One of the most powerful beings in The Boys Universe, only rivaled by his nemesis, Willy Wanker.

"Guess you should've made your wife come, Snowflake Cuck."
—Homebanger giving Snowflake Cuck relationship advise[src]

The Boys Universe[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Homebanger makes his first appearance in Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, alongside his allies: Snowflake Cuck and Cuck's Wife in the 2015 movie, Homebanger: Red, White, and Anal. There, Homebanger helps Cuck out by having sex with his wife while Cuck watches from a nearby chair. Everything is going good, that is until Cuck reconsiders his thoughts and begs Homebanger to stop. Homebanger puts him in his place by reminding Snowflake Cuck that he wanted this, so now he has to live with it. Homebanger further taunts Cuck by saying, if he had just pleased his wife, then he wouldn't be in this situation. Cuck then considers leaving, but his wife also taunts him by questioning what Cuck really wants.

A True Hero[edit | edit source]

Hughie and Lamplighter watch a film about Homebanger while they pass the time. From there, Homebanger causes Lamplighter to be insightful of himself, realizing just how far from success he really is. Watching Homebanger's movie, causes Lamplighter to confide within Hughie. He indirectly admits to Hughie that he looks up to Homebanger, seeing him as the man that he could've been, a man who takes action in any situation and gets work done. But instead Lamplighter looks down upon himself, seeing himself as Snowflake Cuck, the guy who is forced to watch from the sidelines while the "real heroes" do all the work. Even Hughie himself, even if he isn't willing to admit it, also strives to be just like Homebanger because he's sick and tired of being seen as "useless".

Homebanger continues to inspire both of them, when they discover Starlight has been captured. Hughie uses Homebanger as an example to take action, and thus a motivated Hughie wants to act and rescue Starlight. Hughie then passes on his inspiration to Lamplighter by asking him if he wants to continue to act like Snowflake Cuck and just stay there and watch, or if he wants to take action like Homebanger and finally do something useful. Lamplighter reconsiders and the two are motivated by Homebanger to go rescue Starlight.

Note's[edit | edit source]

Homebanger is a in universe porn parody of Homelander. He appears in one of the porn dvd's Lamplighter selected to watch during season 2 episode 7.

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