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"I'm here about your wife. I believe this was a few days after you met Homelander at that Christmas party. She was alone with him for three hours. Not long after that, Rebecca went missing and has remained so ever since. One way or another, Mr. Butcher, I believe Homelander was involved."
"Homelander? But he's a fucking superhero."
"You wouldn't believe what they get up to."
"Who the fuck are you?"
"My name is Mallory. I'm the person who can get you payback."
—Grace recruiting Butcher

Grace Mallory is the former Deputy Director of the CIA and the founder of The Boys.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

The Past[edit | edit source]

Little is fully known about Grace. What is known is that she was the one who sparked William Butcher's desire for vengeance against the superheroes. She worked with Butcher, together they founded The Boys. Lamplighter ended up burning her grandchildren, which led to her giving up on the path of vengeance. She retired to live in the woods to enjoy bird watching. Although her desire for vengeance is over, Butcher still continues her legacy whether she wants him to or not.

Never truly done[edit | edit source]

Despite Grace's attempts to avoid getting involved in the war between the The Boys and Vought, she does reluctantly come out of retirement to help Butcher when she wants to figure out who killed Susan Raynor. Eventually in Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men, she makes a deal with Butcher to give him information about Becca's whereabouts if he turns in a supe-terrorist at a rendezvous point. However, the deal goes sideways when The Boys are intercepted by The Seven, who kill the terrorist. Butcher meets Mallory at a shrine for the 59 apartment tenants who were killed by Stormfront. Despite Butcher's failure in promising to deliver the terrorist, Grace still gives Butcher the information to locate Becca. She explains she has a reoccurring dream of her on stage at Carnegie Hall, and everyone ever killed by a supe is in the audience just staring at her. So, she gives Butcher the information in an attempt to have "one less audience member staring at her" and to make amends to Butcher for stopping his search for Becca. A little before this, Mallory provides Butcher information to give to Mother's Milk with the location of a witness who claims to know the truth about Liberty, a retired super-heroine from the 70s. After M.M, Hughie and Starlight speak to the woman, Valerie Hunter, they report their findings to Mallory that Liberty is in-fact Stormfront herself, a slow aging racist supe who uses her position to commit racially motivated murders with impunity.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Vengence isn't a path to glory, Hugh. It's a one-way ticket to a dead end, looking at fucking birds."
—Grace to Hughie, warning him about giving into vengence

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is not to be confused with Mallory Grace from The Spiderwick Chronicles.

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