Douglas Friedman is a minor character in the Amazon series The Boys. Doug is an employee for Vought International, usually doing menial tasks like meeting with victims of Superhero collateral damage or getting lunch for the board members.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Doug is first seen in The Name of the Game where meets Hughie at his house after Robin's death and funeral. He offers Hughie $45,000 in compensation if he agrees to put the whole thing behind him and never mention Robin's death at the hands of A-Train. Hughie envisions himself assaulting Doug, but ultimately decides to delay the agreement and ask for more time to think about his decision. Doug reapers again in the episode alongside Ashley to orchestrate an apology meeting between Hughie and A-Train. Hughie in reality is using the meeting to wire tap The Seven conference room. Doug oversees the meeting and Hughie accepts A-Train's "apology". Ashley then says for Douglas to handle all the legal paper work between the two and give Hughie his compensation check.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Douglas does reappear again in Season 2 in The Big Ride where he is seen carrying to-go bags through The Seven Tower. He passes by The Seven's mural, watching welders remove Lamplighter and install Starlight in his position. Douglass arrives at the conference room with members like CEO Stan Edgar and Secretary of Defense Robert Singer, there he passes out the lunches to all the members while they discuss issues pertaining collateral damage.

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