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"You shiver when you orgasm, sir."
—Doppelganger revealing their true form to the Senator[src]

Doppelganger is a minor character in the Amazon series The Boys.

The Boys Series

Season One

When Senator Calhoun rejects the idea of integrating Supes into national defense, Madelyn Stillwell hires Doppelganger to pose as an attractive young woman named "Rhonda" and sleep with the Senator. After restraining and blindfolding him, Doppelganger shifts back into their true form and takes pictures of themself having intercourse with the unsuspecting Calhoun in order to blackmail him into sponsoring a bill to militarize Supes.

Season Two

After Stillwell's death, Doppelganger starts a perverse agreement with Homelander and uses their powers to transform into Stillwell and satisfy the “hero”’s fantasies, all the while living in a chalet, hidden from everyone else. One night, as Homelander remarks that people think he only loves himself, Doppelganger tries to pleasure him by transforming into him, but as they prepare to perform oral sex on Homelander, the supe realizes he doesn't need anyone to love him, Doppelganger included, and snaps their neck with a single hand.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Doppelganger has the ability to turn into anyone without the need for physical contact.
  • Voice Changing: Doppelganger can also mimic anyone's voice. When having sex with Calhoun, they kept mimicking Rhonda's voice even after reverting back to their true form.
  • Acting: Doppelganger is able to perfectly mimic the behaviour of whoever they shapeshift into. Whether this is a biproduct of his powers or is simply a natural skill they perfected is unknown, but Doppelganger was shown to act exactly like the original Madelyn Stillwell and Homelander after shapeshifting into them.


Doppelganger, like most supes, is extremely smug and borderline sociopathic. They took a great deal of pleasure in revealing their true form to Senator Calhoun after they had seduced and slept with him, as he believed he had slept with Rhonda; a young and attractive woman. Afterwards, Doppelganger mocks Calhoun for apparently shivering when he orgasms.

Doppelganger also appears to be skilled at seducing others. Not only did they use this to seduce Senator Calhoun, but they also acted as Madelyn Stillwell for Homelander's benefit and knew exactly how to play along with his twisted fantasy.


  • Limited Duration: Holding another's form for too long causes them intense pain and forces them to revert to their base form. However, once they revert to their base form, they seem to recover within seconds and are able to revert back to an assumed form.
  • Conventional Human Weakness: Unlike most supes, Doppelganger apparently has no heightened strength, resilience or recuperative abilities. Also, they can only assume a person's form, not duplicate their abilities. When they assumed the form of Homelander, for example, they did not acquire Homelander's powers.



  • Doppelganger is The Boys' version of the Marvel Comics shape shifting super-villainess Mystique, an enemy of The X-Men. Doppelganger's real appearance as a middle-aged, overweight bald person is clearly subverting Mystique's sultry femme fatale appearance.
  • Despite being a genderfluid character, in their true form they are played by a male actor.