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"I do not see color. I only see crime."
—Blue Hawk[src]

Blue Hawk is a character in the third season of the Amazon series The Boys.

The Boys Series[]

Early Life[]

"You and me both trained with Coach Brink at school. We were taught to dominate totally."
—Blue Hawk to A-Train[src]

His early life is unknown, however, it can be assumed that much like the rest of the supes working for Vought International, he was injected with Compound V as a child which in turn, granted him super strength and super speed. At some point in his life, he would eventually become a superhero to fight crime under the mantle "Blue Hawk" but despite this, he is actually a racist and blames African-American people for ongoing crime in the United States hence, targeting black criminals and civilians, killing or severely injuring many of them. As a result, he garnered notoriety and infamy due to his actions despite being covered up by Vought International.

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman[]

During the December airing of Seven on 7, it was reported that Our Sheet CEO Mickey Londale had announced that Blue Hawk would be the spokesman for Londale's Four Freedom product brand.

Season 3[]

Blue Hawk killed a black man walking home from work, whom he suspected of mugging a white woman. He curb stomped him so hard that it cracked the pavement.

A-Train asks Blue Hawk to apologize to the black community. He agrees if it's what Vought wants.

A-Train brings Blue Hawk to a local community center to apologize. He reads a prepared statement in a rushed and bored manner - indicating he didn't believe a word of what he was saying, and claims not to be racist because he "doesn’t see color, only sees crime". He finishes the unenthusiastic reading of his statement by offering to donate $10,000 to the community center. Unappeased, the people confront him about killing an unarmed black man and starts screaming at Blue Hawk, who insists he was defending himself. The community state that he doesn't have a right to use that excuse since he has superpowers, and questions why he only patrols in black neighborhoods. A-Train suggests Blue Hawk to leave, but he stays to insist All Lives Matter and "Supe Lives Matter". When the community begins to shout Black Lives Matter, Blue Hawk completely loses it and starts throwing people around, including Nathan Franklin, whom he cripples. In response to this, A-Train grabs Blue Hawk and yells at him to stop.

On TV, Blue Hawk announces how he stood up to Antifa and a few bad apples.

At the 70th anniversary of Herogasm, Blue Hawk runs into A-Train, shortly after Soldier Boy went into a nuclear meltdown, and is confronted about paralyzing his brother. A-train proceeds to grab Blue Hawk by the ankle and drag him along the road at super-speed for several miles, killing him in the process. Blue Hawk's death did not come without consequences, however, as using his powers again caused A-Train to suffer from severe heart failure. After he died, Bluehawk's heart was used to transplant into A-Train's chest.


Blue Hawk is like most supes, he is irresponsible and a hedonist. He is also very patriotic and has a short-temper, reacting violently towards every little provocation.

While he claims to not be racist and appears to respect A-Train, Blue Hawk still shows bias towards people from the black community, likely because he sees them as the ones responsible for ongoing crime in the United States.

Powers and Abilities[]


"Brother lived a few houses up the street. Three kids. He was just walking home from work. Blue Hawk curb-stomped him so hard, it cracked the pavement."
Nathan Franklin to A-Train[src]
  • Superhuman Strength: Blue Hawk possesses strength enhanced by Compound V, which is sufficient to punch or throw a fully grown man across a room. He was strong enough to curb-stomp a man with enough force to crack the pavement below.[1] He gravely injured Nathan Franklin, causing severe damage to the thoracic and lumbar regions of his spine, including lacerations to vertebrae T6, T7, T8 and T9; the damage was so severe that Nathan will never walk again.[2]
  • Superhuman Durability: Blue Hawk possesses above average human durability as his body is able to handle his own superhuman strength. He was durable enough to withstand A-Train choking him and still talk. While A-Train was dragging him through an asphalt road at super speeds, Blue Hawk could be heard screaming throughout a good portion of the whole ordeal, meaning that he managed to withstand the force for a short period of time.[3]
"It seemed like you two were on your way to a healing place, which is why you're gonna love this. Blue Hawk will live on because we gave you his heart. A super-abled heart. No more heart disease. You're gonna get to run again."
Ashley Barrett to A-Train[src]
  • Superhuman Stamina: According to Ashley Barrett, Blue Hawk's heart was superhuman and incapable of heart disease, and thus a post-mortem transplant in A-Train allowed him to run as fast as he used to.[4]


  • Skilled Combatant: Blue Hawk was trained by Coach Brink at Godolkin University.[2]



"I go where the crime is, and the crime just happens to be in black neighborhoods. That-That's not my fault."
—Blue Hawk[src]
  • Short-temper: Blue Hawk is someone who is very easy to provoke. It only took a few African-Americans criticizing his behavior for him to snap and violently assault them.
  • Extreme Bigotry: Blue Hawk is very racist. His bias towards the Black community combined with his short-temper, ultimately caused his downfall when he accidentally crippled A-Train's brother.


  • Blunt Force/Limited Durability: Like most supes, Blue Hawk is not immortal despite having inhuman durability. A-Train managed to kill him by dragging his body along an asphalt road for several miles.


  • Hero Costume: Like most supes, Blue Hawk has his own superhero uniform. Its design is similar to that of police uniforms to reinforce Blue Hawk's image as a "super cop".
  • Police baton: Blue Hawk carries a police baton as his primary weapon. It is strong enough to withstand his superhuman strength.




  • Blue Hawk is an original character from the Amazon series as he does not exist in the comics.
  • Blue Hawk may be a parody of Blackhawk, a military-themed superhero from DC Comics.
  • Blue Hawk may also be an analogy for police brutality and vigilante attacks on black people for wrongly assumed crimes.
  • The way in which A-Train killed Blue Hawk may be a reference to Kabal's fatality in Mortal Kombat 11.
  • His death has some resemblance to the death of James Byrd Jr, a black man who was murdered by three white men, two of whom were avowed white supremacists, in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998.