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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Greg Mallory.
"I'm here about your wife. I believe this was a few days after you met Homelander at that Christmas party. She was alone with him for three hours. Not long after that, Rebecca went missing and has remained so ever since. One way or another, Mr. Butcher, I believe Homelander was involved."
"Homelander? But he's a fucking superhero."
"You wouldn't believe what they get up to."
"Who the fuck are you?"
"My name is Mallory. I'm the person who can get you payback."
—Grace recruiting Butcher

Lieutenant-Colonel Grace Mallory is the former Deputy Director of the CIA and the founder of The Boys.

The Boys Series[]

The Past[]

Little is fully known about Grace's past or why she first started to hunt superheroes. What is known is that she was the one who sparked William Butcher's desire for vengeance against the superheroes, providing him with the knowledge that The Homelander had raped his wife Becca and that Vought International was involved with her disappearance. She worked with Butcher, and together they founded The Boys, who operated for an undetermined amount of time, between 2012 and 2015.

In 2015, the original rendition of The Boys, under CIA supervision, attempted to blackmail Lamplighter with footage of him committing an unseen crime, into getting him to spy on The Seven for the CIA. Although Lamplighter appears to begrudgingly agree to the terms, Mallory is suspicious and has Frenchie tail him after the meeting. Frenchie follows him to a movie premiere, but abandons his post when his girlfriend Cherie calls him up to inform him that his best friend Jay is overdosing and will die without an adrenaline shot.

Although Frenchie returns only 30 minutes later, by this time Lamplighter had left the premiere and followed Mallory to her hotel room, burning her grandchildren to death by mistake, believing that Mallory was in the bed instead. This event it hurt mallory so much led to her giving up on the path of vengeance. She retired to live in the woods to enjoy bird watching, reasoning that it was "either birdwatching or alcoholism." Although her desire for vengeance is allegedly over, Butcher still continues her legacy whether she wants him to or not.

Broken Promises[]

After their cover is blown by Mesmer, the newly reformed rendition of The Boys become fugitives and go into hiding. Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell go to visit Mallory at her estate in a desperate attempt to get her help. Butcher asks Mallory what she has been up to since their last mission together, and she says that she has taken up bird watching to prevent herself from becoming an alcoholic. She then berates Butcher for daring to see her after long ago promising to never see her again, to which Butcher retorts that she is a hypocrite who taught him "a thing or two about broken promises".

After introducing Hughie to Mallory, Butcher demands help from her, claiming that she "owes" him. Mallory refuses to help Butcher and continues to blame him for the death of her grandchildren. Butcher berates Mallory for manipulating him and turning him into a weapon to use against the supes and Vought, only to abandon him when it didn't suit her. Mallory replies that she doesn't regret that decision. When Butcher tells her he's going to finish what she started, Mallory confides in Butcher, as long as he promises never to return, about Homelander's affair with Madelyn Stillwell, and that he possibly has a weakness in her. As the two leave, Mallory pleads to Hughie to give up on his path of vengeance, warning him that it leads to nothing but a dead end.

Never Truly Done[]

Despite Grace's attempts to avoid getting involved in the war between the The Boys and Vought, she does reluctantly come out of retirement to help Butcher when she wants to figure out who killed Susan Raynor. Eventually in Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men, she makes a deal with Butcher to give him information about Becca's whereabouts if he turns in a supe-terrorist at a rendezvous point. However, the deal goes sideways when The Boys are intercepted by The Seven, who kill the terrorist. Butcher meets Mallory at a shrine for the 59 apartment tenants who were killed by Stormfront. Despite Butcher's failure in promising to deliver the terrorist, Grace still gives Butcher the information to locate Becca. She explains she has a reoccurring dream of her on stage at Carnegie Hall, and everyone ever killed by a supe is in the audience just staring at her. So, she gives Butcher the information in an attempt to have "one less audience member staring at her" and to make amends to Butcher for stopping his search for Becca. A little before this, Mallory provides Butcher information to give to Mother's Milk with the location of a witness who claims to know the truth about Liberty, a retired super-heroine from the 70s. After M.M, Hughie and Starlight speak to the woman, Valerie Hunter, they report their findings to Mallory that Liberty is in-fact Stormfront herself, a slow aging racist supe who uses her position to commit racially motivated murders with impunity.

Old Wounds[]

After The Boys infiltrate the Sage Grove Wellness Center, they discover not only that Vought and Stormfront are using the asylum as a front to experiment on patients, but that Lamplighter works there as an orderly, used to "dispose" of inmates who are unruly or no longer of use. A fight between Lamplighter and Frenchie results in the inmates breaking out, and sees the Boys team up with a redemptive Lamplighter to escape the facility. After escaping, Lamplighter, who has long felt guilt at the children's death, turns himself over to the custody of The Boys, who arrange for a meeting with Mallory in the woods. Mallory arrives, ready to execute Lamplighter to avenge her grandchildren, but relents when Frenchie explains that she would only be ending his torment. Mallory reluctantly asks The Boys what they intend to use Lamplighter for, if they aren't going to kill him.

Killing the King[]

Grace Works with congress woman Victoria Neuman, using Lamplighter as an eye witness into Vought's shady dealings. She makes a deal with Neuman, to get her information on Vought in exchange for Victoria taking down Vought. Grace knows that Lamplighter won't be enough, so she and M.M agree to go get more information to help their case. Grace tasks Frenchie and Kimiko to watch over and protect Neuman, warning Frenchie not to abandon his position again. She then orders Hughie to stay behind and watch over Lamplighter until they come back.

Grace and M.M meet with Jonah Vogelbaum and want him to also testify against Vought for them. Grace remarks that Vogelbaum can help end the cycle of violence if he testifies. However, Vogelbaum refuses, stating he can't risk endangering the lives of his family. Grace understands that feeling and promptly leaves Vogelbaum's without any further Resistance. M.M questions Grace's choices and asks her if she is handling the situation with his family. Grace tells him that she has a plan for M.M and his family to move to Nicaragua and live in hiding. M.M says he'll take that offer after their done fighting Vought, but Grace explains the fighting will never end, so M.M should get out of it while he still has a family. Grace encourages him by expressing she wishes she had quit sooner before her grandchildren were burned.

When Mallory and M.M return to find out Lamplighter burned himself, they're both furious at Hughie for causing the situation. Mallory then calls Butcher to tell him their plan failed because their only eye witness burned himself and Vogelbaum refused to testify. However she is shocked, when Butcher tells her that he "convinced" Vogelbaum to testify for them. Grace then meets at the court hearings alongside Neuman. Everything seems to be going well until heads start exploding. Amongst the chaos, Grace escorts Neuman out of the courtroom to save her from sharing a gruesome fate.

What next?[]

Grace appears one final time at the end of What I Know to have the CIA hide Ryan Butcher in order to keep him safe from Vought. Upon securing the boy, Grace shares her condolences about Becca's death to Billy. Grace then questions Billy about his thoughts on the threat of Ryan becoming just like Homelander, Billy responds that Becca didn't believe so. Grace then informs Billy that The Boys have been pardoned of all crimes, and that the White House has opened the Office of Supe Affairs. Grace finishes saying Victoria Neuman is wanting to have the team continue to monitor supe activity. Butcher simply walks away from Grace without giving a real answer.


"Vengence isn't a path to glory, Hugh. It's a one-way ticket to a dead end, looking at fucking birds."
—Grace to Hughie, warning him about giving into vengence


  • She was similar to Greg Mallory and she uses to be gender-swapped in the comics.

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