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Elena is a character in the Amazon series The Boys. She is Queen Maeve's ex-girlfriend.

The Boys Series[]

Elena was Queen Maeve’s ex-girlfriend, as she has been left by her when Maeve started seeing Homelander.

Maeve visits her in season 1 episode 5 in order to tell her about the plane and because she was looking for a hookup, however Elena tells her to leave.

When Elena’s appendix burst Maeve immediately rushes to the hospital and the two start to rekindle their relationship. Maeve reveals to her that she is afraid of Homelander killing Elena.

Maeve and Elena’s “relationship” is eventually found out about by Homelander, who then outs it on live television, as well as using Elena’s Hispanic heritage as a advantage for him and the Seven’s image.

In episode 5 of season 2, Elena and Maeve’s relationship is tried to be marketed, however Elena is opposed to being depicted as a “lesbian Ken-doll” and to the idea of a public relationship. She also clears up that Maeve is bisexual, not lesbian.

She later finds out about the airliner Maeve and Homelander hadn’t been able to save through a video of Maeve’s phone. As she is traumatised by what happened, as well as Maeve’s strength, Elena leaves Maeve because she needs some time for herself.


  • Maeve is Elena’s ex-girlfriend. They broke up because Maeve moved on to Homelander and eventually rekindled their relationship. However they broke up again because of the footage of the plane-video, with Elena saying she needed some time.


  • Elena is a character exclusive to the television series.
  • She is a lesbian.
  • When in the hospital bed, her appendix is treated as if it is on her left side. But in reality, an appendix is on your right side unless you have Situs Inversus.