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For the Amazon version of the character, see Frenchie.

The Frenchman, also known as Frenchie, is a main character of The Boys. He is one of the two powerhouses of the Boys — the other being Female of the Species. He is described as having a strong connection with both Female and Billy, however, he has killer instincts and his anger is hard to reign in once provoked. Similar to Female of the Species, the Frenchman's use of Compound V has given him abilities such as increased strength, smell and increased durability.

The Boys Series[]


The Frenchman's past is somewhat mysterious and vague however not for lack of his openness regarding his past, more so the Frenchman's fantastical stories concerning his past history is so dramatic it almost seems like a made up story. He was born in a small village in the Pyrenees that spoke its own unique dialect of French. The Frenchman was a young man who went to war, leaving behind his sweet heart Marie, to patiently wait for his return.

The war would change the Frenchman, and he would return with a new outlook on life, he would return as a pacifist. He return to his parents and as he had hoped to his darling Marie, however in an almost Shakespearean twist, Marie was now romantically attached to the Frenchman's bitter enemy, Black Pierre! The Frenchman would be distraught at this betrayal and sink into a depression. His father egging the Frenchman to stand up and fight is only met with his sons newfound pacifism. Since the Frenchman won't challenge Black Pierre to a duel, the Frenchman's father decides to. Before the Frenchman can prevent his father from competing against Black Pierre in a duel tragedy strikes, as the Frenchman's father is lethally wounded and now the Frenchman is dealt another harsh card. Renouncing his pacifism the Frenchman becomes a wanderer frequently getting into bar room brawls before catching the attention of one Billy Butcher.

The Boys Assemble[]

The Frenchman is eating at a cafe talking to himself as usual when he finds himself in a vicious fight. At the climax of Billy Butcher arrives and the two friends reunite with smiles and cheer. Butcher is reassembling an anti superhero squad under CIA backing and is there to recruit the Frenchman who also served on the former Boys squad. The Frenchman already knows all the other members of the Boys, except for the new scottish member Wee Hughie whom Butcher introduces him to. Butcher has decided that Teenage Kix be the very first mission for the Boys and as such the Frenchman helps in surveillance of the teenage superhero group, observing and recording embarrassing and illegal behavior undertaken by the Teenage Kix members. Butcher uses these acquired information to anonymously blackmail the Teenage Kix. One of their members must fall on their sword so to speak and make public their indiscretions lest the whole team be outed. Shout Out is the member who decides to make a public announcement announcing that he is homosexual, however this news announcement catches the attention of the Homelander who suspects Butcher and the Boys of this situation, and he sends the Kix an email revealing to them the identities of their blackmailers.

Glorious Five Year Plan[]

The Frenchman and the Boys are heading to Russia, heading to Moscow to meet with an old acquaintance of Butcher's Vasili Vorishikin also known as Vas and a former superhero known as Love Sausage. The group run afoul of Nina Kamenko, also known as Little Nina.


Despite his frequent brutality, The Frenchman is a kind man and a loyal friend and has spent much time trying to help The Female, who is his best friend, deal with her mental problems. He appears somewhat calm and shy in nature, until provoked, and once provoked his anger can be hard to reign in, giving way to ruthless aggression and ferocious brutality against his enemies or any who might seek to mock or insult him.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength: Considered the muscle of the Boys team, alongside his best friend The Female, the Frenchman is superhumanly strong and extremely durable, which aids his brutal ferocity and nature. In a cafe, he brutally injured a man with a headbutt, and punched another man's bottom jaw off. He later instantly knocked out a man with a knee to the face. Against the Teenage Kix, he easily lifted one off the ground. The Frenchman was also able to slam two men's heads together with enough force to knock out one's eyeball, and also kill some other Supes. He injured Stormfront with a baseball bat, and snapped another Supe's neck. Possibly his greatest feat was throwing the Female onto a flying plane.
  • Superhuman Smell: The Frenchman has a heightened sense of smell, surpassing even that of a dog.


  • Limb loss: After a fight with Team Titanic, the Frenchman lost his right forearm.


  • The Frenchman's sense of smell is said to be even better than Terror/Comics's.