Billy Butcher holds a vial of Compound V

Compound V is a mutagenic drug which was manufactured and used by Vought International to mutate normal human beings, mostly children, into becoming Supes with extraordinary abilities. It is also widely used by a few adult Supes to temporarily enhance their superhuman powers, such as A-Train abusing the substance to aid his speed. Otherwise, Supes such as Popclaw have used the substance for recreational narcotic use.

It is later revealed that Compound V is used to create all Supes, a fact that was previously hidden from the public. Most are injected with the drug when they're children, after which the serum causes seemingly random superhuman abilities and traits to manifest in the subject. The process can also be performed on adults, but it is much more risky, and the casualty rate is much higher. Due to Vought's research at the Sage Grove Center, the company's experiments with Compound V created a newer version of the formula without any of its potentially harmful effects, allowing for it to be safely used on adults.

In the Comics[edit | edit source]

Compound V is a substance created by Joseph Vogelbaum, a Jewish scientist, and was originally intended to create super soldiers for the Third Reich. Fearing for his life, Vogelbaum escaped to the US with the help of Vought. With their funding, he created more Compound V, which was used to create Supes. The Seven were created by injecting fetuses with the drug. While this made them exceptionally powerful, the process was incredibly costly, so future Supes were injected with a less pure concentration. While most Supes are injected when they're children, some are indeed born with their abilities, as a result of their parents being exposed to Compound V. Compound V is extremely expensive, and a single injection, such as the one the members of the Boys receive, costs $19 billion. While a pure dose will enhance an individual permanently, it is also possible to take Compound V recreationally by mixing it with other drugs (such as crack cocaine). This can enhance an individual temporarily, but the effects can be unpredictable, depending on the drug and its purity.

In the TV Series[edit | edit source]

Compound V is a pharmaceutical agent which was created by Frederick VoughtBilly Butcher had found a vial from Vought International when Hughie had a secret plan to take one Supe at a time to defeat Homelander in Season 2.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Compound V was designed by Frederick Vought to mutate the subjects which are injected with the agent, allowing the subjects to develop random and unpredictable superhuman powers. It is yet unknown, whether all the Supes are created from the same variant of Compound V or were they all injected with different variants of Compound V.

The potential to develop superhuman abilities also be passed down to the offsprings of Supes who were created by the drug. However, it also appears that the offspring tend to inherit the same powers and abilities as their biological parents. A prominent example is Ryan Butcher, who was born with superhuman abilities which are similar to his biological father, Homelander. In some of Ryan's cases, it seems to hint at his potential of becoming even more powerful than Homelander himself.

It appears that Supes created from Compound V can also have an extended lifespan, although they are far from being actually immortal or un-killable. An example of this is Stormfront. It was revealed that after she became a Supe, her aging process has greatly slowed down (Stormfront was born in 1919, but she still have an appearance of a 20's to early 30's woman). On the other hand, whether her extended life was an extension of her regenerative abilities or an all-together separate superhuman ability has not been discussed or mentioned.

Unlike other Supes, A-Train has admitted to irregularly taking repeated doses of Compound V like a performance enhancing steroid in order to further boost his existing powers and abilities. The repeated overdosing of Compound V eventually led to A-Train receiving a heart attack.

This refrained A-Train from using his powers so as to not risk causing another heart attack. This also highlights that taking Compound V repeatedly like a recreational drug may have some form of narcotic-like addictive properties, as A-Train slowly became a Compound V addict. This was also seen with Popclaw who uses Compound V recreationally.

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