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For the Dynamite version of this character, see Groundhawk/Comics

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Groundhawk is a hammer-handed supe and "supervillain" to the Nubian Prince and Nubia. His "villianous role" was a storyline engineered by Vought International to make the Nubians more marketable as a supe powered couple.

The Boys Series[]


Film Career[]

During the Cold War era, Groundhawk co-starred with Crimson Countess in the American propaganda film Crimson.

Punch-Clock Villain[]

Groundhawk agreed to turn into a supervillain as part of a performance orchestrated by Vought International to have someone for Nubian Prince and Nubia to fight.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical[]

Nubian vs Nubian[]

Eight years prior, Groundhawk perpetrates a staged bank robbery and refuses to give up. He fights the Nubian Prince, whom he easily defeats, but Nubia comes to his aid and together they neutralize him.

In the present day, Groundhawk is visited by their daughter, Maya Nubian, to whom he confesses that he is friends with her parents and that Vought orchestrated the robbery. Maya blackmails him into helping her reconcile her parents to prevent them from divorcing, to which he agrees.

The next day, he pretends to attack Maya, and Nubia and the Nubian Prince attack and beat him. They quit for a while, and he exchanges a glance with Maya before being beaten unconscious by the two heroes again.

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman[]

On the Vought News Network, Cameron Coleman reports on Groundhawk being checked into Vought's Global Wellness Center to battle his alcoholism for the fifth time after attacking various police officers near a local bar in Chicago.


Groundhawk is a rude, foul-mouthed and grumpy individual. He seemingly can't go two sentences without a swear word and doesn't bother to watch his language when children are in the room. However, despite his abrasive personality, he's not actually a bad guy. He's sympathetic to Maya Nubian's plight and even tries to comfort her after telling her the harsh truth about how Vought staged her parents' heroic deeds. He also seems genuinely happy for her when their plan to get them back together works.

Groundhawk suffers from depression and self-pity, and since his retirement has gotten out of shape and has gained a lot of weight. His power of having hammers for hands has rendered him unable to do basic things in his daily life, which has contributed to his anger issues and depressive state.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Superhuman Strength: Groundhawk is strong enough to fight off countless people with ease as well as flip over a car with his hammers.
  • Superhuman Durability: Due to Compound V, Groundhawk gained superhuman durability which allows him to withstand massive amounts of damage without being weakened. He was able to take hits from Nubia and Nubian Prince, both of which displayed impressive superhuman strength, only sustaining a bloody nose and presumably a couple of broken bones. He can also survive being electrocuted and getting thrown into a car with enough force to damage it.
  • Hammer Hands: Groundhawk has two hammers where his hands should be, which is considered a great difficulty for him as he can't grab things. However, said hammers can be used as lethal weapons, being capable of smashing a person's head with one hit.




  • Temper: Groundhawk suffers from anger issues.


  • Limited Superhuman Durability: Groundhawk's superhuman durability is somewhat limited as shown when he got a bloody nose and presumably broken ribs after getting beat down by Nubian Prince and Nubia.
  • Physical Deterioration: After retiring, he has gotten out of shape and has gained a lot of weight. Because of this, his physical abilities have deteriorated, despite his superhuman physiology. This has made him weaker than he was before his bank robbery.
  • Lack of Real Hands: His hammer hands render him unable to do basic things in his daily life, such as grabbing a soda.



  • Groundhawk is a parody of Wolverine.
  • Unlike his comic book counterpart, Groundhawk is calmer and fully sapient while in comics he was wild and could only pronounce one sentence.
  • His address is 6616 Lexington Ave, Chicago, Illinois
  • His phone number is (312) 555-0144

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Although Groundhawk has not make an official live appearance on the show, he appears as a character in the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical.