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"You can't do this. You don't have the fight. You never have. I'm sorry, but it's-it's true. Neither do I."
—Hugh to Hughie[src]

Hugh Campbell Sr. is the father of Hughie Campbell.

The Boys Series[]

Season One[]

Hugh comforts his son after his girlfriend Robin is killed by A-Train. He is very protective of Hughie and strongly encourages him to accept the settlement from Vought and not push the matter any further. He is later taken hostage by A-Train, but is rescued by Hughie and the Female. He is last seen at the safe house with The Boys

In the Comics[]

Alexander Fergus Campbell resides in Auchterladle, Scotland, alongside Hughie's mother, Daphne. Hughie is actually adopted, but has never expressed a desire to look for his biological parents, and views the Campbells as his real parents. In Dear Becky, it is revealed that Alexander passed away in 2018, a year after his wife.


  • Having Simon Pegg as the father of Hughie is an homage to the comics since Hughie was drawn with the likeness of Simon.
  • Hugh is a fan of Remington Steele.