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"Well, what goes around comes around, cocksuckers. It’s time for a family fucking reunion!"

Ghost is a character in the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. She is featured in the episode, 'An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical

An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents

Ghost, like all supes, was experimented on at birth by Vought American with Compound V. She gained the power to be a ghost where she can float through walls, unfortunately her power was too unstable making her unable to feel, touch and eat. Her parents, disappointed, dumped her at the Red River Assisted Living center, “For the Gifted Child”, where parents dump their kids with “shit powers”. At the center, she became friend with other kids like Mo-Slo, Boombox, Fang, Kingdom, Aqua Aqua, Big, Human Tongue, Picante Balls and Flashback.

She and her friends find out about Compound V and that they were man-made, realizing that their parents injected them with Compound V to make them famous superheroes so they could get rich off of them, but then abandon them when their powers turned out to be too strange and unwieldy, Ghost and his friends decide to take their revenge.

They get in a car and go to try and find their parents. First, they find someone at Vought to get the files on where their parents are located. Another Supe named Papers walks in, with the ability to find any papers any time. He’s not very good at finding papers though but Fang manages to find them.

They worked together to kill all of their parents until it was Ghost's parents turn.

Ghost’s dad seems to have known she would’ve come around eventually because of the Compound V news. Her friends help her kill him in the garage. However, Homelander shows up and kills everyone immediately, except for Ghost due her total intangibility. Ghost’s mom walks out and sees her husband dead. She tells Ghost, “I wish you were never born.” Ghost tells her she’ll return one day, then she gets away.


Because her powers affect her ability to interact with the physical world, Ghost is depressed. She is visibly hurt by how her parents neglected her without remorse and is suicidal due to her inability to physically experience anything, stating that she "Wants to die, but can't." Upon finding out that her parents voluntarily had her experimented on with Compound V, she becomes vengeful towards them and is willing to commit patricide. When she inhabits Mo-Slo's body so that they can kill her father, she takes sadistic pleasure in doing so, smiling as the knife passes through her father's mouth.

She is also a capable leader, as shown with how she rallies the other young Super's together and leads their journey to track down and kill their parents.

Powers and Abilities


Ghost Physiology: Due to being exposed to Compound V, Ghost has gained many abilities attributed to ghosts.

  • Intangibility: As her name suggests, Ghost possesses the ability to pass through physical matter. Moreover, she can not be physically harmed, as shown when Homelander's heat vision has no effect on her.
  • Flight: Ghost is able to levitate and propel herself through air.
  • Self-Sustenance: Ghost does not need to consume food for sustenance, since she does not have a stomach or digestive tract. Although she still gets hungry.
  • Immortality: Due to her Intangibility, Ghost cannot die through conventional means. However she still appears to age, implying that she might be able to die due to old age.


  • Leadership: She leads the young Supers on their quest for vengeance against their parents.


  • Permanent Intangibility: Ghost can not control her Intangibility, meaning that she can not touch the physical world and is unable to physically experience anything.
  • Hunger: Despite not needing food to survive, Ghost still gets hungry. However since she can't interact with the physical world, she can not eat either, meaning that she has no way of satisfying her hunger. This likely happens due to her brains survival instincts and subconscious desires.