"I'm the Homelander. And I can do whatever the fuck I want."
—Homelander to Anika[src]

Homelander, who is occasionally referred to as John by Vought International, is the main antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys. He is the leader of The Seven, and the prime enemy of Billy Butcher, the leader of The Boys.

With the face of a movie star and the power of a god, Homelander is the greatest superhero alive and the leader of The Seven. Not only can he fly, but he also has super strength and super hearing, and he can see through almost anything with his x-ray vision and then destroy it with his laser eyes.

On the surface, he’s affable, modest, and sincere; the ultimate Boy Scout, an American treasure, a God-fearing patriot. But just like mere mortals, even superheroes have secrets.

The Boys Series Edit

Early lifeEdit


"You should've been raised in a home with a family who loved you. Not in a cold lab with doctors"
Jonah Vogelbaum to Homelander[src]

Homelander was raised in a lab, surrounded by doctors like Jonah Vogelbaum, who called him John. For not having a mother figure, Vogelbaum said that Homelander turned violent, aggressive, and downright hateful ("The Self-Preservation Society"). In his childhood, he was subjected to hours sitting in front of a projector, seeing images that were chosen to mold his personality, like the American flag, Jesus Christ, and baseball. He had a mother figure, a female doctor, but she was killed by Homelander himself, when he was young and innocent, after he hugged her strongly, breaking her spine.

Meeting Becca ButcherEdit

"My dad always said: 'Surround yourself with people smarter than you.'"
—Homelander to Becca Butcher[src]
Xmas party

Homelander, Becca and Billy Butcher in a Vought Christmas party

Homelander met Becca Butcher in a Vought private Christmas party. Homelander talked with Becca, the new Senior Director from the department of Digital Marketing of Vought, and said that he loved the work she did with his official twitter profile. Before ending the conversation to see Queen Maeve, Homelander said that he would like to talk about her taking over the rest of his social media accounts ("The Self-Preservation Society").

Events of Season OneEdit

Killing the Mayor of BaltimoreEdit

"I happened to know about Compound V"
—The Mayor of Baltimore to Madelyn Stillwell[src]
Lase beams

Homelander destroying the Mayor's jet with his laser beams

After finding out that the Mayor of Baltimore had knowledge about the Compound V, Homelander assured that the existence of the chemical remained a secret by destroying his private jet, taking the Mayor's life in the process, as well of his son, who was excited after receiving an autographed poster of his favorite hero, Homelander himself ("The Name of the Game").

After the murderEdit

"Have you heard about the Mayor of Baltimore?"
"Yeah... yeah. I've heard the plane's went down"
Madelyn Stillwell and Homelander[src]

In an informal meeting, Homelander asks about the whereabouts of Translucent, which Stillwell gives a direct answer, saying that she doesn't know where he is yet. After that, Stilwell makes an observation about the Mayor of Baltimore. Homelander tries to play cool, but she knows that it was he who took the jet down, mainly because of The Deep. The two of them have a discussion about what Homelander represents. The meeting ends with Stillwell calling the leader of The Seven "pure", then she successfully eases Homelander ("Cherry").

Will they fight

Homelander and The Deep in a tense meeting

Homelander, unhappy about The Deep's choice of telling Stillwell about the jet's destruction, request the presence of his fellow associate in the meeting room of the Seven Tower. There, they talk about the unfortunate choice of telling Stillwell about the laser beams marks on the jet that the Deep made. Homelander takes the position of an alpha male and makes his points clear: or The Deep keeps his mouth shut, or there will be no Deep to sniff him anymore ("Cherry").

The search for TranslucentEdit

"Sir, I need to see the back of the van."
"No offense, but you got a warrant?"
—Homelander and Frenchie[src]

Homelander goes to Crime Analytics and asks Anika the last known location of Translucent. At first, Anika is not sure if she can share that information with him, which Homelander just answers with a straight "I can do whatever the fuck I want". Anika gets the message and gives Homelander the information he wants ("Cherry").

Homelander is searching

Homelander seeing Frenchie's ID

Homelander flies to the ten blocks where Translucent is expected to be. There, he sees a van. Inside the van, there is one of The Boys, Frenchie. Homelander doesn't know he's an enemy, so he casually asks for his ID. Frenchie gives it to him, but refuses to let Homelander get a look at the back of the van. This causes Homelander to be suspicious. Homelander decides to look anyway with his x-ray vision, just to be nothing there. An explosion then happens some blocks away, part of a plan to keep Homelander off where Translucent really is. Homelander then goes for it, flying in the direction of the fire ("Cherry").

Mission with Queen MaeveEdit

"You guys are the real heroes"
—Homelander to a SWAT team leader[src]

Queen Maeve and Homelander goes to a high-rise building, where a sniper is hiding. A SWAT team is in position, but the arrival of two members of the Seven makes them step back. Homelander, with his impressive theatrics, praises the law officers and calls them "real heroes". After that, Maeve and Homelander enter the building. Homelander kills the sniper by penetrating his hand through his chest. In order to keep up appearances, Homelander shoots the sniper's gun several times at Maeve's armor, just to make it look like they were attacked first ("Get Some").

The RaceEdit

"Who's ready to see a race? A cheer to my boy A-Train. Alright, you fucking cocksuckers."
—Homelander to the race's attendance[src]

Homelander arriving at the Race of the Century

Homelander arrives at the Race when Queen Maeve is being interviewed, drawing all attention to him. He makes a speech to the spectators, and after that he says, almost whispering, "you fucking cocksuckers", showing his true feelings about everybody there that isn't a Supe. Then, he and Maeve start a conversation, and Homelander remembers the time when the two of them were dating. He says with sincere joy and with a feeling of nostalgia. He even tries to get closer to her, with the attendance shouting "kiss her!", but Maeve steps back. After the conversation is over, Homelander sees that a weird man is looking at him in an odd way. They exchange stares ("Get Some").

After the Race is over, Homelander goes back to the Seven Tower. There, he and the Deep shows to Stilwell a box. Stilwell opens it and she sees Translucent's remains. Homelander asks Deep of what the box is made of, in which he answers "of zinc", the only thing Homelander can't see through. Inside the box, there is a message, "COMING FOR YOU", which is basically a declaration of war ("Get Some").

Transoceanic Flight 37Edit

"Homelander, are you going to save us?"
"Oh, sweetheart, of course I'm gonna save you. You betcha!"
—A little girl and Homelander[src]

After a transoceanic flight Paris-Chicago is hijacked by terrorists, Stilwell sees this as a golden opportunity to push her Supes into the military. She calls Maeve and Homelander to go there and save the plane. She says that they can't act on foreign soil, but as the plane is above international waters, they can do something about it. Stillwell says that no congressman will have the courage to vote against their bail if Homelander and Maeve save those passengers on the hijacked plane ("The Female of the Species").

No Mans Land

Homelander and Maeve watching the plane falling towards the ocean

Homelander and Maeve successfully get on the plane, and just after their arrival, the terrorists are killed by them. The passengers then clapped loudly and thanked their saviors. After that, Homelander and Maeve enter the airplane's cockpit, and there they see one more terrorist, pointing a gun to the pilot, and next to him, a dead co-pilot. The Supes tries to handle the situation, but the terrorist shot the pilot by instinct, and immediately after the murder, Homelander kills the terrorist by lasing him down, and by doing that, the flight control system is destroyed. Maeve and Homelander discuss ways to save the plane, but none of them would work. Homelander decides to abandon the passengers. Maeve tries to convince her partner to do otherwise, but Homelander can't be persuaded. The god-like warrior tries to negotiate with Homelander, saying to save at least a mother and her daughter that they spoke to moments ago. Homelander declines, saying that if they save some passengers and let the rest die, the few who survived will tell the world that the two of the greatest heroes of the world did nothing to save the rest. Maeve, seeing no other choice, embraces Homelander, and together they get out of the plane and flies off. In the distance, they see the plane falling towards the ocean ("The Female of the Species").

Berserk Mode

Homelander giving a impressive speech

Hours later, Homelander and Maeve are seen on a beach where the plane wreckage is washing ashore. Maeve is truly grieving the loss of the passengers, meanwhile, Homelander decides to act up and gives a speech to the news crews there, appealing to the audience, saying that if super-heroes were on the chain of command of the military, the tragedy of Flight 37 would never happen. By the end of the speech, everyone there was shouting "Homelander". In the Seven Tower, Stillwell watched the speech on her TV with a smirk on her face, knowing that in a way, Homelander did his job ("The Female of the Species").

Aftermath of the tragedyEdit

"We're here today to remember the victims of Transoceanic Flight 37, 123 brave souls lost in an instant, in a senseless act of violence."
—Homelander giving a speech in Flight 37's victims funeral[src]

In the Seven Tower, A-Train tells Homelander that he killed his girlfriend Popclaw after she told some guys about Compound V. Homelander then said to his colleague that he did the right thing by telling him. Homelander comforts A-Train, but not before making an ominous remark like "I'll always be watching you" ("Good for the Soul").

Homeland in the memorial

Homelander giving a speech at the tragedy victims memorial

In the memorial made for the victims of Flight 37, Homelander gives a speech, mentioning every victim by name and job. Homelander then mentions Susan Lopez and her daughter Maya, the two people Maeve wanted to save. After that, she leaves. Homelander, after finishing the speech, finds her seated on a wood bench. Maeve justifies her leaving off the memorial early because she hates boring speeches. Homelander seats on her side and tries to talk to her. He says that the one thing he loves in Maeve is that she takes initiative. By the end of his pep talk, Maeve says one more time that she hates boring speeches. After the remark, a silence strikes the place ("Good for the Soul").

Believe ExpoEdit

"Wasn't I chosen to save you? It is not my God-given purpose to protect the United States of America? Psalm 58:10: 'The righteous shall rejoice when he sees the vengeance; He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked'!"
—Homelander giving a speech to the audience of Believe Expo[src]

Homelander arrives at the festival and seconds later, a huge crowd starts to follow him, asking for photos and autographs. The leader of the Seven just waves and smiles at them, and right after he enters a private place where he can be alone. There, he asks Ashley Barrett where's Stilwell, in which she responds that the Vice-President of Vought International isn't there ("Good for the Soul").

Homelander then goes see Stilwell, who is taking her son Teddy to the pediatrician. Homelander wants to make a speech that appeals to the public of the festival, focusing on faith and a "John Wayne justice", while Stillwell wants a moderate speech that can make congressmen identify with. When Homelander doesn't get what he wants, he says that Stillwell is running off the discussion to "play a strong single mom" and that she is using the baby as an accessory. Stillwell just answers that they need boundaries. Before leaving, Homelander stares at the baby ("Good for the Soul").

Fear him

Homelander ready to rebaptize Hughie Campbell

Homelander then gets back to the festival and enters the VIP room. There, he talks to Hughie Campbell, a friend of Starlight. They talk for a short amount of time. Then, Ezekiel says that everyone in the room will be rebaptized by Homelander. One by one, the participants are rebaptized. In Hughie's turn, Homelander asks if something wrong with him, because his blood pressure is 150/90. Hughie just says that he's afraid of water. Then, Homelander proceeds to rebaptize him, but this time Homelander is taking longer to get the participant out of water. Afraid, Hughie rises, after almost drowning. When the ceremony is over, Homelander leaves ("Good for the Soul").


Homelander being worshiped by the crowd of Believe Expo

Homelander then gives the speech, but instead of following the script as ordered by Stillwell, he improvises, putting a speech biased in Christianity and patriotism, and everyone in the crowd rejoices. Homelander then flies low towards the crowd, making him look like a messianic symbol ("Good for the Soul").

Back at CCTV, Stillwell notices Homelander watching her through the wall. She invites him in, mockingly asking if he is lonely. She warns about the speech he gave and has him lay on the couch, suckling her breast, as a way to "tame" him ("Good for the Soul").

Super in AmericaEdit

"So what if I took you to a house you never seen before, full of photos of parents you never met, toys you never played with, books you never read, and then asked you how much that fake fucking bullshit meant to you. How would that make you feel?"
—Homelander to Madelyn Stillwell[src]
Good guy

A commercial for a reality show focused on The Seven called "Super in America", featuring Homelander

In order to further sell the idea of Supes in the military, Vought decided to make a reality show featuring members of the Seven. Homelander then was brought to a house he never seen before and he had to make up a story about his childhood there, so the Vought crew could shoot it and send the footage to the reality show. Homelander said a lot of things about his "childhood", from baseball trophies to cakes. When he reached the bedroom, he saw the blanket he really used in his childhood locked in a lab. Triggering some painful memories, Homelander became angry and asked who put the blanket there, leaving right after that ("The Innocents").

Stillwell found Homelander in a barn. Homelander explained to her why he didn't want to shoot the promotional videos, but Stillwell managed to make him change his mind using the sexual attraction Homelander had to her ("The Innocents").

Meeting MesmerEdit

"I just want to be one of the good guys again"
Mesmer to Homelander[src]
Mesmer rooftop

Mesmer and Homelander meeting in a rooftop

After meeting with the Boys, Mesmer called A-Train and asked to see Homelander, saying that he had useful information. With his request answered, Mesmer goes meet Homelander in a rooftop. There, he shows Homelander spy-cam photos of the people he was looking after, a french guy, a black guy, a skinny white guy and a british guy. Mesmer then proceeded to ask Homelander for a job at Vought, but Homelander just flew away without any promises ("The Innocents").

Reunion with the SevenEdit

"Means that lately, some of you have been a little out of sorts. Erratic. Unreliable. Downright sloppy. Not you, Noir, you've been great. But the rest of you... It is fair to say that I'm disappointed."
—Homelander to The Seven[src]

Homelander schedules a reunion with the Seven

After looking at the photos of the Boys, he stops and sees one photo in particular. He realizes that Billy Butcher was the same guy who was staring at him at the Race of the Century, who happened to be the man he met in 2012 when he talked to his wife, Becca, in a Vought private Christmas party ("The Self-Preservation Society").

The Seven, or at least the rest of it, was waiting A-Train. When he arrives, Homelander starts the reunion. Homelander criticizes The Seven for having been unreliable and sloppy recently. Homelander shows The Seven a picture of Hughie, declaring that Hughie is responsible for the death of Translucent, blackmailing Mesmer, Ezekiel, and Popclaw. He throws it over to A-Train, who doesn't recognize Hughie at first, until the photo is zoomed out to show that it was from when they shook hands in that very room. Homelander also says that Hughie is targeting The Seven following Robin's death, blaming A-Train for it, and seeking vengeance. Starlight, after she recognized Hughie, is the main target of Homelander. Homelander begins to suspect Starlight for any possible involvement in aiding The Boys. After a tense confrontation, in which Starlight feared for her life, Maeve was able to calm an angry Homelander, promising to take responsibility for Starlight and her future actions ("The Self-Preservation Society").

After the reunion, Homelander entered Stillwell's room. After Stillwell finished a call with a Senator, she reveals to Homelander that they only needed 3 votes to get The Seven into the military. Homelander questions if Stillwell remembers Becca Butcher, revealing that she is missing, presumed dead. Homelander asks what happened to her, however Stillwell says that she presumed Becca just quit, raising Homelander's suspicions ("The Self-Preservation Society").

Visiting VogelbaumEdit

"How long it has been, John?"
"Long enough that no one calls me John anymore"
Jonah Vogelbaum and Homelander[src]

Homelander visits Jonah, seeking answers about Becca Butcher

Homelander arrives at the mansions of Jonah Vogelbaum, a former scientist at Vought, and starts to talk with him. Homelander tries to be formal, he ask some irrelevant questions, but Vogelbaum is direct and asks Homelander what he really wants. Homelander then questions Jonah about Rebecca Butcher. Jonah reveals that eight years ago Becca came to Stillwell after conceiving Homelander's child, which baffles Homelander, who was under the impression he was sexually impotent. He reveals that both Becca and the child died on the delivery table due to the amount of blood loss. Jonah apologizes for how Homelander turned out, admitting that he was his greatest failure ("The Self-Preservation Society").

Aid in SyriaEdit

"Howdy boys. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. How you guys doing? Good? Why didn't you, huh, go out and smoke or something, ok? I got this"
—Homelander to a U.S. squad[src]

Homelander lasing down a assailant

In Tal Rifaat, Syria, US troops approach a drug warehouse under cover of darkness when Homelander arrives. Homelander tells the troops to go for a break, as he will handle the search. Inside the building, Homelander uses his laser eyes to kill all the assailants. Homelander then exits the building, but one of the assailants gets out and tries to escape. Homelander then simply use his again his heat vision to kill him. After he's done, Homelander shows to the captain a vial of Compound V ("You Found Me").

Finding out the truthEdit

"You promised me. No more lies. You fucking promised me. You and Vogelbaum should've got your story straight"
—Homelander to Madelyn Stillwell[src]

At a Vought fundraiser, Homelander confronts Stillwell over his findings from Vogelbaum. The two of them talk about Becca and Homelander's lost son. After that, Homelander admits that he planned for Naqib to show up just as they needed to sway the Congress into letting them in the military. Homelander admits that he and A-Train used Compound V to supercharge terrorists, much to Stillwell's shock. Homelander says that there are Supes that only The Seven can fight all over the globe now. Stillwell takes Homelander to her office, where the two have sexual intercourse, however Homelander seems to find the activity painful ("You Found Me").

Then, when Homelander and Stillwell are laying on the couch, spending some time together, Stillwell reveals to Homelander that Edgar offered her his job in the future, but Homelander worries whether Madelyn will still be there for him on the day-to-day. They both promise to not keep any more secrets from one another. Stillwell apologizes for not telling Homelander about his child, as she wanted to spare him the pain. Stilwell says that Becca died from miscarriage, a different version from what was told by Vogelbaum. Homelander realizes that, raising suspicions ("You Found Me").

Stillwell death

Homelander kills Stilwell with his heat vision

Homelander arrives at his lover's house just to find Billy Butcher, after putting an array of C4 explosives in Stilwell. Homelander brings Teddy, however, believing that Butcher would not put the child in danger. Homelander pushes Butcher, boasting about the sex he had with Becca. Homelander questions Billy's endgame, to which he reveals he just wants to hurt Homelander. Questioning if Butcher has any proof that Homelander killed his wife, Billy goes quiet, with Homelander questioning Stillwell about Becca and his baby. Homelander goes on a rant, furious that Stillwell hid secrets from him again. Then, Homelander reveals that he went back to Vogelbaum, getting the real truth out of him - that Vought put Becca and her child into witness protection for the past eight years. Stillwell admits that she is scared of Homelander, to which he appreciates, kissing her one last time before shooting his laser vision through her eyes and head. Not so after, Butcher decides to release the trigger, detonating the explosives ("You Found Me").


Homelander meeting his son

After the explosion, Butcher awakes on a lawn. Confused, he sees Homelander standing over him. In a house near them, a woman and a kid appears and goes to see them. Butcher is shocked to see Becca alive, with a child. Homelander questions if the child knows who he is, however, he reveals that he doesn't. Homelander reveals to the kid that he is his father ("You Found Me").

In the comicsEdit

In the comic series, Homelander is the leader of the Seven and one of the most powerful superheroes of Vought International, displaying powers very similar to those of Superman, an iconic DC Comics character.

Homelander was experimented on with Compound V, before birth, as a subject of Vought's experiments with Compound V, like much of the other "Supes" managed by Vought. As a result, he has developed abilities such as super strength, heat and x-ray vision, sonic scream and flight. At a young age, in Vought's experiments, he was tied to a nuclear bomb, in case of his aggressiveness. To the public, in cover-up of the truth, his origin was claimed as "crash-landed on Earth", like of DC Comics' Superman.

He is thought to be the one who raped Butcher's wife and got her pregnant, ultimately resulting in her death. It is later revealed Black Noir was the rapist. After being driven crazy, by being blackmailed by Butcher and finding out Noir did it, with the fact Noir was a clone of him, to spy on him & in case he "got out-of-hand" by Vought. Enraged, he attempted to kill Noir, only to be killed by his clone, in a bloody fight during the takeover of the White House, with only his chest and arms being what's left of him, held by Noir.

Powers and Abilities Edit

"I'm the world's greatest superhero."
—Homelander to Jonah Vogelbaum[src]

Homelander threatening to choke The Deep

  • Superhuman Strength: One of Homelander's primary abilities is his tremendous superhuman strength. He possesses the greatest level of strength ever seen, allowing him to effortlessly overpower any opponent. After he and Queen Maeve intercepted a robbery, he threw the first thief far away and high into the air. He also embedded his fist in a shooter's torso. In "The Female of the Species" Homelander stated he was unable to carry the hijacked plane to safety, suggesting that he is unable to use his full strength in flight, requiring a solid surface to take full advantage of his power. He was later able to throw a baseball from New York to Boston.
  • Invulnerability: Homelander seems to be immune to all forms of physical harm and is thereby the most resilient of the Seven, and possibly of all Supes. As such, he is not only completely bulletproof but is also unfazed by explosions, such as when Billy blew up the Stillwell residence with him inside it. According to Madelyn Stillwell, "There isn't a weapon on Earth that they haven't throw at him. They've all failed.", implying that he could also survive nuclear explosions.
  • Superhuman Speed: Homelander can fly at extremely fast speeds, enough to keep up with Steve's plane so he could destroy it. While he was out canvassing the city for Translucent, Frenchie's neural networked CCTV ID's Homelander flying at sea level at speeds close to 1874.482 kph/Mach 1.53.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Homelander possesses stamina that is enhanced to inhuman levels. As a result, his muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity. They are able to withstand the stresses of moving at superhuman speeds or performing other superhuman feats for extended periods of time, without tiring or becoming weak.
  • Heat Vision: Homelander is able to generate powerful heat energy from within his eyes and can project them outwards as high powered energy beams. These blasts of energy are so powerful that they appear to be able to cut through anything, such as Steve's plane. He also used his heat vision to melt a thief's gun to the latter's hand. However, Homelander is most notable for using his optical beams on people, melting flesh and bone with ease and causing people to burst into gore. In "Cherry" Madelyn Stillwell explained his optical beams as "Two small, high-intensity beams, roughly the width of human eyes".
  • X-Ray Vision: Homelander's vision allows him to see through any solid object or surface, with the exception of objects and surfaces that are lined with zinc.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Homelander possesses tremendous auditory awareness, allowing him to detect sounds from miles away. He can also use this power to detect a person's heartbeat, and can tell when they are excited or anxious, such as when he detected Hughie Campbell's blood pressure to be 150/90.
  • Flight: Homelander is able to levitate and propel himself at great speeds, allowing him to cover vast distances in a matter of minutes. In "The Female of the Species" it was stated that he could reach a hi-jacked flight before F-16 fighter jets. Top speeds of the F-16 jets are just under 1500 mph/Mach 2.

Personality Edit

"Homelander's the exception. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke. Man's a saint."
Billy Butcher to Hughie Campbell[src]

Homelander's mission has always been to serve Vought International and on a deeper level, Madelyn Stillwell. Homelander is rational, initially worrying about Translucent's disappearance in Cherry while the rest of Vought, and the world, ignored it. He is a ruthless leader, doing whatever it takes to keep a high public opinion of The Seven, including threatening both Starlight and the Deep. Homelander portrays the true extent of his anger in You Found Me, killing Stillwell for lying to him about Becca Butcher and his child.

For a superhero, Homelander is incredibly brutal and aggressive, throwing a bank robber into the air and letting him fall to his death and brutalizing A-Train. He is highly intelligent as he set up a meticulous plan to get superheroes into the military, and is also charismatic, easily swaying the public to give him support.

Because of being raised in a laboratory, Homelander has difficulty understanding love and humanity. This rendered Homelander sociopathic and amoral, intimidating the members of the Seven in order to keep them in line while also killing anyone who stands in his way.

It is made clear that Homelander does not care about humanity, only the way Supes are viewed in their eyes. He is seen to be more than willing to let a plane full of families and children crash in The Female of the Species despite pleads from Queen Maeve to save the children, but pretends to feel sadness about the incident while in the public eye. This act of murder is also used to his advantage for after Flight 37 went down and all the passengers died, Homelander manipulates the people into believing it was destroyed by terrorists and uses it to further both his and Vought's agenda of weaponizing superhumans. He is sadistic and takes delight in the people he hurts or kills.

Homelander also suffers from an Oedipus Complex, which is projected onto Madelyn Stillwell who is the closest thing he has to a mother. However, after hearing her true feelings of fear, this doesn't hold Homelander back from burning her eyes and skull.

Despite making people fear and love him, Homelander seems to have respect for Butcher. When they finally confronted each other, Homelander is both intrigued and impressed that Billy Butcher is not afraid of him but hates him with a passion, addressing the amount of time the latter spent leading up to their standoff.


  • He is a parody of Superman and Captain America.
  • His name literally means "A person from one's homeland", it is suggested that the homeland he's born from would be America (due to his outfit).
  • The only element Homelander can't see through is zinc.


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