The G-Men are a group of superheroes. The group is founded by John Godolkin and consist of orphans and outsiders with super abilities.

In the Comics[edit | edit source]

The G-Men is Vought's most bankable super team after The Seven. Unlike the Seven, the G-Men is a more sprawling franchise with many spin-off teams such as G-Coast, G-West, G-Wiz and even Pre-Wiz.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are a parody and satire of Marvel Comics' X-Men. The main members of the G-Men directly spoof the more famous members of the X-Men.
  • The group also satirizes the excesses of the X-Men franchise in that the X-Men has the most number of spin-off teams in comics. The entire X-Men are subdivided into smaller teams and then there are other teams such as X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants and Generation X to name some.
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