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"You don't need super eyes when you have super ears."
—Blindspot to Homelander[src]

Blindspot is a minor character in Season Two of the Amazon series The Boys.

The Boys Series

Season Two

Blindspot is a possible contender for filling Translucent's spot in The Seven. Ashley Barrett is eager to have him join because she thinks demographically he will do great for their image, as Blindspot is differently-abled. He is blind, but possesses superhuman hearing and agility, and is proficient with using a variety of weapons. He was able to identify Homelander without the latter having spoken and is starstruck by being in Homelander's presence.

Homelander feigns interest in Blindspot before bashing his ears in, declaring that he will be useless in the field because without his hearing, he is "just another useless blind guy". He admonishes a terrified Ashley for considering letting a "cripple" into the Seven before departing, leaving Blindspot screaming in pain in a pool of blood.

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman

Sometime after Blindspot's incident, Cameron Coleman announces that Blindspot went missing on an overseas mission in Argentina; clearly an excuse made by Vought.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Hearing: To compensate for his blindness, Blindspot has developed hearing that is greatly superior to that of a normal person. This power is presumably taken from him by Homelander when the latter destroys his eardrums, though being a Supe, he might have been able to get that healed.
  • Superhuman Agility: He possesses superhuman agility, which allows him to perform acrobatic and gymnastic movements very easily.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: He also has superhuman reflexes, however he is not fast enough to dodge Homelander.


  • Peak Human Condition: Blindspot is in peak human condition, due to his intense training.
  • Martial Arts: Blindspot is a highly skilled martial artist.
  • Knife Throwing: Blindspot can throw daggers with great aim.
  • Spear Throwing: He is an excellent spear fighter, piercing a whole mannequin with extreme ease.


  • Blindness: Blindspot lacks the ability to see. It is unknown how he lost his eyesight, but he was able to compensate his blindness with his Superhuman Hearing.
  • Deafness: If Blindspot's hearing is disabled, he will be rendered practically helpless. After having his eardrums ruptured by Homelander, Blindspot may have become completely deaf. With his hearing possibly gone forever, Blindspot will no longer capable of operating as a hero. However if he has some sort of healing factor, Blindspot might be able to heal his eardrums.





  • He is based on the Marvel Comics superhero Daredevil. And the marvel comics superhero Samuel Chung aka blindspot.
  • Interestingly enough, a Marvel character also named Blindspot actually exists, who is also a blind vigilante and an ally to Daredevil.