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I was so relieved when you contacted me about my research. I could not stand by any longer while Dean Shetty twisted my work. You and I have the same goals, right? Compassionate control.
―Edison Cardosa to Victoria Neuman.[src]

Dr. Edison Cardosa is the secondary antagonist of Season 1 of the Amazon series Gen V, a spin-off series of The Boys.

A gifted doctor with ties to Godolkin University, utilizing The Woods, a mysterious underground medical facility, to experiment on innocent Supes.


Not much is known about Edison other than that he is a talented doctor who employed his abilities for Vought International's secret medical facility, The Woods, to study Supes and learn how to control them. As a result, Edison and Richard Brinkerhoff worked together seamlessly to ensure that he maintained his cover flawlessly, leaving no room for suspicion from his family or students at Godolkin University.

At some point, with the approval of Indira Shetty, Richard Brinkerhoff, and the help of Cate Dunlap, Edison used the Compound V in Sam Riordan's blood to augment Golden Boy's powers. This went on for years in order to benefit Godolkin University, with the aim of creating an influential superstar.

The Boys Series[]

Gen V: Season 1[]

"First Day"[]

In the Woods, a frustrated Edison prepares for Sam Riordan's surgery. Indira Shetty arrives and tells him to relax. The two speak for a brief moment about Brink's death before Edison starts operating on Sam, who yells out in agony.

"The Whole Truth"[]

Edison and Shetty discover Sam's escape from his cell and his slaughter of the facility's guards. He asserts that Sam escaped on his own but she instead believes the escaped student was aided by someone else, noticing a small shoe in the pool of blood, before ordering him to locate Sam with the remaining guards, reminding Edison that news of Sam's escape will bring Vought's attention to them.

Later, as he returns home, Edison discovers an angered Sam threatening his family. He pleads with the Supe to spare them and pushes them away to safety, asking Sam to keep his attention on him and not them. Sam approaches his former abuser but is knocked away by the fridge slamming into him, controlled by Andre Anderson, who is joined by other students attempting to stop him from killing Edison.


Shetty meets Edison in the Woods where he demonstrates the progress of the current virus on a patient named Betsy. Betsy attempts to attack them but the virus inhibits her powers. He explains the virus attaches to the Compound V in a Supe's blood and thus shouldn't infect humans. Edison calls the current trial a success and wishes to inform Vought of the results, but Shetty insists he test the virus further and increase the dosage.

When Shetty returns, Edison is in distress and reveals that despite only increasing the dosage slightly, Betsy has died from the virus. Instead, Shetty is impressed and questions if he can make virus contagious.


Edison is ordered by Shetty to test the virus on several patients, watching with visible discomfort as they plead for their lives. He is shocked when Shetty asks him to make it air-borne. Edison attempts to convince her otherwise, explaining that such a virus could devastate the Supe population, but she ignores his concern. He then threaten her with going to Vought and explaining that she has made a virus capable of killing Supes, but she reminds him that it is his project and his creation, and that he will subsequently take the downfall should he go public with the information.

Later, a drunken Edison enters Shetty's office while holding his report of the virus, angered and troubled by her demands to increase the virus' lethality and her threats to bring him down should he stop his work. He notices a decanter beside her desk and takes a gulp, before urinating into it to relieve himself of his stress at her orders. He slams the report onto Shetty's desk and curses her before leaving.

In a parking lot building, he secretly meets with Victoria Neuman to speak out to Vought about his work. Holding a tank with test tubes of the virus, he explains that it is not exceptionally contagious. Neuman thanks him for his bravery to come forward. Still somewhat unsure of her goals, Edison attempts to ask her if they both believe in compassionate control, to which she agrees, asking if she can steal his words. Edison adds that he hopes she would protect him and his family should information on the virus be released, to which she gives him a card in exchange for the samples. She asks if it contains all samples of the virus and that he is the only one who can replicate it, which he confirms, earning her praise as a hero.

He nods at her compliment and looks at the card he is holding, realizing with confusion it is completely blank, before a drop of blood falls onto it. He apologizes and states that the air is dry, only for his head to suddenly explode in a bloody mess of gore, killed by Neuman using her powers.



  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Edison is an extraordinarily intelligent individual. Because of this, Vought handpicked him to be the head researcher and doctor for The Woods facility, where he would eventually develop a Supe-killing virus. Furthermore, Edison is the only one who figured out that Compound V infusions can permanently enhance Supes.
  • Master Scientist: With his genius-level intelligence, Edison created a contagious and lethal virus capable of eradicating the Supe population.
  • Master Physician: Edison is an exceptionally gifted doctor with extensive training in medicine. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy, including that of Supes.


  • Cardosa is a typically italian name, in brazilian portuguese, is commonly said 'Cardoso' or 'Cardozo'