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Cameron Coleman is a character in the third season of the Amazon series The Boys. He is a VNN news anchor and the host of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman. (Youtube web series)

Seven on 7[]

Every month on the 7th, Coleman would host the titular show through Vought News Network. His videos often cover the scope of The Seven, Victoria Neuman, as well as hosting the team's advertisements and videos including members like A-Train, Starlight, and The Deep. Coleman's segments also included footage and interveiws.

The Boys Series[]

Season Three[]


Coleman, like the other right winger news anchors/commentators have a deep hatred for liberal and other left wingers alike (despite Vought News Network being another subsidiary group for Vought International). He is very conservative and patriotic as he often criticized Victoria Neuman for her anti-superhero activities that were supposed to protect the America. Secretary Robert Singer criticized Coleman for being lazy and liberal. He has high praise The Seven for their heroic action in news coverage for protecting America from terrorist even though the team itself is actually corrupted and immoral with exception Starlight and Queen Maeve. Coleman also attempted to tone down conservativism as he "supported" the LGBTQ community for Queen Maeve, but it turned out to be false as he did this only to appeal and boost the reputation of The Seven and Vought International. Most news that Coleman reports are mostly fake because the media is still manipulated by Vought International to cover up their illegal operations.


The channel itself can be seen on YouTube, hosted by Vought International. (Link: