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Or is your agency just an excuse for persecuting one of America's most prominent minority groups?
―Cameron Coleman to Victoria Neuman.[src]

Cameron Coleman is a recurring character of the Amazon series The Boys and its spin-off series, Gen V. He was a news anchor for Vought News Network, hosting The Cameron Coleman Hour.

Coleman was also noted to have been in a extremely sexual relationship with Vought CEO Ashley Barrett, who was his dominatrix and used this relationship to manipulate the media through Coleman. He would eventually break off this relationship with her and be framed then murdered.

The Boys Series[]

Seven on 7 With Cameron Coleman[]

Every month on the 7th, Coleman would host the titular show through Vought News Network. His videos often cover the scope of The Seven, Victoria Neuman, as well as hosting the team's advertisements and videos including members like A-Train, Starlight, and The Deep. Coleman's segments also included archive/unseen footage and advertisements as well. His "news" program mainly functioned as a propaganda mouthpiece for Vought International to spread disinformation and protect the company's Supes from public backlash and accountability.

On the last segment on January 7, 2022, Coleman announced the episodes were coming to an end, as he told viewers and fans that his new show, The Cameron Coleman Hour would be coming soon exclusively to VNN.

The Boys: Season 3[]


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"Glorious Five Year Plan"[]

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"The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies"[]

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"Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed"[]

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"The Instant White-Hot Wild"[]

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Gen V: Season 1[]

"First Day"[]

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"Guardians of Godolkin"[]

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The Boys: Season 4[]

"Department of Dirty Tricks"[]

Cameron will appear in this episode.

"Life Among the Septics"[]

Cameron will appear in this episode.

"We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here"[]

Cameron will appear in this episode.

"Wisdom of the Ages"[]

Cameron will appear in this episode.

"Beware of the Jabberwock, My Son"[]

Cameron breaks up with Ashley, which leads to him getting beaten to death after she framed him.

"Dirty Business"[]

Cameron's death is covered up by with a fake story of going on sabbatical for a year, with Firecracker filling in as interim VNN News Anchor.


  • Cameron Coleman is based on former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in terms of presentation style and politics.
    • In light of Tucker's ousting from Fox News on April 14, 2023, the in-universe Vought International Instagram and Twitter accounts uploaded posts reassuring their followers that Cameron Coleman has received an extension on his contract with Vought News Network. "The rumors are just as ridiculous as they seemed, Coleminers," it reads. "Cameron isn't going anywhere, having signed a multi-million, two-decade extension with VNN today. His commitment to fair and balanced journalism remains stronger than ever!"
  • He serves as an inverted analogue for Marvel's J. Jonah Jameson, a newspaper editor and owner of the Daily Bugle, a New York tabloid he uses to run smear campaigns against Spider-Man and most superheroes in general:
    • Both characters share alliterated names.
    • Coleman, like Jameson, works in the news media industry and creates sensationalistic coverage on superhumans to drive up circulation to their respected platforms, though Coleman works as a political pundit and not as an editor.
    • His stance on enhanced humans is an ironic twist of the Marvel Universe's superhero persecution trope, where Jameson and other media figures use yellow journalism tactics to portray superheroes as dangerous criminals and monsters who pose a serious threat to society at large, even though in reality they are genuine heroes trying to do what's right who are merely slandered by a hostile press. In the universe of The Boys, however, most "superheroes" are in fact either greedy opportunists and/or merciless sociopaths and have little to no interest in protecting the civilians they are supposedly sworn to serve, with Coleman utilizes the same misinformation tactics as Jameson as would against superheroes in the service of safeguarding the reputations of Supes (and by extension, Vought International) and to discredit criticism from those wanting justice for the damage and suffering caused by them.
    • He is also similar to the MCU version of J. Jonah Jameson, as a right-leaning internet conspiracy theorist heavily modeled after Alex Jones.
  • The channel itself can be seen on YouTube, hosted by Vought International. (Link: It consists of seven episodes, running from July 7th, 2021, to January 7th, 2022.
  • As Season 3 went into production, Seven on 7 was promoted as the gap of events that took between Season 2 and 3 set in 2021 (as per every segment's date), while the third season would be set in 2022.