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They say if you love someone, you should set them free. But that seems crazy to me, because if you love someone you will never let them go. Never. Have you heard the Lovers of Valdaro? They were alive, like, 6,000 years ago, and they were found in this tomb in Italy. These two skeletons with their arms around each other. That's love.

Cassandra Schwartz is a minor character in Season Two, and a supporting character of Season Three of the Amazon series The Boys.

The Boys Series[]

Season Two[]

Cassandra is one of the women, who is a member of the Church of the Collective, who interviews to be The Deep's new wife. While The Deep prefers another girl, Carol insists that Cassandra is the one for him because of how she will help his image.

Cassandra gets chosen and marries The Deep. They act in love and give an interview about their new relationship and how he’s a changed man, now that he is a part of the Church of the Collective.

The last we heard about Cassandra is when The Deep got frustrated with Alastair Adana and remarks how he had him marry Cassandra, who is a "weirdo who gives terrible blowjobs".

Season Three[]

Cassandra is very invested in The Deep's career at The Seven, even willingly leaving Church of the Collective for him. She pushes him and seems to be making the moves behind the scenes to control and use The Deep to push her own ideas and motives. She encourages him to suck up to Homelander and do whatever it takes to impress him, so he stays in good standing on The Seven.

When Homelander forces The Deep to consume Timothy, Cassandra approves, silently texting the Deep to eat Timothy. While The Deep is eating Timothy, clearly distraught and horrified, Cassandra looks on with a smile.

Cassandra continues to orchestrate The Deep's comeback until he goes too far and asks her to have a three-way with an octopus to expand their sex life. She tries but she is repulsed and can't. She tells The Deep to see how well he survives without her support.

She is last seen on a talk show, discussing how the public doesn't know the real Deep, and wouldn't like him if they did, hinting at his aquatic "relationships", with more to be revealed in her upcoming autobiography, In 2 Deep: My Journey 2 Freedom.


Cassandra appears at first to be a kind, compassionate woman when she is with The Deep. But it soon becomes apparent that she is arrogant, greedy, cruel and controlling, and her relationship with The Deep is motivated by ambition, not love. When Homelander sadistically demands that The Deep consume his pet octopus Timothy, she urges him over text to do it, despite knowing of The Deep's telepathic rapport with all marine life, and that The Deep regards Timothy as a friend.

She finally reaches her breaking point when The Deep encourages her to engage in a three-way sexual experience to include another pet octopus, Ambrosius.

She is now presumably divorced from The Deep, but has not abandoned her ambitions surrounding him, as she has teased a tell-all book about their relationship.


  • According to Kevin, Cassandra gives terrible blowjobs.
  • In "Department of Dirty Tricks", The Deep says Cassandra pooped in his bed. This is likely a reference to the real world Depp v. Heard trial, in which a security guard testified that Amber Heard defecated in Johnny Depp's bed.[1]
    • Coincidentally, Heard stars as Mera, the red-haired princess of Atlantis and Aquaman's girlfriend, in the the DC Extended Universe.