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Cameron Coleman is a character in the third season of the Amazon series The Boys. He is a VNN news anchor and the host of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman.

Seven on 7 With Cameron Coleman[]

Every month on the 7th, Coleman would host the titular show through Vought News Network. His videos often cover the scope of The Seven, Victoria Neuman, as well as hosting the team's advertisements and videos including members like A-Train, Starlight, and The Deep. Coleman's segments also included archive/unseen footage and advertisements as well.

On the last segment on January 7, 2022, Coleman announced the episodes were coming to an end, as he told viewers and fans that his new show, The Cameron Coleman Hour would be coming soon exclusively to VNN.

The Boys Series[]

Season Three[]


  • Cameron Coleman is based on real life Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in terms of presentation style and politics. He's also one to Marvel's J. Jonah Jameson as a reporter who promotes propaganda.
  • The channel itself can be seen on YouTube, hosted by Vought International. (Link: It consists of seven episodes, running from July 7th, 2021, to January 7th, 2022.
  • As Season 3 went into production, Seven on 7 was promoted as the gap of events that took between Season 2 and 3 set in 2021 (as per every segment's date), while the third season would be set in 2022.