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"Guardians of Godolkin" is the eighth episode and season finale of Gen V, a spinoff series of The Boys. It premiered on November 3rd, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. It is the eighth episode overall.


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  • Nicholas Hamilton as Maverick
  • Kaveh Edabi as Sweaty Supe
  • Jennifer Dzialoszynski as Glowing Eyes Supe
  • Jessica Clement as Harper
  • Curtis Legault as Naked Maverick
  • Sabrina Saudin as Also Ashley
  • Christine Sahely as Prof. Renata Ibarra
  • Ivan Hutomo as Jitter Bean Barista
  • Demetri Kellesis as Andy
  • Farhang Ghajar as Neurologist
  • Ryan Bannon as Woods Guard Bob
  • Murray Urquhart as Pushed Woods Guard
  • Julie Mahendran as Campus Security Officer
  • Louise J. Kerr as Kathy
  • Brian T. Smegal as Kris
  • Jameson Kraemer as Kyle
  • John Nightingale as Trustee Ken


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  • This episode marked the final appearance of actor, Chance Perdomo for he died in a motorcycle accident on March 30, 2024.[1]





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