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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Crimson Countess/Comics.

"I didn't love you. I hated you. We all did."
—Crimson Countess before being murdered by Soldier Boy.[src]

Crimson Countess is a character in Season Three of the Amazon series The Boys. She was a member of Payback and the former lover of Soldier Boy.

The Boys series[]


Crimson Countess was a member of Payback, a premier superhero team during their time in the 1980s. She fought alongside Gunpowder, the TNT Twins, Mindstorm, Swatto, Black Noir, and her leader, Soldier Boy.

During the November 7, 2021 telecast of Vought News Network's Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman, a commercial for Vought Land: The Super Park played. In the commercial, the Countess could be seen singing, with the commercial's narrator explaining that the park had a particular attraction where guests could watch the Countess singing about superhero history.

The Vought News Network later announced a crowd-sourcing campaign led by Crimson Countess for a Chimp Country Sanctuary. Donors would have a chance to hear Crimson Countess' new single Chimps Don't Cry.

Season Three[]

Crimson Countess is working at a Vought Theme Park, performing and using her powers to amuse audiences who come to visit. She receives an unexpected visit from The Female and Frenchie, who pretend to be fans, but instead who attack her and demand to get information on Soldier Boy's death. She fights back and manages to escape. While escaping, she accidentally kills a theme park employee and sends hundreds of families and children screaming.

She is them ambushed in her fifth wheel by Butcher, Hughie and Mother's Milk, who restrain her in chains which don't allow her to bring her hands together. She panics upon learning that Soldier Boy is alive, knowing that he will kill her. Soldier Boy then arrives, furious over having been abandoned to the Russians by his teammates. When he asks her how much the Russians paid her for her betrayal, she responds that she was paid nothing; her unwillingness to attempt to rescue him was due to the fact that she hated him, not because she was paid off. She further added that "we all hated you."

Soldier Boy then releases his energy discharge which destroys the Crimson Countess's home and reduces her body to a smoldering skeleton.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Enhanced Strength: The Crimson Countess seems to have a degree of superhuman strength. She is probably not a par with Kimiko, but this may be because Kimiko is still young while the Countess is middle aged. But she was able to hurl both Kimiko and Frenchie away from her and send them crashing through a table when the latter two were distracted.
  • Fire Bomb Generation: Crimson Countess has the ability to produce fireballs from her hands, instantly exploding victims on impact. However, because her power is funneled through her hands, just like Kenji's, she was easily restrained by Kimiko, momentarily restricting her abilities.


  • Singer: Crimson Countess is a skilled singer and regularly performs a tribute song for Soldier Boy at a Vought Land attraction. In addition, she performed, wrote and directed the music video, Chimps Don't Cry, available on YouTube.


  • Specific Gesture Required: In order to create and discharge her fireballs, she must bring her hands together in a specific gesture. If her hands are forcibly kept separated, she is unable to project her fireballs.
  • Carelessness: During the attack from the Sandinistas and Russian Special Forces, Crimson Countess attempted to use her powers to defend against the attack. She killed two men with a fireball, only for Grace Mallory to point out they were her men. When attempting to kill Kimiko and Frenchie at Vought Land: The Super Park, she missed and instead killed a costumed employee dressed in a Homelander costume, and the resulting carnage caused a panic among the park visitors.
  • Delay in Building Up Charge: Similar to Stormfront's plasma discharges, it takes time, though not much longer than a second, for Crimson Countess to build up sufficient energy to project her fireballs. This, combined with her need to form a specific gesture with both hands, can provide advanced warning to her targets. For instance, Kimiko and even Frenchie (who does not have super powers) were able to anticipate and avoid her fireball.



  • While her costume and superhero name bear a strong resemblance to that of Marvel's Scarlet Witch, their powers are completely dissimilar.
  • Her catch phrase is "She's the countess you can count on".
  • She shows an obsession over chimpanzees, though is woefully misinformed about them.