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You can't do this. (...) You don't have the fight. You never have. I'm sorry, but it's-it's true. Neither do I.
―Hugh Campbell to his Hughie Campbell.[src]

Hugh Campbell Sr. was a recurring character of the Amazon series The Boys. He was the father of Hughie Campbell.

The Boys Series[]

The Boys: Season 1[]

Hugh comforts his son after his girlfriend Robin is killed by A-Train. He is very protective of Hughie and strongly encourages him to accept the settlement from Vought and not push the matter any further. He is later taken hostage by A-Train, but is rescued by Hughie and Kimiko Miyashiro. He is last seen at the safe house with The Boys, before being taken into the protection of the CIA under Susan Raynor alongside Mother's Milk's family.

The Boys: Season 3[]


In the morning, Hugh is on a video call with Hughie, telling him about a story regarding his dentist, who is a big fan of Starlight. In response, he informs the dentist that she is dating his son and provides him with Hughie's phone number. Hughie is confused about why his father did this but sets it aside so he can go to work, ending the call.

The Boys: Season 4[]

"Department of Dirty Tricks"[]

Despite Hugh and his son growing distant, Hugh attempted to reconnect with his son and called him regularly to talk about his favorite books. At some point, Hugh suffered a stroke and was comatose as a result. The doctors stated he had a small chance of survival and an even smaller of reawakening without brain damage. Hughie visited his father in the hospital where he saw his mother. While Hugh is hospitalized, Hughie confronted his mother over why she walked out on them and the two begin to reconnect.

"Life Among the Septics"[]

Hugh remains comatose as Hughie and his mother reconnect. Hughie's mother tells him that she has received power of attorney over Hugh and intends to unplug Hugh from life support. Hughie starts arguing with his mother and storms out, intending to sue for power of attorney.

"We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here"[]

Hugh remains comatose. Hughie consults an attorney with Annie and finds out that he cannot regain power of attorney. The lawyer advises Hughie to talk it out with his mom. Hughie returns to the hospital to talk to his mom, intending on scolding her. Instead they have a heartfelt conversation where his mother reveals that she left because she could not cope with her depression and attempted suicide the night before she left. Hughie understands and starts forgiving his mom for leaving.

"Wisdom of the Ages"[]

Hugh is comatose. Hughie begins formulating a plan to inject his father with Compound V to revive his father. Hughie contacts A-train to supply him with a vial. Initially A-Train is hesitant to steal the Compound V because Homelander is guarding the entire supply of Compound V. But then Hughie tells A-train that he will forgive A-Train for everything he's done if he gets him the Compound V, A-Train then agrees to steal the Compound V.

A-Train takes advantage of Homelander being absent (Homelander was visiting the lab he was raised in) to sneak into his quarters and steal the Compound V. He is caught by Ashley who was in Homelanders suite defecating in his toilet, they agree to say nothing about this due to neither wanting to upset Homelander. A-Train meets with Hughie in an alley to give him the Compound V. Hughie receives the vial and forgives A-Train to his surprise. A-Train leaves. Hughie is then caught by Butcher who reveals he knew all about his plan then advises him not to inject his father, saying that it would be useless and that the right thing to do would be to let his father die. Hughie ignores this advice and returns to the hospital. Hughie is hesitant to inject his father and abandons his plan once his mom walks into the room. Hughie leaves to get a coffee. Hughie returns to check on his dad and is shocked that his father's IV line has turned blue. Hughies mother injected Hugh with Compound V. Hugh wakes up.

"Beware of the Jabberwock, My Son"[]

Hugh initially appears to be completely repaired from his V injection. He and his ex-wife and son reminisce on times past, until Daphne is overwhelmed by the reality that she had missed most of those memories thanks to abandoning her family. When Hughie asks him why he gave Daphne power of attorney, he brings up Jar-Jar , Hughie's childhood pet , who he refused to get put down even in its old age , eventually dying do to extremely poor health. He correctly thought Hughie would keep him on life support if he was ever in unable to make the choice himself , and so gave Daphne power of attorney and got a DNR order. She excuses herself and Hughie follows, but when they return, Hugh is missing. They search the hospital, finding him in another patient's room, eerily standing by the mangled corpse of another patient, holding a bloody heart in his hand. Hugh's abilities have manifested, as he can now phase through solid matter, including human flesh, but he has no control over his powers. The V has also altered his perception of time to the point that he now has a form of dementia, and he does not recognize his adult son or remember where he is. Hugh's fragile state of mind and lack of control over his powers causes him to panic, brutally killing two patients by accident. When Daphne tries to calm him down, Hugh becomes emotional and aggressive, berating her for abandoning him and their son, prompting her and Hughie to flee him.

Hugh Sr. pursues his family through the hospital. He confronts Daphne and is again angry at her for leaving the family years ago. Hugh nearly attacks her, but Hughie is able to bring his mind back to the present with a specific story from his childhood that Hugh's mind was momentarily in minutes ago. Terrified of what he's become, Hugh elects to be euthanized. With knowledge he's obtained from Frenchie, Hughie creates a concoction and puts the newly-made Supe out of his misery.


Hugh Campbell is a mild-mannered person. Since he has already shown himself to be a dedicated father who loves his son, but like him, Hugh was insecure and thought he couldn't solve his problems. He even thought it would be better for him and his son to do nothing for their safety. But even though Hughie was braver than his father on some occasions, Hugh was willing to take risks to protect his son when they were held hostage on the A-Train. When under the effects of Compound V, Hugh becomes extremely distressed by his powers, and becomes extremely angry as he proceeded to try and kill Daphne before being stopped by his son.

At some point , Hugh requested he be creamated and his ashes spread at certain spots along the Maid in Manhattan tour group , including the hotel the film was shot at.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Intangibility: Hugh possesses intangibility and can use this power to walk through solid objects and living beings and ignore physical effects in his way. He can easily kill a host should he phase through someone whilst intangible and then reincorporate himself through the said host.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Hugh possesses superhuman hearing, allowing him to hear better than humans. Like all Supes, he can hear higher frequencies that humans cannot.[1]



  • High Frequencies: After being transformed into a Supe, Hugh is now able to hear certain frequencies that humans cannot. When a high frequency is playing, it can induce immense pain and temporarily neutralize him.


  • Brain Damage: After suffering a stroke , Hugh was left brain dead , with lasting symptoms even after being revived with Compound-V .
    • Dementia: After being injected with Compound V while being medically brain-dead, Hugh begins having the side effects of Dementia. During this state Hugh becomes confused and forgetful. This , combined with his new dangerous powers causes Hugh to run around in rage and confusion, killing bystanders without a second thought as he struggles to grasp the situation and in order to protect himself amidst the confusion.
    • Aggression: Partially a result of his immense emotional distress cause by his dementia, Hugh has become extremely aggressive , killing a patient for unknown reasons , and having violent reactions to seeing Daphne due to his resurfacing aggression for her leaving him and his son. When he intentionally uses his powers for violence , he has a predisposition to phasing his hand through his victims and pulling their heart out intact .




  • Unnamed Patient † - (Unknown intention; tore heart out of chest; unaware of his powers)
  • "Wall Street Bro" patient † - (Unintentional; disembowled by phasing into abdomen; unaware of his powers)
  • Unnamed Hospital Security Guard † - (Intentional; tore heart out of chest; self defense)


  • Having Simon Pegg as the father of Hughie is an homage to the comics, since Hughie was drawn with the likeness of Simon.
    • Ironically, Simon Pegg's character became a Supe like Hughie from the comics.
  • Hugh is a fan of Remington Steele.


Season Photos[]


  1. Bob in First Day: "Did you know Supes have a wider range of hearing than us? Like dogs."