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Can I give you some advice? That you're not at all asking for? (...) Being a hero is, uh... It's not what you think. You know, if you're gonna do this, make sure you do it for you.
―Luke Riordan to Marie Moreau.[src]

Luke Riordan, better known as Golden Boy, is a recurring posthumous character of the Amazon series Gen V, a spin-off series of The Boys. He was a top ranked student at Godolkin University and Professor Brinkerhoff's protégé.


Luke was born to Ted and Janet in the early 2000s, and shortly after his birth, they accepted Vought's offer to inject him with Compound V, subsequently transforming him into a Supe and granting him superhuman powers and abilities. Luke grew up alongside his younger brother Sam and experienced a positive childhood. The brothers spent every weekend at the Stardust Drive-In before it closed down.[1]

Luke would eventually decide to further his education at Godolkin University, where he selected the prestigious Lamplighter School of Crimefighting as his major. Along this academic journey, he not only excelled in his studies but also became a beloved figure among his peers, garnering a substantial following of fans and forging numerous friendships. Luke also formed a romantic relationship with fellow student Cate Dunlap.

The Boys Series[]

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman[]

During the January 2022 airing of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman, it is reported that people cannot stop talking about Golden Boy, a Godolkin University junior, who is seen as the top pick for Vought International's annual Hero Draft next year.

Gen V: Season 1[]

"God U"[]

Luke appeared in this episode.

"First Day"[]

Following Luke's suicide, his heartbroken friends and girlfriend watch as his entrails are disposed of by a cleanup crew. Shortly after, Indira Shetty, Ashley Barrett, Polarity, and the board of trustees formulate a plan and create a cover-up story about Luke's suicide, dismissing him as a chronic drug user who suffered a psychotic break.

The next day, after some thinking with Cate, Andre has an epiphany and understands what Luke whispered to him before his death. He runs over to his father's statue and finds Luke's phone hidden inside. Andre and Cate head back to the dorms to search through Luke's phone.

At the dorms, Cate and Andre both watch a recording left behind by Luke. He starts off by telling them that if they're watching this, that means things got fucked. Luke frantically explains that his thought-to-be dead brother isn't actually dead but in an underground hospital referred to as "The Woods." He goes on to talk about how they did messed up things to him and his brother. Luke also reveals that Brink is part of it, stating that he's going to talk to him so he can get his brother back. At the end of the recording, he repeats that if they're viewing this video, that means things got fucked, then apologizes, asks for them to save Sam, and declares his love to Cate and Andre.


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"Welcome to the Monster Club"[]

Andre is pushed into remembering everything Cate made him forget. While this happens, Andre's memories flash back to him, including Luke's message about The Woods, Sam, and his final words before committing suicide.


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"Guardians of Godolkin"[]

In The Woods, Sam returns to his cell and hallucinates Luke, who cautions him against hurting humans. Sam reasons that he's doing this for him, but Luke denies it, explaining that he killed one person and then killed himself out of guilt. Luke asks where Emma is, but Sam tells him that she isn't here, nor is Luke. Sam exclaims to Luke that he committed suicide, leaving him in his cell. As a result, Luke states that he knows Sam doesn't want to do this, but Sam leaves his cell and closes the door on him.

At Godolkin University, Luke follows Sam, teasing him about his relationship with Emma. Cate approaches Sam, who wonders if what they're doing is right. Cate assures him that they're holding humans accountable, but Luke interrupts and informs him that they're killing innocent people. At this point, Sam starts to doubt what they're doing, and Cate offers to help him. Luke tells Sam to listen, pointing out that he is merely present in his imagination. Nonetheless, Luke argues that Sam's past does not define him, but his present actions, urging him to stop Cate. In response, Sam confesses to Luke that he hates himself. Ultimately, he accepts Cate's offer and is pushed into feeling nothing before Luke expresses his dismay and vanishes entirely.


You're not defined by what's happened to you. You are what you do
―Golden Boy to Sam Riordan[src]

Golden Boy is a friendly and popular student. Despite being ranked as the best student in Godolkin University, he doesn't see himself as superior or better than others. Those who've known him they agree that Luke is a good friend, someone who often makes jokes and is very funny. Golden Boy is also sweet and charismatic, quickly befriending Marie Moreau upon her arrival and was capable of earning her trust to the point Marie opened up and told him that her parents died long time ago.

Luke is very caring and protective with those he loves, such as his younger brother Sam Riordan, who was put in Sage Grove Center and eventually taken to The Woods, often visiting and defending his brother like when a guard comes to neutralize Sam standing between them trying to stop the guard. Luke was devastated when he found out about Sam's apparent death. However, the constant experiments he'd been receiving affected Luke, leading him to hallucinate and recover fragments of his memories that were erased by Cate, killing Brink and attempting to kill Marie.

Powers and Abilities[]


He was stronger than all of us.
  • Thermonuclear Powers: Luke possesses high-powered thermonuclear abilities, meaning he can engulf himself in a fiery aura and conjure fire, which he uses in combat. Unbeknownst to Luke, his powers were often significantly augmented by additional Compound V through blood transfusions from his brother, Sam Riordan. Subsequently, his valuable and dominant powers have granted him to rank number one at Godolkin University and secure a position in The Seven.
    • Fire Generation: Through his palms, Luke can create powerful streams, waves, and blasts of fire. These flames can set people ablaze, melting through them in seconds or causing them to explode.
    • Thermokinetic Aura: At will, Luke can envelop his body in an aura of flames. He has immediate control over it, including the capability to regulate the intensity of the flame produced. His aura is hot enough to disintegrate humans.
    • Fire/Heat Immunity: Unlike Lamplighter, Luke is completely immune to fire and heat, even the flames he creates himself.
    • Thermokinetic Flight: Similar to Stormfront, Luke can propel and levitate himself through the air by emitting jet-like propulsion of fire from his feet, allowing him to travel at high speeds.
    • Self-Detonation: Though only used once, Luke is capable of internally achieving flashpoint to a point of explosively combusting. The process would likely have posed potential harm to anyone in proximity.
  • Superhuman Strength: Luke possesses superhuman strength, which makes him stronger than humans and most Supes. In terms of physical strength, he is undoubtedly the most powerful student at Godolkin University, surpassing multiple Supes. Additionally, he has undergone blood transfusions infused with Compound V, further increasing his physical strength. He defeats multiple Supes, such as The Incredible Steve and Jordan Li, the former by overpowering and ripping his arms off, and the latter by hurling them several feet in the air, ultimately choking them unconscious with one hand.
  • Superhuman Durability: Luke possesses superhuman durability, making him more durable than humans and most Supes. When it comes to durability, he is the second-most durable top-ranking student at Godolkin University, the first being Jordan's male form. Nevertheless, he is impervious to attacks that would kill humans and most Supes, emerging unscathed. He withstands Sam and Jordan's super-strengthened punches, including a massive energy blast from Jordan that sends him flying back, immediately getting back and displaying no signs of injury.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Luke possesses superhuman hearing, allowing him to hear better than humans. Like all Supes, he can hear higher frequencies that humans cannot.[2]


  • Charisma: According to statements made by Vought, Golden Boy is very charismatic.
  • Expert Combatant: Luke has received four years of combat training as a crimefighting major at Godolkin University, making him a powerful hand-to-hand combatant. He outmaneuvers and overpowers Jordan Li and The Incredible Steve, two Supes with fighting experience.
  • Strong Will: Luke is a determined individual, which propelled him to the top of Godolkin University's ranks and earned him a coveted spot in the Seven. After discovering Sam to still be alive in the Woods, Luke, persistent in rescuing his brother, would eventually have his memories erased by Cate. In spite of this, Luke's unwavering determination to find his brother allowed him to regain his memories. However, his memories were continuously erased by Cate's powerful telepathic abilities but resurfaced as vivid dreams and hallucinations until they fully returned.



  • Brute Force/Limited Durability: Despite being one of the more resilient Supes, Luke can be momentarily staggered and stunned by tremendous force. Additionally, like most Supes, his internal organs are identical to those of humans. As a result, Luke could only commit suicide by internally blowing himself up.
  • Hafnium Carbide: According to Richard Brinkerhoff, Luke cannot melt through Hafnium Carbide alloy, which has a melting point of more than 3900°C or 7052°F. This is the same material his super suit would have been made of if he made it in The Seven.
  • Anesthetic Gases: Regardless of Luke's status as a Supe, anesthetic gases can affect him and render him unconscious. In the past, Jordan sedated Luke before he could harm Professor Brinkerhoff, causing him to fall unconscious immediately.
  • High Frequencies: Due to being a Supe, Luke is susceptible to high frequencies. When a high frequency is playing, it can induce immense pain and temporarily neutralize him.



  • Golden Boy is a parody of Marvel's Human Torch.
    • He is also Amazon's version of Fire Supe, proven by the simillar abilities although has higher feats and power stats.
    • Coincidentally, Golden Boy shares his name with DC's Golden Boy, a villain with the power to turn everything he touches into gold.
  • Golden Boy is the first Supe in The Boys universe to have his powers permanently enhanced.
  • Showrunners Eric Kripke and Michele Fazekas approached Gen V's pilot episode with Golden Boy's suicide to create a power vacuum. They experimented with dozens of different reasons but he always killed himself. The mystery with Sam was written afterwards.[3]
  • There were rumors that Nick Jonas was in talks to play Golden Boy.[4]
  • In an earlier script of the show, Emma and Cate would have discovered Golden Boy to still be alive after his supposed death.[5]
  • Golden Boy hates Mesmer.[6]