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For the Amazon version of the character, see Black Noir.
"Told me. To kill you. But they wouldn't let me do it, wouldn't say do it, wouldn't say. So lonely. So scared. So excited. For so long. Got the little people, got your silly suit, got my camera. Then I got my pictures but it's scary. So big so scary. Keep my pictures, keep them then we hear about Him. Send him my pictures. He knows what to do. Hheeeennnhh."
Black Noir gleefully revealing to Butcher and Homelander that he was the one who raped Becky and then framed Homelander for it.

Black Noir is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Homelander) of the 2006 controversial comic book series The Boys and one of the two posthumous overarching antagonists (alongside Homelander) of it's sequel/spin-off miniseries The Boys: Dear Becky.

He is a silent and emotionless member of the Seven. He is the true mastermind, for the rape of Billy Butchers' wife, Becky and the sexual assault on Hughie's girlfriend, Starlight, as also the second archenemy of Billy Butcher.

He served as the secondary antagonist throughout the series, until revealing he was the rapist of Billy's wife, Black Noir is one of the two main antagonists of the series, since Homelander had nothing to do with raping Billy Butcher's wife.


Black Noir is an identical clone of Homelander created by Vought as a fail-safe to kill Homelander if he ever overstepped his bounds. However, years passed and Black Noir was unable to fulfill the one purpose he was created for. He grew increasingly more psychotic as he waited to fulfill his purpose. Black Noir then decided to fabricate his own situation, by framing Homelander for various crimes, including rape and cannibalism. This made Homelander lose his mind and start a Superhero uprising. Eventually at the White House, Noir revealed his true purpose to Butcher and Homelander. Homelander snapped, but Noir overpowered and killed him. Still, though victorious, Noir received heavy damage from the former friend's rampage, remaining disemboweled, without part of the skull and heavily burned all over his body. The US military intervened, attacking him with tanks and gunfire, furtherly damaging him and, by doing so, allowing Billy to literally crack open his skull with a crowbar and crush his brain to finally kill him.


Black Noir is a man wearing a black skin tight suit. Behind his mask he looks nearly identical to Homelander, having his blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.


On the outside, Black Noir is silent, stoic, and utterly unemotive. However, beneath this veil of silence is a stone-cold psychopath who delights in every form of depravity imaginable, including rape, cannibalism, torture, manipulation, murder, and more. He is unstable, as when he was revealed for what he truly was, he was gleeful, boasting of what he did to manipulate and frame Homelander, and otherwise accelerate events so that he may fulfill his primary purpose for existing and killing the rogue superhuman.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Genetic Superiority: As a clone of Homelander, Black Noir has all of the former's powers, albeit at a higher level. Noir is one of the only two members who would survive and ultimately win an encounter with The Boys according to a simulation.
    • Superhuman Strength: Black Noir is strong enough to kill Homelander, needing just one punch to completely destroy his jaw. He is stronger than Homelander, who could hurl a fighter jet with one hand and kill Queen Maeve with just one punch.
    • Superhuman Durability: Black Noir can withstand Homelander's heat vision and multiple bullets. Even after losing multiple limbs, an eye and having most of his intestines outside of his body, Black Noir would just not die. Butcher had to break his skull and destroy his brain in order to kill him. During The Seven' attempt to stop 9/11, Black Noir ended up falling from a great altitude when his teammates accidentally let him fall, however not only did he managed to survive but also came out from the ordeal completely unharmed.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Black Noir has greater stamina than Homelander. He can perform superhuman feats for extended periods of time, without getting tired or becoming weak.
    • Superhuman Speed: Black Noir can move far faster than the average human.
    • Heat Vision (Tentative): Similar to Homelander, Black Noir can emit heat beams from his eyes. These beams are powerful enough to cut through most objects and can easily melt human flesh and bone, causing people to burst into gore.
    • X-Ray Vision (Tentative): Similar to Homelander, Black Noir can see through any object and surface.
    • Superhuman Hearing (Tentative): Black Noir possesses tremendous auditory awareness, allowing him to detect sounds from miles away. He can also use this power to detect a person's heartbeat.
    • Superhuman Smell (Tentative): Similar to Homelander, Black Noir's sense of smell has been heightened far beyond normal human capabilities, allowing him to smell things no other being could.
    • Superhuman Voice (Tentative): Black Noir's vocal cords are more powerful than the ones of a regular human, he can rupture people's eardrums just by screaming.
    • Flight (Tentative): Black Noir is able to levitate and propel himself at great speeds, allowing him to cover vast distances in a matter of minutes. He can keep up with airplanes and break the Sound barrier.


  • Pilot Skills: During the 9/11 incident, Queen Maeve states that Black Noir knows how to pilot an airplane. He was meant to be the pilot, however during the mission his teammates ended up letting him fall.



  • Lack of Training: He has no formal training in the use of his powers, or in handling dangerous situations. Along with the rest of his team, these inadequacies led to disaster when they attempted to stop a terrorist hijacking of a plane.
  • Mental Illness: His unstable mind causes him to lose control and reveal his true colors. This eventually leads to his downfall at the hands of Butcher and the military after being greatly weakened by Homelander.
    • Obsession: Black Noir has an uncontrollable desire of fulfilling his purpose of killing Homelander. This causes him to become self-destructive and go to extreme lengths to create a situation where he can fight against him.


  • Blunt Force/Limited Durability: Despite being more powerful than Homelander, Black Noir is not immortal. After his fight against Homelander at the White House, Black Noir was weakened to the point that his body could be wounded by bullets. This ended up causing his death, when the military and Billy finished him off by firing multiple bullets at his body and destroying his brain after opening his skull with a crowbar.



  • He is a villainous homage and parody of Batman.
    • His costume design also brings to mind Snake Eyes.
    • He may also be a parody of Deadpool in the series as they both share the same weaponry and costume resemblance.
      • On a side note, Deadpool is extremely talkative while Black Noir is the complete opposite. Furthermore, the jokes surrounding him are far more subtle.
    • Despite much as Black Noir's role as one of the main antagonists of the comic series, he was completely silent until revealing himself as clone of Homelander, where he talks.