Connie Butcher is a minor character in Season 2 of the Amazon series, The Boys. Connie is Billy Butcher's mother.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Connie flies to New York to make reparations with her son, Billy. She tells him that his father, Sam Butcher, passed away, but it was really a ploy to get Billy to meet with him to make up.

In the Comics[edit | edit source]

Connie was the wife of Sam Butcher, and mother Billy and Lenny. She was a loving mother, encouraging Billy to be the best that he can be and, in turn, being disappointed when he acted out. Throughout Billy and Lenny's childhoods, Connie was routinely beaten by Sam, often sustaining serious injuries. One such occasion resulted in Connie being partially blinded, which prompted Billy to nearly kill his father. Connie's miserable home life was somewhat alleviated after Sam suffered a series of strokes which left him partially paralyzed, but it was Becca that finally convinced her to leave Sam and start a new life. Connie eventually remarried, and lived the rest of her days in a happy union. After Sam dies, Billy joyfully laments the fact that his mother spent a longer time happier with her new husband that she did miserable with his father.

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