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Billy Butcher holds a vial of Compound V

Compound V is an alchemical super serum that was created by Frederick Vought for the Third Reich. The serum was formulated to enhance the human body and mind, and was intended to be utilized by the Germans during the second World War in order to transform Nazi comrades into super soldiers.

In modern times, the serum continues to be manufactured by Vought International scientists to mutate normal human beings into super-powered "heroes" with extraordinary abilities.


For reasons unknown, the modern Compound V formula showcases its best results in children, with adult subjects being a much higher risk for disaster. However, it appears that Vought has been secretly trying for years to rectify this complication by establishing the Sage Grove Center; a psychiatric hospital for the mentally unstable. There, Vought scientists have been illegally injecting their patients with updated variations of the Compound V formula with the hopes of creating a perfected serum that can successfully transform adults as well as children into well-functioning supes with minimal side effects. Thus far, none of the trials have been successful, but according to Lamplighter, Vought comes closer to success with each new recipe. Lamplighter informs The Boys that his retirement from The Seven was organized by Stan Edgar to station him as a nurse at Stage Grove to incinerate any and all evidence of failed test subjects.

In the Comics[]

Compound V was a super serum created by a Jewish scientist named Joseph Vogelbaum and was originally intended to create super soldiers for the Third Reich. Fearing for his life, Vogelbaum escaped to the United States with the help of Vought American who continued to fund his experiments. Immediately after the creation of Compound V, the nearly bankrupt Vought American began to regain their wealth by manufacturing superhero teams, such as The Seven, by injecting the fetuses of pregnant volunteers with the alchemical drug. Although the trials were successful, they were also extremely costly, forcing Vought American to inject future subjects with an inferior serum. Furthermore, it appears that varying traces of the Compound V formula were passed down through familial bloodlines often resulting in natural born supes with at least one super-powered parent.


  • Contrary to its comic book predecessor, it appears that natural born supes are an extremely rare anomaly within the television adaptation. In spite of multiple supes known to have reproduced children, only Ryan Butcher; the illegitimate child of Homelander, is known to have genetically inherited his superpowers from his father.
  • Some supes, such as A-Train, have been known to use Compound V to temporarily enhance their superpowers, whilst others, such as Popclaw, have additionally used the substance for recreational use.
  • According Lamplighter, infants handle the effects of Compound V better while adults suffer horrible side-effects, thus some adults gain superpowers, some get freaked/go completely insane, and others die by exploding.