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It seems no matter how much we try to run, we cannot escape our old lives, huh? I suppose no one can run that fast.
―Frenchie to Kimiko Miyashiro[src]

Serge, better known as Frenchie, is one of the three tritagonists of the Amazon series The Boys (along with Mother's Milk and Kimiko Miyashiro), serving as a major character in both Seasons 2 and 3, and the tritagonist of Season 1.

A drug-dabbling, gunrunning jack-of-all-trades, Frenchie’s skillsets are an invaluable resource to Butcher and The Boys, but his impulsive decisions are an eternal source of frustration to Mother's Milk. Frenchie’s got a history as a killer-for-hire — and those jobs, and the human faces behind them, have always stayed with him, like scars. But he’ll rediscover his humanity when he finds a woman locked in a cage in a basement who’s part of a larger mystery, and Frenchie is the only one of The Boys who’s able to connect with her.

The Boys Series[]


You are like... rabid little doggy ever loyal to whoever holds his chain. Before William Butcher, it was me. Before me, it was your daddy. But you always yield Sergei.
―Little Nina bullying Frenchie.

Not much is known about Serge's early life, but he claims to have had a rough upbringing. He is of French - Algerian descent.

Serge claims that his father was bipolar and that when he was ten-years-old, his father tried to smother him with a Hello Kitty duvet.[1] While living in Marseille, his father kidnapped Serge in the middle of the night from his mother and kept him with him for years, living from one hotel to another. Every few nights, he would take him out for a walk to smoke a cigarette and tell him he loved him. However, he would also burn him with the cigarettes. Serge made many attempts to run away, jumping buses and trains or anything to return to his mother, but he was found by his father every time. When Serge moved to New York, he was alone, living in a homeless shelter. During that time, Serge would watch The Golden Girls on the shelter's "shitty TV" from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. every day. He claims that the show kept him company and inspired him to "make his own family".


Frenchie holding a homemade weapon.

No. Those saucy ladies, they made their own family. So I did what they did. You are my Blanche. And Jay... you are.. my Dorothy."
"Mhmm.. 'Cause you're a little gay. Yeah."
"So you're Betty White?"
"Oh, what a fucking question. Of course I'm Betty White.

―Serge, Cherie, and Jay, talking about The Golden Girls.[src]

By 2012, Serge and his close friends, Cherie and Jay, would spend most of their time either getting high or pulling crime heists. He would also create elaborate weapons that he would use on supes if they tried to stop him during his heists. The law eventually caught up to Serge and his friends when they were arrested during their bank heist.

Weaponized Xanax. The grenades you used on Behemoth during the bank heist. You got a supe activated by rage, so you simply take away his rage, turn him into a cupcake. Clever.
―Grace Mallory to Serge, impressed by his skills to counter supe's powers.[src]

Frenchie being recruited by Mallory.

While Serge was in custody, he was approached by Grace Mallory who was impressed by his abilities to make weapons and gadgets that counter a supe's power. Mallory offered him a choice, either rot for in a prison for 25 years, or come to work for her. Serge refused her offer, so Mallory made a different offer. She then threatened to send Cherie and Jay to a super maximum prison, ADX Florence, unless Frenchie reconsidered her offer. Serge called it a bluff, but Mallory only assured him it isn't. While Mallory proceeded to leave the room, Serge stopped her to ask what kind of work she does.

Oh, the bachelor party I will throw you. What's your thoughts about transgender strippers?"
"Strippers ain't really my kind of Hershey's, with or without nuts, but you golf? Thinking about doing a golf trip.

―Frenchie and Mother's Milk, planning the latter's bachelor party.[src]

Frenchie, Butcher, Mallory and M.M. meeting with Lamplighter.

In 2015, Serge, now primarily referred to by his nickname "Frenchie", was a full fledged member of The Boys alongside Grace Mallory, Billy Butcher, and Mother's Milk. While waiting in an abandoned warehouse for Lamplighter to arrive, Frenchie and Mallory congratulated M.M. for proposing to Monique. Frenchie jokingly offered to help plan M.M.'s bachelor party. When Lamplighter finally arrived to meet with the Boys, they all laughed at his costume design. Mallory proceeded to blackmail Lamplighter into being their informant and feed them information about The Seven. Lamplighter reluctantly agreed, however, Mallory was suspicious of him and asked Frenchie to follow Lamplighter.

My, uh.. my best friend OD'd and I left to save him that night. Why I didn't stop you. You were at a party. I was away for 30 minutes. Came back, you were gone."
"Did he live? Your friend?"
"Oui. But I never saw him again, and.. then, uh, he died a few months later. Another overdose.

―Frenchie and Lamplighter, recalling what happened that night.[src]

Frenchie following Lamplighter.

Frenchie followed Lamplighter to a party before receiving a call from Cherie, telling him Jay was overdosing on an unknown substance. Hesitantly, Frenchie abandoned his position in order to go help Jay. Frenchie was successful in saving Jay, however, when he returned to the party, Lamplighter was gone. Frenchie would later find out that Lamplighter burned Mallory's grandchildren to ash. This incident devastated Frenchie, feeling that Mallory's grandchildren died because of him. To add insult to injury, Frenchie would never see his friend Jay again due to his death from another overdose a few months later. Frenchie never told anyone why he "let" Lamplighter go, causing a rift between him and M.M.'s relationship after The Boys were disbanded.

Season One[]

Approached by Butcher[]

Go away. Get him out of here."
"Alright, alright, easy."
"He's chipped. The Supes could be on their way. Homelander could be on his way right now.

―Frenchie and Billy Butcher[src]

Frenchie pulling a gun on Butcher.

Five years later, Frenchie is approached by Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell after they kidnapped Translucent. Initially, Frenchie appears amiable seeing his old colleague, though, under the notion that Butcher was there to pay him the $40,000 he owes him. Butcher proposes an offer to Frenchie that would double his money if he helps him with a job. When Frenchie opens the trunk of Butcher's car to find the invisible member of The Seven, Translucent, Frenchie freaks out. He pulls a gun on Butcher, telling him that Translucent is chipped and the Seven could be on their way. Butcher tells Frenchie that this is his problem just as much as it is theirs since Translucent has seen his face. Butcher then emphasizes that he is not leaving until Frenchie agrees to help them or until the Seven shows up. Reluctantly, Frenchie agrees to help Butcher and Hughie.

Translucent's Captivity[]

Okay? He can re-order his carbon on his skin into metamaterial. It's hard as diamonds. It's nearly impossible to penetrate."
"Alright, how 'bout we suffocate him?"
"Some Dominicans already tried this, way back in '07."
"And what happened?"
"They're all fucking dead now. That's what happened."
"Alright, then, fuck it, electrocution. We'll just increase the amps."
"You already hit him with enough to drop a water buffalo, and look. Might knock him out. Doesn't seem to kill him, huh? No. We need to pierce the skin somehow."
Well, how the hell are we gonna do that?
"I don't know.

―Frenchie and Butcher discussing how to kill Translucent.[src]

Frenchie giving Butcher a bullet made out of the same carbon metamaterial as Translucent's skin.

After covering the walls and ceiling with foil, Frenchie, Billy and Hughie trap Translucent in an electrified cage in the basement of a boarded-up Tony Cicero's restaurant. Frenchie is annoyed that Billy has burdened him with this problem. He says that Translucent's skin is impenetrable, making him hard to kill. Hughie is shocked to hear that they're thinking of killing Translucent. Frenchie works on creating a bullet coated in the same material of Translucent's skin, in hopes that it will be enough to penetrate his skin and kill him. Billy fires the shot, however, it bounces off his skin, and Translucent laughs, cheerfully claiming that he's invincible and it is only a matter of time until The Seven come for him. Unnoticed, the bullet damaged the foil shielding on the ceiling. Frenchie offers Hughie MDMA and LSD to calm him, which Hughie refuses. Frenchie reveals that he works in quite a few fields, but is a gun-runner by trade. He says that for the most part, he tries to figure out ways to kill Supes.

I'm not ashamed to admit I have outdone myself. Now, the problem is the skin, no? It's, uh, hard like diamonds. But then I realized, it's just your shell that is hard, huh? Like a turtle. But your insides... they're like the rest of ours... soft. So, how do you get into the... squishy insides? Through the mouth? No. The stomach acid, the gag reflex. If I stick something down your throat, you may vomit it up. There's truly only one way..."
"The fuck did you do to me?"
"He stuck a lump of plastique up your bum, son."
"Ass bomb.

―Frenchie, Translucent and Butcher, after Frenchie planted a bomb inside Translucent.[src]

Frenchie, Butcher and Hughie interrogating Translucent.

While Butcher continues to come up with a way to penetrate Translucent's skin, Frenchie watches a documentary about turtles on the TV, which gives him the realization that Translucent has a tough shell, like a turtle, but his insides are like a normal human. Frenchie proceeds to pick up the taser to "shock their invisible friend" because he needs him unconscious. After rendering Translucent unconscious, Frenchie sticks a bomb in his rectum that can be triggered by remote detonator. When Translucents regains consciousness, Frenchie reveals what he had done to him, causing Translucent to panic. Translucent quickly begins bargaining for his life by telling them about A-Train, revealing that the day he killed Robin, he was coming from Popclaw's apartment.


Frenchie distracting Homelander.

Before they can get any more information out of Translucent, Frenchie learns that Homelander is nearby, which frightens Hughie. Frenchie warns that pulling the detonator will alert Homelander to their location. Homelander confronts Frenchie, while Translucent escapes from his cage but is threatened by Hughie. Billy remotely triggers an explosion at Frenchie's place nearby, drawing Homelander to investigate. In the basement, fearing Translucent would wreck everything, Hughie presses the detonator, blowing Translucent to pieces.

Surveilling Popclaw[]

After Translucent's death at the hands of Hughie, Butcher brings back Mother's Milk against Frenchie's wishes. Both M.M. and Frenchie refuse to work with each other due to past events, but are able to reconcile their differences as they monitor Popclaw and A-Train in Get Some.

Uncovering Compound V[]

Butcher and The Boys watch Popclaw and A-Train through the hacked computer connection. A-Train frets about losing the race tomorrow, revealing that Stillwell told him he is out of The Seven if he loses. A-Train considers using Compound V, when Popclaw says that the last time he used the substance he ran through Robin Ward. Popclaw is furious with A-Train after he says that she cannot go to the race with him tomorrow. She wants their relationship to be publicly known, but that requires Stillwell's permission, which A-Train refuses to request. Butcher decides that they must steal some of the substance for Frenchie to analyze.

Meeting Kimiko[]

She looked innocent."
"Innocent? She's locked up in a cage, underground, with two armed guards!"
"I had a feeling about her.

Frenchie and Mother's Milk[src]

Frenchie, Hughie Campbell and Mother's Milk, follow him to small grocery store. There, they discover a secret hideout for Asian gangsters in the basement. After sneaking past the gangsters, M.M. and Hughie look through the boxes in a storage room to find the Compound V. Frenchie, however, hears loud Japanese music and discovers Kimiko in a cell, sitting underneath a table, watching a Japanese television show. Frenchie insists that they should free her, but M.M. says that they should find the Compound V and leave before the gangsters find them.

The Boys Get Burned[]

Mother's Milk mentions that Frenchie was supposed to tail Lamplighter, and because he didn't, Mallory's grandkids were killed. In You Found Me, Grace Mallory mentions that Lamplighter killed her grandchildren, forcing her to leave the CIA.

Captivity and Breakout[]

Well, you know, in, uh, medieval times, they locked prisoners inside a pillory barrel. Then they'd kneel in their own excrement until they got sepsis and died, so..."
"Thank you, Frenchie, for that disgusting yet fascinating piece of trivia."
"I'm just saying it could be worse, huh?

―Frenchie passing the time while in lock up.[src]

Frenchie and Mother's Milk pass the time in lock up with Frenchie talking about medieval imprisonment. Frenchie then asks M.M. why he didn't tell The Boys he had a daughter. Mother's Milk explains that his daughter is one of the few good things he did and he didn't want her knowing about his vendetta and association with The Boys. Frenchie understands his motives and his pleased when M.M. opens to Kimiko and expresses concern for her.

Never has a man thrown his life away so... completely like you've thrown yours away today. No... no, what I mean is, you rescuing usis the most useless, futile gesture I can think of.
―Frenchie taunting Hughie's Jail break attempt[src]

Hughie is arrested and put in a cell alongside Mother's Milk and Frenchie. The two question Hughie if he knows about Butcher, Hughie assures them that Butcher abandon them in his pursuit for Homelander. Hughie also assures them that he came to rescue them, Frenchie kiss him on the cheek and taunts his weak but brave rescue attempt. Hughie then tells them he snuck his 12th grade retainer and wants Frenchie to use it as a lock pick. However there are complications as the retainer is stuck to the roof of his mouth and Frenchie can't seem to remove it. M.M. then proposes that he is going to have to knock the retainer out of his mouth, without warning, M.M. knocks the retainer out of Hughie's mouth. Frenchie uses it to escape and The Boys knock out the guards and take their guns. The Boys continue moving through the facility, looking for Kimiko. Frenchie finds her and stares at her, however guards arrive and shoot Frenchie in the shoulder. M.M. escorts Frenchie behind cover. M.M. and Frenchie stare at each other, and Mother's Milk begrudgingly runs out of cover to help free Kimiko while Hughie provides cover fire. When the shooting stops, Frenchie leaves cover and calls out for M.M., relieved to see him carrying Kimiko over his shoulders. Hughie runs out of ammo and the Boys are cornered by guards telling them to put their hands on their heads and turn around.

The Boys are rescued by Starlight, who neutralizes the guards. Frenchie and M.M. carry Kimiko to a garage door and leave the facility. Before Hughie and Starlight can join them, they are distracted by the arrival of A-Train. Hughie closes the garage door and tells them to leave and that he won't be far behind them.

Season Two[]

Finding the Supe-Terrorist[]

Frenchie and the boys hide with a gang, the (Clarkson Avenue) Haitian Kings. There, Frenchie deals with gang business and helps Kimiko in teaching her to write English. When one of the gang members returns with every bone in his arm shattered, Frenchie questions the gang members about the injury. To which he translates back to The Boys that the members were secretly transporting a Supe-Terrorist. Kimiko attempts to tell Frenchie more about the terrorist however she is unable to, due to her limited knowledge on writing in English, this leaves Frenchie puzzled at why she keeps writing the word "Boy". Later, when the Boys track the terrorist to a costume shop, Kimiko embraces him. Frenchie then figures out the Terrorist is Kimiko's brother, Kenji, and the whole time he was the "boy" she was referring to. Later when they transport Kenji prisoner to a rendezvous point, Frenchie attempts to bond with Kenji while giving him Doritos and an energy drink. Frenchie asks Kenji about their custom sign language him and his sister use, to which Kenji reveals it's origin that him and Kimiko made it after Kimiko went mute when their mother died. However, when Frenchie requests Kenji to teach him their sign language, Kenji only declines his offer.[2]

Very Bitter Reunions[]

Frenchie, Mother's Milk, and Kimiko infiltrate Sage Grove psychiatric hospital in an attempt to find more information about Stormfront and Vought. While there, they see the hospital is keeping adult Supes imprisoned there. Furthermore, they watch Stormfront and a nurse with one of the patients, Tim, however when Tim refuses to train his powers unless he can see his family the nurse burns Tim. Frenchie and M.M. recognize the power and deduce that the nurse is Lamplighter. When Stormfront leaves, the three attempt to sneak out, however Lamplighter recognizes Frenchie and attacks them, unintentionally freeing a telekinetic prisoner, Cindy. Cindy frees most of the patients, while The Boys and Lamplighter lock themselves in an office. Both members stuck in a standoff threatening each other. Lamplighter explains the facility is in lock down and he can disable it so he can escape, but he refuses to tell them the access code or take them with him until an acid vomiting patient breaks into their room and nearly melts lamplighter. Kimiko knocks the patient off of Lamplighter and kills him, while Lamplighter then changes his mind and agrees to help the Boys. While in a storage closest, Frenchie questions Lamplighter why The Seven didn't hunt the The Boys down after he burned the grandchildren. Lamplighter answers that he didn't boast like Frenchie thought he did, Frenchie then realizes that Lamplighter never told Vought or the Seven the truth about Mallory's grandchildren. Lamplighter reveals he was really sent to assassinate Grace, but her grandchildren were the ones in the bed. Lamplighter then questions Frenchie about why he didn't stop him, Frenchie reveals to Lamplighter and to Mother's Milk that he stopped following him in order to save his friend Jay. Mother's Milk then questions Frenchie about why he didn't tell anyone, Frenchie believes that it wouldn't make a difference and that he got what he deserved from the others. After Lamplighter vouches for The Boys to Stormfront, they escort him voluntary to Grace. While they wait, Frenchie apologizes to Kimiko for trying to make her into something she isn't and for forcing his "help" upon her. When Grace arrives, she pulls a gun out at Lamplighter and states she still wants to kill him, however Frenchie discourages her stating he more than anyone else would want to kill Lamplighter, and even then he has forgiven him. Frenchie is successful in convincing Grace to stand down.

Season Three[]

In Season Three, Frenchie continues to carry out missions with The Boys, including taking down Supes such as Termite. Cherie, his old friend, comes to him at one point in desperate need of help to escape from Nina. Frenchie gets her a fake passport to escape but Nina tracks him down and offers him a deal to keep working with her and to turn in Cherie. Frenchie refuses and keeps working with The Boys.

Butcher is interested in working with Nina to get access to the supposed superweapon in Russia. She agrees to help in exchange for money and completing a mission. The Boys mess up and make Nina lose a few of her trusted contacts in Russia. At the hospital, Little Nina brings Kimiko chocolate limes for when she wakes up. She tells Frenchie he owes her a debt now. They give him a new mission - to kill Pyotr Semenov and his daughter Katarina by the end of the day. He doesn't do it, so her men capture Frenchie.

Frenchie manages to escape, with the help of Kimiko. He rejoins The Boys, but dreams of leaving with Kimiko and living a life on their own. They share a kiss at the hospital while Kimiko recovers.

To take down Soldier Boy, Frenchie and Kimiko break into the lab and Kimiko fights off a few security guards. Frenchie gets shot in the leg. He gets the dose of the neurotoxin and tells Kimiko to go and bring it to the team to knock out Soldier Boy.

Season Four[]

In Season 4, Frenchie continues to carry out missions with The Boys, including a mission where The Boys attempt to blind Victoria Neuman by replacing her eyedrops with acid to blind her and remove her powers. This plan fails when they are exposed by Neumans daughter. Frenchie and Kimiko escape along with The Boys.

During a conversation with Starlight, it is revealed that Frenchie has been attending regular drug abuse meetings where he meets Colin. Colin is a man whose family Frenchie has killed. Feeling bad about this; Frenchie gets Colin a job at the Starlight House. While they are working together Colin and Frenchie begin a sexual relationship. Kimiko and Frenchie also agree to remain friends so Frenchie can continue his relationship with Colin.


I carry... I carry them all with me. It's like scars in a way, you know?
―Frenchie to Hughie Campbell[src]

Despite his troubled past, Frenchie is an extremely empathetic character, and cares very deeply for the well-being of his allies. He also proves to be the most intelligent member of the group, with the widest skill-set. He is a multi-talented criminal with knowledge of many criminal endeavors, whether it's producing drugs, smuggling weapons, breaking and entering, break-ins and lying to authorities. He's so talented at the latter that he was able to flawlessly fool Homelander, despite his great power.

He seems to be psychedelics enthusiast, as when Hughie is panicking about keeping Translucent as a prisoner, Frenchie offers him an LSD/MDMA cocktail to calm his nerves. In his spare time he seems to enjoy baking pastries and other French dishes and is stable enough to coach Kimiko.

Frenchie claims he carries the memory of each person he has killed with him, and in one of his conversations with Hughie he implies that he feels quite guilty about his past as a hit man. He later tells Mother’s Milk that he feels Kimiko makes him a better person, implying this is part of his motivation for helping her. His association with Kimiko has also given him a certain degree of fluency in her personal version of Japanese Sign Language.


I know a bloke. Top man. He'll know what to do.
  • Gifted Intelligence: Frenchie was described by Butcher as a "top man," while he himself claims to "know a little about a lot of things," included (but not limited to) chemistry and engineering. He is a gunrunner by trade, but he has developed a certain niche for incapacitating superheroes; when Butcher came to him for help in killing Translucent, he originally coated a round in the same carbon metamaterial as the supe's skin, and when that failed, he put a plastic explosive inside Translucent.[3] He was recruited by Grace Mallory for his imagination after he designed a xanax grenade to take down Behemoth during a heist.[4] He offered an LSD/MDMA pill to Hughie for his anxiety,[3] thought to contact Mesmer for help communicating with Kimiko,[5] he brought halothane to use against Kenji Miyashiro,[6] designed a knockout bomb for Supes, and he knows CPR.[4] He later modified an RPG to release an electromagnetic pulse on impact in order to cut through Stormfront's plasma bolts, and used VoughtSonic speakers to broadcast a 190,000 hertz signal to distract Homelander.[7] He was able to deduce that Soldier Boy was vulnerable to novichok, a deadly neurotoxin.[8]
    • Expert Investigator: Frenchie is somewhat of a detective, as he saw a man was packing and deduced that Kimiko was trying to get home.[9] He also tracked Kimiko to Cherie.[10]
    • Skilled Thief: Frenchie is a skilled thief, being able to pick a lock with anything; he used the premium metal wire in Hughie's retainer to escape their confinement.[11] He picked another lock so the Boys could infiltrate a store.[6]
    • Skilled Cook: Frenchie also has culinary skills. According to Little Nina, his Cassolette was good enough to make her "cum".[12][13][14][7][15]
    • Expert Networker: Frenchie made a deal with the Clarkson Avenue Haitian Kings street gang for safe harbor.[16]
    • Multilingualism: In addition to his native French, Frenchie speaks fluent English and he learned a variation of sign language from Kimiko,[14][7] which he appears to have mastered a year later.[17][18][19][15][20][21][8]
  • Skilled Marksman: As a gunrunner, Frenchie is very familiar with firearms.[3][9][11][16][7][15] He killed a Sage Grove Center security guard with his suppressed pistol,[4] and he even dual-wielded handguns against Stormfront.[7]
  • Skilled Combatant: Frenchie has some skill in fighting, as he was able to land a punch on Mother's Milk in the mall, before being on the receiving of one himself.[9] He also knows how to use a knife.[1][22] He killed Mikhail Petrov by decapitating him with his minivan door, and he also killed a witness.[19] During the five years he worked for Little Nina, he completed 23 contracts.[15] During that period, he killed her cousin Kolya despite sustaining three gunshot wounds, and he also instigated a bar fight in a pub on Sopelana Beach on the Basque Coast, defeating two men.[21]
Oi, Frenchie. Don't get caught."
"I never do.

Billy Butcher and Frenchie[src]
  • Stealth: Frenchie was able to quietly rappel into A-Train's locker room from the vents.[1] He also quietly infiltrated the building holding Kimiko Miyashiro.[9]


  • Substance Abuse: Frenchie uses drugs to cope with memories from his past, as evidenced by his relapse after being unable to tell Colin he killed his family. During a mission with Kimiko to destroy a shining light cell in Season 4 he takes an unknown Hallucinogenic drug which causes him to hallucinate which left Kimiko at a disadvantage.
  • PTSD: Frenchie has had a long career as a criminal and hitman which has left him with PTSD and guilt over killing so many people. Before becoming sober Frenchie frequently used drugs and alcohol to cope with his guilt.


As an arms dealer, Frenchie has a variety of illegal weapons at his disposal.[3]

  • Ruger SP101: Frenchie held a revolver to Butcher's chin when they reunited.
  • Colt M4A1: In his safehouse, Frenchie field stripped a rifle with standard cylindrical handguards.
  • FN SCAR-L CQC: Frenchie keeps another rifle in his safehouse arsenal.
  • Steyr AUG: Frenchie keeps another rifle in his safehouse arsenal.
  • AK-47: Frenchie keeps several more rifles in his safehouse arsenal.
  • IMI Tavor TAR-21: Frenchie gave a rifle fitted with a Meprolight M5 red dot sight to Mother's Milk.
  • Remington 870: Frenchie keeps two shotguns in his safehouse arsenal.
  • OTF Switchblade Knife: Frenchie drew this knife during a confrontation with M.M.



  • The actor who plays Frenchie is not actually French in real life, but is of Israeli.
  • In “Life among the Septics”, it’s implied that Frenchie believes that the Moon Landing was a hoax.


  • Frenchie bares some similarities with the Marvel superhero and X-Man Gambit.
    • Both have a similar French accent.
    • Both were kidnapped as children.
    • Frenchie is an expert in explosives and is able to create explosive bombs from seemingly anything, similar to how Gambit is able to channel his kinetic energy into any object.
    • Frenchie’s relationship with Kimiko is similar to Gambit’s relationship with Marvel super heroine and fellow X-Man Rogue.
    • Frenchie’s responsibility for the death of Mallory’s grandchildren is similar to the Mutant Massacre that Gambit was partially responsible for.



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