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"Glorious Five Year Plan" is the fourth episode of the third season of The Boys. It was released on June 10, 2022 on Amazon Prime. It is the twentieth episode overall.


Tonight, streaming live exclusively for Super-Subscribers, it's the #ClashOfTheDildos! Which of the Seven-inspired dildos will crush the competition in this tip-to-tip challenge? Will it be the reigning champion Homelander Star-Spangled Banger or Starlight's electrified Star-Brator? Join us as we put these pleasure-pounding penetrators through their paces! Only on!


Mother's Milk watches Solid Gold, an old music show, featuring Soldier Boy singing, and he gets furious watching it- having flashbacks of his family.

Hughie Campbell accuses Billy Butcher of being on Compound V and demands to know where he got it. Butcher admits he used only one dose, in order to take down Gunpowder.

Homelander goes on The Cameron Coleman Hour to talk about being sick of the lies being peddled by the mainstream media.

Stan Edgar drops by Victoria Neuman's house, “on a whim”, to tell her that he wants to give Homelander a gentle reminder of who’s in charge. He tells her to give Homelander some FCC fines as a reminder that he can’t get away with anything. Victoria seems hesitant, but Stan assures her that she and Zoe will be safe.

The Boys pay a visit to Little Nina to ask about a weapon that the Kremlin might know about. He covers Cherie’s debt plus 100 grand for her troubles. She still asks for Cherie back.

Starlight told Hughie that #HomeLight and Starlight and Homelander’s announcement will air on TV that evening. She tells Hughie that this plan has to work. Homelander interjects and asks "what has to work?" She asks how he got in and he explains that he has a key, to her surprise. He assures Hughie that their love affair is strictly for the cameras- although he admits that that’s how he and Queen Maeve started out and that things got quite spicy. Hughie tenses up and Starlight threatens Homelander to back off.

A-Train talks to Ashley about Blue Hawk and how Vought has a responsibility to get justice from the incident that happened. Ashley assures A-Train she cares about Black Lives Matter, insincerely. They shoot a commercial for A-Train's new Turbo Rush Energy Drink, promoting peace between the public and the police force (parodying Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial).

Hughie calls Victoria to tell him he can’t go into the office because of his broken arm. She tells him to get better. Hughie and the Boys get on a jet to go to Russia.

Starlight goes to talk to Maeve and ask her if she’s ever heard of a weapon called BCL-Red. Maeve asks Starlight who she thinks sent them down the rabbit hole. Maeve tells Starlight her plan to try and take down Homelander and Starlight tells her they need to team up and find more people.

In Russia, The Boys have to do a little job before Nina gives them the information they want. He tells Kimiko Miyashiro she has to do the job but she tells Butcher she’s not his gun. He tells her otherwise.

Starlight tells Supersonic that they might have to fight Homelander and there might actually be a way to take him down. She tells him they need 4 or 5 more superheroes to get it done. He tells her he’s in.

At a meeting for The Seven, A-Train brings up Blue Hawk. He explains he’s been over patrolling black neighborhoods. Cassandra texts The Deep to stick up for Homelander and tell him he needs more Supes, not less, and to bench Blue Hawk would be a mistake. Homelander agrees. A-Train is furious that Deep spoke up and kissed Homelander’s ass. They fight and Homelander finds them on the ground. He helps up Deep and talks down to A-Train. Supersonic helps A-Train up and tells him to calm down. Supersonic asks A-Train what if they could do something about Homelander and A-Train asks him what he has in mind.

Ashley informs Homelander that Victoria Neuman is doing a press conference about him. He tells her to find out what’s going on.

As part of Butcher’s plan, Kimiko dresses up to go to a party, under the name Irina. Several women are on a bed and a man tells one of them to undress. He opens a display case of numerous dildos; each sex toy is decorated to have the appearance of each member of the Seven. Kimiko sees her opportunity and pushes a dildo through the back of the man's head and through his mouth, killing him instantly. She proceeds to fight off the rest of his men with the other dildos, as the women scream and run away. Kimiko takes a photo of the deceased man. While doing so one of the scared women shoots her in the head. She falls down but slowly rises back again. The scared women kneel down and beg for their lives. She tries to tell them she won’t hurt them.

Stan reassures Victoria at the press conference before she goes live to talk about Homelander. She seems nervous but then proceeds to say that Homelander has come forward as a whistleblower of crimes committed by CEO of Vought, Stan Edgar. Stan is shocked and takes off his glasses.

Maeve turns to Homelander and asks him what he did and he explains that he set things straight- that Vought is a Superhero company and should be led by them.

Stan asks Victoria “why?” She tells him she had to look out for Zoe and that all these years he was looking out for himself instead of her.

Ashley talks to Cameron Coleman, informing him that she approves every word of copy for the show. She asks him about his idiot brain, after reading his script, and tells him he will need to be punished- she pulls out a giant dildo and smiles to him. He seems excited.

Kimiko is frustrated by what Butcher made her do- she tells Frenchie she can’t do this anymore. She tells him that Butcher doesn’t treat any of them like people - that he is the same as Little Nina. Frenchie tells her maybe it’s time they leave after this job. They dream about going to Marseilles.

Homelander visits Victoria at her house, unannounced. Homelander asks her if she wants to pop his head - he seems informed about her situation with Stan and her Supe abilities. He tells her she was smart to turn on Stan because he was going to do the same to her - that she isn’t his daughter but his weapon.

Butcher takes another dose of V, as a contingency plan. Hughie walks in on him and tells him he wants some too, but Butcher says no by saying "This isn't a privilege, it's a punishment."

Stan meets with Homelander. Stan had to take a temporary leave of absence from Vought International. Stan tells Homelander that Victoria is more like him than he realized- she plays all sides. Stan warns Homelander that he might not like his new leadership position because there is no one left to cover for him. He tells Homelander he’s simply “bad product.”

Victoria talks to her daughter Zoe about becoming a Supe- so that she can be strong and safe forever. She explains that she was scared too when she took it. She injects her with Compound V and Zoe screams in pain and starts sobbing, with Victoria comforting her while tearing up.

Milk and Butcher cut out the electricity at a military plant. The Boys enter and have to fight off security guards and a Supe-hampster. They run out of ammunition so Butcher uses his temporary Supe powers to fight back. Hughie fights with his Supe powers too, revealing that he stole the temporary V Butcher wouldn’t let him have.

They open up a sealed container and find Soldier Boy, alive after all. He unplugs himself from the chamber and walks out, confused. Soldier Boy sends out a fiery explosion from his chest, knocking down a wall and hurting Kimiko. However, she doesn’t heal. He leaves and The Boys rush to help Kimiko.

Starlight and Homelander smile for the press and Homelander insists that they go fly somewhere together. He promises to show her the view of a lifetime. He brings her to a rooftop where he shows her a bloody, dead Supersonic. Homelander admits that A-Train told him about she and Supersonic’s plot. He tells her there will be no more plotting- he wants her to be a dutiful girlfriend unless she wants that to happen to Hughie. She tells him that she understands.




Is your idiot brain getting fucked by stupid? No, that’s not rhetorical.
―Homelander and Ashley Barrett
I’m going to help you because it’s the right thing to do. That’s all.




  • Battle at the Russian Oligarch's Mansion
  • Battle at the Russian Military Compound
  • Assassination of Supersonic





  • The episode title is a reference to the comic arc of the same name, which itself is based on the in-universe soviet era super team, which Love Sausage was a member of.
  • The A-Train Turbo Rush Energy Drink commercial was inspired by Pepsi’s infamous 2017 commercial starring Kendall Jenner.
  • In the comics Butcher injects Compound V into Hughie without his consent greatly angering Hughie that he temporarily becomes a Supe. This is a complete inversion of the tv show where not only does Hughie want to be injected with Temp V, but Butcher refuses only for Hughie to steal some from Butcher and inject himself with Temp V to temporarily become a Supe.




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