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Hughie Campbell/Comics.
"I mean, just when you think this shit can't get any more horrible..."
—Hughie Campbell to Billy Butcher[src]

Hugh "Hughie" Campbell Jr. is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Billy Butcher) of the Amazon series The Boys.

He is a member of the The Boys. Hughie has a mediocre life. He’s a mild-mannered guy with a boring job, who still lives at home with his father Hugh Campbell Sr. in the same bedroom he grew up in. The only light in his life is the love of his life: his girlfriend Robin. That is, until a speedster superhero named A-Train runs through Robin, eviscerating and killing her on impact. Desperate for revenge, Hughie is recruited by anti-Supe vigilante Billy Butcher and his world is turned upside down when he finds himself caught in the middle of a war against superheroes – who, as it turns out, are neither super nor heroic.

The Boys Series

Season One

Joining The Boys

Hughie is happy with his girlfriend Robin and they are discussing moving in together. However, their relationship is cut short after Robin is accidentally killed by A-Train, who was high on Compound V at the time. Hughie becomes hungry for revenge when A-Train is not punished for her murder and in The Name of the Game, he is approached by Billy Butcher, who offers to help him get that revenge. Hughie and Butcher split up after the former plants a bug in Seven Tower, but the two swiftly get back together after Translucent attacks Hughie in retaliation. Hughie eventually kills Translucent in Cherry by detonating the bomb that Frenchie placed in his rectum, leading Butcher to reform The Boys and ask Mother's Milk for his help.

Relationship with Starlight

After Robin's death, Hughie begins a relationship with Starlight on advice from Billy. Hughie uses Starlight to gain tickets to Vought's Believe EXPO in Good for the Soul in order to blackmail Ezekiel into stopping Compound V shipments. The two begin to grow closer, while Hughie struggles between his love for Starlight and his desire for vengeance for Robin. He has to make a decision between wanting to avenge Robin or moving on and starting another relationship with Starlight. Starlight initially gets angry at this and just as the two become romantically involved, they break off the relationship on Butcher's orders.

The two keep in contact, however, with Starlight demanding to know why Hughie would betray her. Hughie again uses their relationship for his own gain, asking Starlight to use her security clearance to find Naqib, a terrorist Supe. Their relationship is left on uneasy grounds at the end of season one, as Starlight intervenes to save Hughie from a high A-Train.

Season Two

By Season 2, Hughie is forced to live on the run and hide underneath a pawnshop with gang associates of Frenchie known as the (Clarkson Avenue) Haitian Kings. Despite the conditions, Hughie attempts to make the most of his situation by sneaking off to reconnect with Starlight, even if it's just to run errands or collect information on the Supes.

Sit This one out

Following Hughie's injury in the previous episode, Hughie is ordered by Butcher to stay behind and guard Lamplighter while The Boys go to work. While they wait, Hughie is uncomfortable as Lamplighter chooses to watch superhero pornographic films. Hughie expresses his discomfort but Lamplighter is indifferent. Hughie asks Lamplighter why he's so negative; Lamplighter explains that his life was destined for greatness, then he lost it all, and now he's just a guy on the sidelines, watching the real heroes do the work. Hughie tries make Lamplighter feel better by empathizing, Hughie reveals that after his mother left, he had to watch his father do nothing all his life. Lamplighter dismisses his attempt and insults Hughie further.

Hughie has a plan

Eventually Hughie becomes too uncomfortable with the films and changes the channel to see a news article about Starlight's arrest. Hughie becomes anxious and pleads with Lamplighter to help him rescue her. Lamplighter however, continues to be fatalistic and states that it's pointless to try and rescue her. Hughie then attempts to appeal to Lamplighter, telling him that he can be a hero once again by saving her. Lamplighter still refuses, until Hughie refences one of the films and asks him in his own way if he wants to stay useless or do something useful.

"This is your last chance to be a hero again. C'mon, do you want to be the cuck or do you want to be the guy who fucks the wife. [Lamplighter stands up] Okay yeah, yeah, let's go fuck the wife. Consensually."
—Hughie inspiring Lamplighter[src]

Lamplighter nods, so they head out to The Seven Tower.

Lamplighter and Hughie use a hidden backdoor he and Mr. Marathon used to use. From there, Lamplighter tests to see if his handprint is still in the security system; thankfully for them it is. From there, the two ride an elevator to another level. Hughie's bandaged wound starts to bleed, which encourages them to move quicker. They make it deeper into the tower, that's when Hughie realizes they're not on 42D, instead, they're in the conference room. Hughie notices Lamplighter staring at The Seven mural, remarking that they moved his statue. Confused, Hughie tries to ask him what he's doing, but Lamplighter ignores his concerns. Hughie watches Lamplighter as he turns around and lights his lighter. Hughie freaks out when Lamplighter allows himself to be consumed by his own fire. Hughie can only watch as Lamplighter burns himself to death, causing the sprinklers and fire alarm to activate. Drenched and disappointed, Hughie runs away from Lamplighter's corpse in search of Starlight. He quickly returns to the body when he realizes he needs Lamplighter's hand for the security locks. Hughie stomps on the wrist to break the bone, then severs it using a broken bottle. Hughie limps his way to 42D carrying Lamplighter's hand as his key. There, he hears screams for help and unlocks the cell door with the hand. Hughie realizes it's Annie's mother and they flee in search of Annie. They bump into Annie on their way out and escape.

Enraged about Lamplighter's death, Grace and M.M. both express their disappointment that Hughie got their star witness killed. Despite ridicule from his teammates, Annie thanks him for rescuing her.

At the end of the season, he and Annie reconnect and kiss. Hughie then goes to Victoria Neuman's office and asks for a job, saying that he wants to bring Vought down the "right" way.

Seven On 7 With Cameron Coleman

Hughie is shown/mentioned in the July 7, 2021 segment on Cameron Coleman's show, where it is revealed he has been appointed by Victoria Neuman as the FBSA's senior analyst. He is also shown/mentioned in the December 7, 2021 segment, where he and Neuman are enjoying a Christmas party, but Coleman thinks he seems to look more like "waitstaff" instead. Hughie eventually makes a full appearance during the segment on January 7, 2022 where he is interviewed by Coleman, but it gradually grows into a debate and is promptly cut off the mic by Coleman.

Season Three

A New Job

Hughie starts working at the FBSA with Victoria Neuman. He is proud of his job and his life, feeling like he is really making a difference. He and Starlight are in a stable and public relationship. Hughie continues working with Butcher and The Boys on the side, as they help him carry out missions to regulate Supes in the area. When Annie starts working closely with an ex-boyfriend Supe, Supersonic, he starts to get a little jealous until Supersonic reassures them he's not interested in rekindling their relationship.

Hughie is close with Victoria Neuman and he respects her until he meets a mysterious man named Tony. Tony asks Hughie if he could speak with Nadia about the Red River Institute. Confused Hughie questions Tony, prompting Tony to address Victoria as Nadia. One night, Hughie follows Tony when he confronts Victoria about their past. A fight breaks out with Victoria using her powers to kill Tony.

Futile efforts

Shocked and horrified by the revelation his boss is a Supe, Hughie begins digging deeper into Victoria's past. Hughie infiltrates Red River under the guise of an adopting parent. He steals files from the main computer and sees Nadia's file. A video shows Victoria was personally adopted by Stan Edgar. He is horrified by this revelation, thinking he was actually helping with his work at the FBSA. He realized things are better done off the grid - The Boys style. He goes back to Butcher. However, he still pretends like everything is okay with Victoria and continues working there.

Hughie calls in sick to work, getting The Boys to actually break his arm for authenticity, and goes with them to Russia to track down a superweapon to kill Homelander. When Butcher begins experiencing a V-24 hangover, Hughie questions him about the serum. Butcher reveals the purpose of the Temp V with Hughie asking Butcher to give him some. Butcher refuses, he tells Hughie the serum is punishment not power and discourages him. However, Hughie sneaks a dose of V-24 to get temporary Supe powers in preparation for their mission. When they enter the Russian facility, soldiers enter and begin opening fire. After Butcher dispatches most of them with his heat vison, Hughie reveals his powers when he teleports and punches through a soldier's chest. Hughie is ecstatic from the adrenaline rush and power, but her only receives a scowl from M.M and disappointment from Kimiko and Frenchie. Inside one of the container pods, instead of a weapon, he and The Boys find Soldier Boy, who is still alive. When Kimiko is hit by Soldier Boy's energy blast, they begin frantically driving her to a hospital. Rather than be concerned for Kimiko, Hughie looks down at the energy flowing through his arm, gleefully smiling that his once broken arm is now completely healed.

After returning from Russia empty-handed Hughie and Annie catch up on what has happened while they were separate. Annie explains the truth that Supersonic was murdered by Homelander, and Hughie reveals he took V24 and gained superpowers. Despite Hughie's excitement, Annie is concerned for him and makes him promise not to take anymore or keep anymore secrets from her.

After Soldier Boy is revealed to have returned to America, The Boys go to visit The Legend for any information he may have on Soldier Boy. The Legend confirms Soldier Boy did visit him, reclaimed his old suit and is now hunting down his girlfriend, Crimson Countess. Butcher, M.M and Hughie arrive at Countess' trailer before Soldier Boy arrives and bind Countess. Hughie is interrupted by Annie, who M.M secretly informed about their meeting. Hughie takes Annie with away from the meeting and he Reveals his super powers to teleport, revealing he lied to her about not taking anymore V24. The two return to the meeting once they notice a large explosion from Countess' trailer. Annie is angered to see Soldier Boy as the cause but Hughie intervenes and explains the secret weapon to kill Homelander is Soldier Boy. Annie is angered Hughie once again lied to her, but Hughie justifies that it was the only way to keep her safe and make change, "whatever it takes." Annie pleads Hughie not leave with them, but Hughie walks away to join Soldier Boy and Butcher.

Comeback Career

Hughie and Butcher make a deal with Soldier Boy, asking him to help them kill Homelander. Soldier Boy agrees if Hughie and Butcher help him track down the Payback team. Hughie agrees and they start to find the members, including the TNT Twins and Mindstorm. Hughie continues to take temp-V on these missions to fight the Supes.

When Annie tells Butcher that repeated doses of temp-V will kill you, he punches Hughie in a bathroom so that he can't join the mission to take down Homelander. Hughie still manages to reunite with Annie and The Boys to join the fight. He realizes that Butcher tried to save him so he tries to save Butcher. Hughie alerts the Vought building to evacuate when Soldier Boy enters. He also increases the lighting in the building to help enhance Annie's superpower to take down Soldier Boy.

At the end of season 3, Hughie welcomes Annie as the newest member of The Boys.


"Hughie. You're a good lad."
Billy Butcher[src]

Hughie was kind, compassionate, intelligent, and timid, as shown in his interactions with Robin in The Name of the Game. After Robin's death, Hughie became more aggressive and desired revenge. He was plagued by anxiety after the traumatic events he endured and frequently experienced small panic attacks. Despite this, he had a strong desire to pursue his goals and help Butcher and The Boys, using his willpower to control his emotions when talking to A-Train. Hughie often let his anger blind him and cause him to make irrational decisions, as seen when he used Starlight to get a pass with Ezekiel, but his apologetic nature caused him to feel remorse for his actions.

Even though he chose to stay with The Boys instead of leaving and trying to live peacefully so he could accomplish his revenge for Robin's death, Hughie is not comfortable with the lifestyle that he and his teammates lead and does not get used of constantly being in situations where he literally puts his life on the line. Just like Translucent pointed out, Hughie feels drowned in a context in which he's unable to adapt or take the initiative on his own.

After feeling abandoned and betrayed by Billy Butcher, alongside becoming one of the most wanted criminals in the country and being forced to hide and act more cautious, Hughie feels more desesperated, distrustful and displeased with his situation. After Butcher returns, Hughie reluctantly seems to have calmed down a bit, but now confronts Butcher more than before. By the end of the season, Hughie decides to make a change with his life. He leaves The Boys and goes to Victoria Neuman asking to work with her. Even though he still wants to take Vought down he wants to do it in the right way and not "covered by blood and guts."

A year later, life finally seems to smile on Hughie. He now has a good and stable job at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, being the Senior Analyst and Victoria's right hand, he is finally able to have an official and public relationship with Starlight and is well respected among the Bureau workers. However, after witnessing Victoria murdering an innocent man and realizing she is the infamous Head-Popping Supe, he feels betrayed (and a bit foolish) and decides to return to Butcher and do whatever it takes to finally take down Vought once and for all.

He just accepts it when Queen Maeve verbally abuses him as a non-person every time she sees him.

Powers and Abilities

Powers under V24

  • Superhuman Durability: Hughie Campbell has demonstrated remarkable durability whilst under the influence of V24. He shown to take a quick punch to the jaw from Soldier Boy as if he was hit by a human, while a heavy punch knocked him on his back.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Hughie Campbell was able to easily dodge an attack from Homelander who tried to blast Hughie with his heat vision.
  • Superhuman Strength: Hughie Campbell demonstrated an incredible level of strength. He punched through the torso of a Russian soldier with relative ease and minimal discomfort. He was also shown to have punched A-Train with a sufficient amount of force to stagger him, much to A-Train's astonishment. Although Hughie's strength pales in comparison with the Homelander, it was enough to push the Homelander away with his fist, and also hold him, albeit with the help of Butcher and Soldier Boy.
  • Teleportation: Hughie is able to travel from one location to another without traversing the physical space between. However, unlike Teddy Stillwell, Hughie can only transport the organic matter which makes up the animal body, allowing him to teleport himself and others but without any of their clothing or accessories.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor (Tentative): Hughie was shown to have fully recovered from his broken arm almost immediately after his injection of the V24. However, it remains unknown as to whether or not he is able to consistently regenerate in the same manner as Kimiko or if his recovery was simply a one-time byproduct of taking the formula.


"Look, I just need five minutes inside. I mean, home service is my specialty."
—Hughie Campbell[src]

Billy Butcher has stated that Hughie "is full of surprises."[1] Mother's Milk has stated that Hughie is "a natural," and that he is like "the Rainman of fucking people over."[2]

  • Intelligence: Hughie has been shown to be very smart throughout the series; he discovered Translucent's weakness to electricity where Billy Butcher admits it would've taken him a long time to figure it out.[3] He also has the idea of hiding and using a metal retainer as a lockpick to get him and his friends out of a locked cage.[4]
    • Skilled technician: Hughie has technical skills from his job at an electronics store, making him very tech-savvy. He was able to install R.F. Shielding Foil in Frenchie's residence to block the signal of Translucent's tracking chip,[5] and gained access to Popclaw's house cameras in her desktop and smart TV by getting her IPv6 number.[1]
    • Skilled tactician: On multiple occasions, Hughie comes up with a viable tactic on very short notice, such as when he couldn't use the video on his soaking wet phone to blackmail Ezekiel.
  • Skilled marksman: Hughie possesses some skill at using firearms such as handguns and assault rifles.


  • Aquaphobia: Hughie disclosed to Homelander that he was "afraid of water." The more likely explanation is that he has aquaphobia (fear of drowning, not necessarily water). Homelander then sadistically exploited this weakness, using an unnecessary level of force to immerse Hughie during a full-water baptism and prolonging the immersion. (It is also possible that Hughie merely told Homelander this as a deception to mask the fact that he actually fears Homelander. This is unlikely, however, as Homelander's enhanced senses allow him to detect lies.)


  • In the comics, Hughie is a bald, short Scottish man who joins The Boys after A-Train kills his girlfriend. While the show keeps this backstory, Hughie is reimagined as a tall American with a set of hair.
  • Hughie is a fan of James Taylor, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Billy Joel, and Van Halen as he shared his mother's love for them.
  • Hughie is also seen wearing a Nirvana T-shirt, a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers T-shirt, an AC/DC T-shirt and a Fleetwood Mac T-shirt.
  • Hughie's parents being divorced is a show-exclusive detail. In the comics, Hughie's parents are still married and living together in Scotland.
  • Until the incident where A-Train killed his girlfriend, Robin, Hughie was also a fan of The Seven. He had posters on his bedroom wall and a collection of collectable items of the team, which included A-Train.
  • His teleportation powers he got from V24 made him loosely a parody of the Marvel X-Men character Nightcrawler.
  • Hughie is the first character to have killed a member of The Seven and the first to have killed a Supe.
  • The exact range of how far Hughie can teleport is currently unknown, however, Hughie seemed blithely confident when negotiating with Mindstorm that he could teleport him anywhere he wanted to go, implying that Hughie can travel distances well over a thousand miles from his current location.






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