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"We have to make sure the right people get the doses, but... it is a whole new world."
"What about the wrong people? Couple 'a billion of them, they're not just gonna sit there."
"Don't worry, silly. Frederick had a solution for everything."
Stormfront telling Homelander about her and Frederick's shared plot. [src]

Dr. Frederick Vought is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Stan Edgar) of The Boys TV series.

Despite not being seen in the series, due to his death, he is the one who created Compound V. He is a posthumous antagonist of season 1, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of season 2.

He was the creator of Compound V, the husband of Stormfront, and the founder of Vought International. Before defecting to America in the 1930s, he was a prominent geneticist in the Nazi Party. He and his wife plotted to use Compound V to conduct a campaign of pro-white racial genocide.

The Boys Series[]


In the early 20th century Frederick Vought was a prominent young geneticist who earned his medical degree in Munich. In 1939, Adolf Hitler appointed Vought the chief physician of the Dachau concentration camp. Vought’s position at Dachau gave him access to human subjects that used to test his early prototypes of Compound V. During this time, he met a woman who would eventually become his wife and bear him a daughter, Chloe. At some point, Frederick injected Compound V into his wife, making her the first successful subject of Compound V.

In early 1944, Vought lost faith in the Nazi’s ability to win the war and defected to the Allied forces. Doctor Vought had developed a field-tested version of Compound V while his contemporary Dr. Oppenheimer was still developing the atomic bomb. Vought’s serum led to the creation of heroes like Soldier Boy who were able to overwhelm Nazi forces. Vought’s wartime achievements were so essential to the Allied victory that President Roosevelt chose to pardon him. He later went on to found Vought International and become an American institution. Later in life, Vought wrote an autobiography where he omitted many facts about his Nazi past.

Season Two[]

When Homelander threatens Stan Edgar that he might move on when his contract with Vought is up, Stan asks him what he knows about Frederick Vought. After giving a summary of Frederick Vought's life, including the Nazi history that he omitted from his autobiography, Stan explains that despite Homelander's impression, Vought is not a superhero company but a pharmaceutical one, and their most valued asset is not Homelander but Frederick's creation, Compound V.[1]

When Stormfront tells Homelander her past, she tells him that she had a daughter with Frederick Vought and that she was his first successful Compound V patient. She shows Homelander a picture of her with Frederick in front of a Nazi flag. She also tells him Frederick's true intentions were never for Vought International to become a shallow business company, rather it was to create a race of literal supermen to fight back against other races "grinding them down" and win the war for their culture. [2]





  • Vought shares characteristics with several prominent real world Nazis. He has the leadership and stage presence of Adolf Hitler, the "Final Solution" of Reinhard Heydrich, the medical criminality of Josef Mengele, and the post-war American commercial success of Wenher von Braun.


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