Ess Hödlmoser is an award winning performance artist from Toronto, Canada. They are nonbinary with they/them as preferred pronouns. They portray Cindy in The Boys.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ess was a kid who liked to do things that are different, but not different. They were the kind of kid who liked to wear super frilly dresses and socks and cool, but they were made by their mother with dinosaur prints and things like that. Ess has always been interested in things that they consider weird, but not weird.

Ess primarily is an contortionist. Being able to move your body in a way that is not normal to most people is a gift. Not everyone can do it, and it’s not easy to learn. However, they have mastered the art of contortion, and they are proud of that. They use this to show off what is a fine line between beauty and grotesque ways of life, and it is nothing short of completely fascinating. Being an actor and a contortionist means that you are both an artist and an athlete. Everything athletic goes into this work.

Ess has been a stunt actor/double in several well-known movies/series such as It, Titans and The Expanse.

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