Dennis is a character in the Amazon series The Boys. He appears in the episode "The Bloody Doors Off". He was driving on the highway near Sage Grove Wellness Center when Starlight flags him down to ask for help after Hughie Campbell is wounded by EMP Dude.

The man leaves his car to assist when he sees Billy Butcher carrying a wounded Hughie out of the woods. Butcher falsely identifies himself as FBI and asks to requisition Dennis' car, but Dennis relents when Butcher can't find his fake FBI badge. Butcher begins to walk away and the man pulls a gun on the three of them. Butcher places Hughie on the ground and threatens the man, daring him to shoot him. Before Butcher or Dennis can do anything, Starlight uses her powers to knock the man back, but this accidentally kills him when he cracks his head on the hard road.

Starlight and Butcher place Hughie in the car and drive off, and Starlight is horrified to find a baby chair in the backseat. However, she later laments that she thought nothing when the man died except for how stupid it was to risk his life for a car. She confides in Butcher that he was just another person standing in their way of their war with Vought and The Seven.

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