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You think that by saving her, you can make amends for all the people that you hurt. For the children that Lamplighter burned.
―Cherie to Frenchie

Cherie is a recurring character in the series, The Boys. She is a good friend of Frenchie. She has his back and helps him out when he needs it. They have also had a sexual relationship, but with no strings attached. Frenchie often goes to Cherie for advice.

The Boys Series[]


Cherie was one of Frenchie's best friends alongside Jay. The three would hang out together, getting high and committing crimes. One day in 2012, Frenchie planned for them to rob a bank as the two ecstatically agreed. Despite them defeating the Supes that showed up to stop them, the three were arrested and detained by the CIA. Grace Mallory was impressed by Frenchie's ingenuity against the Supes and attempted to recruit him. When he refused, she threatened to send Cherie and Jay to ADX Florence, a maximum-security prison, if Frenchie didn't come work for her. Frenchie agreed and Frenchie slowly grew distant from his friends.

By 2015, Frenchie was a full member of The Boys. While Frenchie was following Lamplighter, Cherie was getting high with Jay, however Jay started to overdose on an unknown substance. In a panic, Cherie called Frenchie to come help him. Frenchie arrived and saved Jay's life, but he couldn't stay for long as he needed to resume his mission. Cherie pleaded with him to stay with Jay, but Frenchie left in hurry, leaving Cherie to guard over Jay.

After that, Jay never saw Frenchie again and died months later of another overdose, straining Frenchie and Cherie's relationship further.

Season One[]

By the present day (2019), Cherie is still working with Frenchie but their relationship has devolved into a business partnership, a far cry from their passionate friendship in the past. When Frenchie is approached by Butcher to kill Translucent, Cherie looks over their hideout. When Homelander begins searching for Translucent, Frenchie orders Cherie to cause a distraction by blowing up their hide-out.

Once their hide-out is gone, Cherie goes on the run, and occasionally calls Frenchie to check on him and vice versa. Nina supplies Frenchie with weapons and halophane to aid in the capture of Kimiko Miyashiro. Later, when Frenchie's identity is compromised, Cherie warns him that he got burned and tells him to relocate.

Season Two[]

A Year later, Cherie is still living on the run and keeping a distant relationship with Frenchie. After Kimiko lost her brother, Frenchie goes to Cherie for advice. The two have sex together as Frenchie ponders what to do about Kimiko. Cherie tells him he has to let her go and has very little influence over her life.

Cherie is eventually approached by Kimiko, when she's looking to sate her bloodlust for Stormfront. In exchanged for 10% of her earnings, Cherie sets up Kimiko to take hits from the Albanian Mafia. After one mission, they rendezvous at a church to exchange payment, however, Frenchie followed them and confronts them both. Frenchie is disgusted with them both, but Cherie apathetically calls Frenchie naïve for believing Kimiko is a sweet girl when she's far from it.

Season Three[]

At some point, Cherie falls back into her bad habits and goes to Little Nina for a job. While working for her, Cherie double-crosses Nina and steals 11 kilos of her drugs. Fearing Nina's wrath, Cherie secretly meets with Frenchie to get passports to relocate, lying to him and telling him she was robbed. She pleads with him to leave with her and go some place warm. Frenchie considers it, but refuses, knowing Nina, Cherie won't be safe until he clears her debt.

Cherie reappears again having been captured by Nina alongside Frenchie and Kimiko. Nina has the two women handcuffed to chairs as she drags a naked Frenchie out in front of them. Nina then demands Frenchie to pick which of the girls will live while the other will die. Before Frenchie makes a choice, Kimiko frees herself and fights Nina's guards. Nina attempts to grab a nearby gun but Cherie frees herself and attacks Nina. While they're successful in fending off Nina's guards, Nina managed to slip away. Cherie later appears in The Boys hideout, where Frenchie treats their wounds.

Season Four[]

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