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The Church of the Collective is a religious group that tries to recruit members to spread their word. The church was founded by Alastair Adana's grandfather and was led by Alastair himself before his death.

At first glance they appear to only want to guide and help those who feel lost, however beneath this veil of kindness lies a cult who is very abusive of its members.


Despite being a form of religion, not a lot is known about the beliefs of the Church of the Collective. From what is seen in the movie Not Without My Dolphin, the Church seems to worship the Space Spores, a race of extraterrestrial beings who have build an Ark (most likely a form of spaceship) and traveled a trillion light years before arriving at planet Earth. After that, the Space Spores would then have started to spread their teaching among humanity. However, all of the previous information comes from the movie Not Without My Dolphin and is more likely a negative or exaggerated version of their beliefs.

Culture and Behavior

The Church is very controlling of its members, demanding absolute loyalty from its believers. Members of the Church who try to rebel or refuse to follow orders are expelled from the Church and have their public reputation ruined. Due to their desire to control their believers, they also do an extensive gathering of information about their members, managing to even find the darkest secrets (being Stormfront's past as a Nazi a good example).

According to Stormfront, the Church at some point did not allow people of color to join, however this rule was removed likely so that the Church could stay on business and "keep up with the times".

All members of the Church also seem to have an obsession with Fresca, constantly drinking or offering the drink. This unexplained fascination with this specific brand of soda even extends to high ranking members of the Church, who use the drink as fine dining during meetings.





  • The Church of the Collective is primarily a parody of the real world Church of Scientology.
  • The Church of the Collective keeps an extensive data archive of the personal information and history of its members since its founding. As seen where they had extensive folders regarding Stormfront's past during her time as a member during the Group's early days that was later used by A-Train to leak her true identity to the press to ruin her.
  • Fresca is a running gag in the series. Many Church of the Collective members are seen drinking Fresca or offering it to prospective members. There is no Fresca product placement, but rather just an inside joke between the showrunner, Eric Kripke, and the writers, who thought that Fresca seems like the "drink of cult members".
"Then Fresca just came from...honestly, I wish there was a deeper thought than it just became this running joke. We were laughing because we were thinking about like, 'Okay, what does Eagle the Archer serve him to drink? Was it alcohol? No, no, he's in this cult, and they don't drink alcohol. What do they drink?' And I don't know who said it, but someone was like, 'Fresca! They drink Fresca!' And we just started laughing, because for some reason, it seems like the drink of cult members, which I think is going to be their new advertising slogan next year: The Drink of Cult Members. It just seemed like something they drink, and so we just started putting it in more and more. You'll see once you see the whole season, we keep that joke rolling all season long. That Fresca joke does not stop. It is right up until the very, very end of the show, we had Church of the Collective members drinking Fresca."[1]
—Eric Kripke
  • The Church of the Collective was created specifically for the show and doesn't originate in the comics.