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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Billy Butcher/Comics.
"A multi-billion dollar global industry supported by corporate lobbyists and politicians on both sides. But the main reason that you won't hear about it is 'cause the public don't want to know about it. See, people love that cozy feeling that Supes give them. Some golden cunt to swoop out of the sky and save the day so you don't got to do it yourself. But if you knew half the shit they get up to... ooh... fuckin' diabolical. But then... that's where I come in."
"Come in to... to do what?"
"Spank the bastards when they get out of line."
—Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell[src]

William "Billy" Butcher is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Hughie Campbell) of the Amazon series The Boys.

He is the leader of the eponymous team of vigilantes who are bent on taking down Vought and the Seven by whatever means necessary. A former member of the British special forces turned vigilante, Billy Butcher is as charming as he is cunning. He's a force of nature, who can talk almost anyone into anything, either through a smile or brute force – or sometimes both. He's consumed by one mission in life: to destroy superheroes. But this personal vendetta is driven by his hatred for one Supe in particular: Homelander. Butcher's determined to get revenge on Homelander, no matter the cost, and he won't let anyone or anything stand in his way.

Following the revelation that Becca is alive, Butcher faces a difficult decision when he must choose between searching for Becca or protecting the security of the Boys.

He is portrayed by New Zealand actor Karl Urban as an adult, and by Luca Villacis as a teenager.

The Boys Series

Season One

Reuniting The Boys

Butcher's initial goal is to gather up The Boys and go after Vought International — most specifically, take down Homelander, whom he is under the impression killed his wife. In The Name of the Game, Butcher approaches Hughie Campbell after the death of his girlfriend Robin Ward at the hands of A-Train. Billy asks for his help in securing a bug in Seven Tower, to which he obliges.

After Translucent finds the bug and attacks Hughie, Butcher saves Hughie and kidnaps Translucent. With nowhere to go, he seeks out the help of old-friend Frenchie. Frenchie is at first angry that Butcher has come to him, however the two reconcile and end up figuring a way to kill Translucent; Hughie is the one who ends up pulling the trigger, however.

Shortly after Translucent's death, Butcher approaches another old friend, Mother's Milk, asking him to join The Boys again. Mother's Milk initially refuses, however is convinced by Billy to come back. Not long after, in The Female of the Species, The Boys find The Female in a basement, having been the subject of Compound V injections for a while. She is ultimately accepted into The Boys despite Butcher believing her to be initially dangerous.

Hate for Homelander

Billy's hate for Supes has been fueled by his personal hate for Homelander, leader of The Seven, following the alleged death of his wife Becca Butcher. Shortly after his wife's disappearance, Grace Mallory approached Butcher, showing him CCTV footage of his wife and Homelander together at Seven Tower. Billy believed that Homelander was the reason she disappeared, presuming that he killed her, fueling a personal vendetta that would last the next eight years.

Unbeknownst to Billy, Becca had been placed into witness protection by Vought International having been pregnant and given birth to Homelander's child — a child with enhanced abilities, including Homelander's heat vision. In You Found Me, Homelander takes Butcher to see Becca for the first time since her disappearance.

Butcher: A Short Film

Set immediately after his confrontation, Billy awakens to find himself on the road outside a restaurant. He enters the restaurant and hurriedly scribbles as much information as he can remember about Becca's house on a restaurant place-mat. The live newscast on the tv awakens him to the reality that he is now believed to be the killer of Madelyn Stillwell, with a nationwide manhunt ongoing for him. Seeing that the waitress recognizes him from the TV, he hurriedly leaves the restaurant and breaks into a vehicle. After driving for some time, he arrives at the house of Jock, a former squad-mate from Butcher's time in the Corps of the British Royal Marines. After a brief greeting, the two drink and reminisce about good times. Billy shows a photo of his wife to Jock and requests help to gather intel from former intelligence contacts such as Higgins and Ezquerra. After a brief disagreement, Jock promises to do so. Later, Billy discovers Jock informing the authorities about his whereabouts. Billy confronts Jock, who reveals that he believes that Billy killed Stillwell and probably intends to kill his wife too. Billy denies it but Jock cites his background as sufficient proof. Billy then attacks Jock and the two get into a struggling match which ends with Billy strangling Jock to death. As sirens approach, Billy pours gas over Jocks body and lights his body aflame, leaving it to burn as he drives away. Later his phone begins to buzz with a call from Frenchie.[1]

Season Two

Warm Welcome

After going MIA for a couple of weeks, Butcher finally makes his way back to the Boys hideout. Hughie confronts him, enraged that Butcher abandoned them to die in pursuit of his vendetta against Homelander. But Butcher overlooks his anger and states regardless of how they all feel, The Boys need him as their leader. Butcher appears in Proper Preparation and Planning at Raynor's funeral, there he meets with Grace to try and get information about Becca. Grace denies his advances and threatens to turn him in for the murder of Madelyn Stillwell, however Butcher counters the threat by offering to help her figure out who killed Raynor. Once again, Grace reluctantly comes out of retirement to assist him. The Boys track the Supe-terrorist down to a costume shop where they figure out the terrorist is revealed to be Kimiko's brother. Butcher ignores the revelations and attempts to shoot the terrorist but Hughie intervenes, the terrorist turns around, incapacitates The Boys, and runs off with his sister. When the Boys recover, Butcher is the only one willing to peruse the two, while everyone else tries reason why he is so persistent to chase after them. Butcher reveals to them, that his wife Becca is still alive and is living in a secret gated community raising Homelander's son, and the terrorist is Butcher's "key" to finding Becca. After Kimiko apprehends her brother, Kenji, The Boys arrive and capture the terrorist. Butcher then punches Hughie in the jaw, warning him not to get in the way between him and Becca ever again, otherwise he'll kill him.

Easier Said Than Done

In Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men, Butcher steals a yacht and makes a deal with Mallory to transport Kenji to a rendezvous point, in return, Grace will give Butcher Becca's location. As the Boys transport Kenji, tension is still raw between Butcher and Hughie as Hughie punches Butcher for hitting him last time. Furthermore, when The Boys watch a news article about Compound V being exposed to the public, all the members except Butcher enthusiastically congratulate Hughie. Butcher then sternly reminds them all that their work is not done and they must keep their eyes on the ball because "shit can go sideways just like that." Butcher's predictions come true, when The Boys are intercepted by a police helicopter telling them they're under arrest for stealing the yacht. Butcher attempts to reason with the helicopter, however Kenji breaks free from his restraints and attempts to attack Butcher and M.M. However Kenji is shoved by Kimiko and instead hits the helicopter with his telekinetic attack. With the helicopter down, Butcher reasons that they have to move quickly or else more will come. Hughie is reluctant, saying that the police officers could still be alive and they need to check the wreckage, but Butcher reasons the men are already dead and they will be too if they don't keep moving. Things only escalate when the yacht is attacked by The Deep, forcing The Boys to transport Kenji using a spare speedboat on the back. While racing to the shoreline, their path is blocked by a whale, so Butcher rams through it. Determined to stay moving, Butcher commands The Boys to improvise and escape through a nearby Storm drain. Hughie however is hesitant and in shock, but eventually follows behind. The Seven arrive, Homelander and Starlight corner Hughie. Butcher then distracts Homelander long enough for Kenji to round the corner and neutralize Homelander by burying him in rubble. The Boys fail to recover Kenji and transport him, as Kenji is killed by Stormfront.

A Deal's a Deal?

Butcher meets Grace at a memorial shrine for the 59 apartment tenants who were killed by Stormfront. She explains to Butcher that she has a reoccurring dream: She is on a stage at Carnegie Hall and everyone whoever got killed by a Supe is in the audience just staring at her. Butcher then apologizes for hitting a dead end on the investigation of Susan Raynor's death, but Grace only denies it that sorry isn't enough. Grace then gives Butcher information on an eye witness who knows about Liberty and tells him to give it to Mother's Milk. Grace stops Butcher and also gives him Becca's location. Confused, Butcher asks why give it to him if he failed to deliver the terrorist. Mallory apologizes to Butcher, that she's sorry for being the reason Butcher stopped searching for Becca by replacing it with a vendetta against Homelander. Furthermore, Grace expresses that she would like to have "one less audience member staring at her".

Bittersweet Reunions

Butcher uses the information given to him to find the facility Becca is living in. Butcher climbs the fence and finds Becca. The two have sex and catch up on being separated for the last 8 years. Butcher reasons they have to escape and can uses a garbage truck for them to escape. When the day comes, Becca is reluctant to leave. She reasons that no matter what happens, Butcher will find someway to get rid of Ryan, "It won't be obvious and it won't be right way", but he'll find a way. Butcher tries to convince her he wants to help raise Ryan but Becca explains she already knows Butcher's true nature, that he was already broken before she ever entered his life. Becca's assumptions come to light, when Butcher admits to calling Ryan a supe-freak and that they should just hand him over to Vought so the two of them can escape and live in hiding. Becca refuses, stating she needs to be there for Ryan, otherwise Vought will only recreate Homelander. Butcher tries to plead with her, but Becca just gets into her car. Butcher attempts to stop her, but she activates an alarm and warns him to leave because every guard will arrive at his location in 60 seconds. Butcher leaves the compound disappointed at what his wife has become.

Unlikely Ally

After Starlight gets her tracker chip removed, she is taken to The Boy's hideout, there she meets up with Butcher. Annie is still mad at Butcher for shooting her with a 50. caliber round, while Butcher just dismisses her anger and focuses on the information at hand. The Boys investigate The Sage Grove Center. Butcher, Hughie and Starlight wait outside the facility to provide an escape for Frenchie, Mother's Milk, and Kimiko while they infiltrate the facility. Starlight makes an entrance while Butcher aims his rifle at her head, debating whether or not to shoot. He ultimately decides not to. When Starlight returns and offers Butcher a hand down, he refuses it. Infuriated by Butcher's distant attitude and repeated rude behavior, Annie confronts Butcher to the dismay of Hughie. She then incites the argument further by comparing Butcher to Homelander. Before the argument can can finish, they're interrupted by the arrival of Stormfront. Once Stormfront leaves, they order the other members to retreat. Unbeknownst to them, the other members have already been noticed, and a breakout has commenced which leads to the patients escaping. One of the escaping patients meets Butcher and Starlight, and begs them not to hurt him. The two try to calm the man, but he releases an EMP shockwave knocking them both back and sending the van with Hughie inside, flipping. Butcher kills the patient, and the two rush to check on Hughie. Hughie seems fine until they notice him bleeding out from a piece of shrapnel in his stomach. Concerned for Hughie, Billy and Annie leave the facility to seek medical help for Hughie, leaving the others to fend for themselves.

Annie hitchhikes to stop a car and begs the driver to help them. The driver notices Butcher's gun and in turn, pulls out a gun and threatens all of them believing they're trying to rob him. Annie draws energy from the man's car and kills him with a blast of energy. They leave the man's body and drive off. Annie confesses that she has become desensitized to civilians getting hurt, earning Butcher's silent respect. The two successfully take Hughie to a hospital and watch over him. The two then bond over how much they know about Hughie, with them both thinking he's too good for them.

You Found Me

Butcher is called by one of the gang members, who informs him they have a visitor. Butcher goes up top to see that Becca has tracked him down. Billy embraces her and she tells him to help her because Homelander took Ryan. Billy and The Boys then plan out how they're going to take down each member of The Seven, should all of them arrive. However, behind Becca's back, Butcher arranges a secret meeting with Stan Edgar.

The Enemy of my Enemy

Butcher meets with Stan Edgar in a restaurant to discuss about Ryan. Butcher is first patted down and assured that there are snipers trained on him. Edgar offers him desserts but Butcher demands to get straight to business. Edgar then asks what he knows about Ryan. Butcher explains that he knows Ryan is Vought's contingency plan in case Homelander steps out of line and that "plan" will fail if Ryan bonds with Homelander. Butcher then offers his assistance in solving that problem.

Edgar asks why Butcher would think he would willfully betray his "friend". Butcher says he knows Edgar is ruthless because he knows Vought turns someone like Stormfront into one of America's most beloved Superheroes. Edgar justifies his actions as business progress because Stormfront helped improve their stock prices. Butcher then reminds Edgar that Stormfront should bother him, since he is a black man and Stormfront is a virulent racist and a literal Nazi; Edgar flatly admits that she does concern him, but says that she's still a useful tool, and that her ability to stoke fear is creating conditions ideal for his company's interests. Butcher then challenges Edgar by asking him how he could control Stormfront, however Edgar denies it.

Butcher then offers to get Ryan away from Homelander, then he'll call Vought and have them secure Ryan, in return, Vought will do a better job of hiding him. Edgar agrees and promises to relocate Becca and Ryan to a safe place, but Butcher refuses, saying Becca stays with him. Edgar explains Ryan needs his mother, to which Butcher callously tells Edgar to find a new one. Edgar then asks about if and when Becca tries to find her son. Butcher tells him to say to her that it is the only way to keep Ryan safe from Homelander. Butcher holds out his hand and makes a deal, for Vought to tell him where they are and that he'll secure the boy. Edgar agrees and shakes his hand.

Rescuing Ryan

The moment Homelander leaves the cabin to follow Frenchie's distraction, Billy and Becca move in to secure Ryan. They take him and escort him back to the hanger The Boys are hiding at. Billy then changes the plan and orders M.M to escort Becca and Ryan out of the fight before it happens. Becca refuses, asking him why the plan has to change. Billy reveals that he secretly made a deal with Stan Edgar to give up Ryan, and in exchange, him and Becca could live together again. Becca agrees and reluctantly leaves with M.M, however their car is intercepted by the arrival of Stormfront. Billy rushes to the car and helps them out. Billy orders M.M to stay behind with the rest of The Boys and distract Stormfront while he secretly escorts Becca and Ryan.

Stormfront tracks them down in the middle of the forest and demands they give her Ryan. Billy refuses, so Stormfront neutralizes him with her plasma lightning. Enraged when Becca stabs her eye, Stormfront holds Becca in a chokehold. Billy recovers and attempts to stop Stormfront by shooting her and hitting her head with a crowbar, but it doesn't even faze Stormfront as she continues to choke Becca. Ryan in a panicked state freaks out and uses his laser vision. When Butcher wakens from the attack, he notices a maimed Stormfront, Ryan crying while apologizing, and sees a mortally wounded Becca. Butcher rushes to Becca and holds down her neck wound, calling out for help but to no avail. Becca demands him to reassure Ryan that this was not his fault and to promise to keep Ryan safe before she closes her eyes and dies. Billy is distraught and initially contemplates killing Ryan out of anger. When Homelander arrives to take Ryan, Butcher has a change of heart and refuses to hand over the boy, fully intent on keeping his promise to his wife. He keeps Ryan in his protection and ends up giving him to Grace Mallory and the CIA, who will keep him somewhere safe.

Season Three


Butcher still works with Hughie on missions to regulate Supes. He finds Hughie in the bathroom and tells him to give him and The Boys the green light on a mission they’ve been working on. Hughie gives the OK as long as no torture or things getting set on fire happens.

Butcher goes to track down a Supe, called Termite, at a party. Butcher watches from a hidden camera as The Female and Frenchie enter a party. The Supe accidentally kills someone, so Frenchie, Kimiko, and Butcher go in to catch him. Butcher manages to catch him in a bag of cocaine to bring back to the Bureau. Butcher debates crushing Termite to death, but remembers Hughie's orders and refrains from doing so.

Later, Butcher goes to visit Ryan, who is staying in a protected home with Grace Mallory. They play Connect Four and talk about Ryan’s mom, Becca Butcher. Butcher is now keeping tabs on Ryan, to keep his promise to Becca.

Maeve visits Butcher and hands over a file about Soldier Boy to him. She explains that Soldier Boy was killed by a secret weapon, one that might even be able to kill Homelander. She tells him that Payback, the superteam he used to be a part of, might know what really happened to Soldier Boy. She hands over 3 capsules of V-24 to make Butcher a Supe for 24 hours.

The Only Man In The Sky

Butcher starts his plan to find out what happened to Soldier Boy. He tries to recruit MM to rejoin The Boys and get his vengeance but MM doesn't give in.

Butcher tracks down a former member of Payback, Gunpowder, who is one of the speakers at a gun show. Butcher complements his gun line and then asks him about his Payback days, as Soldier Boy’s sidekick. Butcher confronts him about being abused by Soldier Boy but Gunpowder assures him he was a great man and those were only rumors. Butcher pulls out an official complaint made by Gunpowder that would prove the abuse rumors. Butcher tells him he’ll keep the complaint a secret unless Gunpowder tells him how Soldier Boy really died. Gunpowder tells Butcher that he was never sexually abused by Soldier Boy and he walks away. In the parking lot, Gunpowder shoots at Butcher. Butcher ducks and shoots back. Butcher gets hit in the leg and grazed on his cheek but he manages to get away alive by shooting at cars and using their alarms to mask his escape.

Butcher goes to confront Gunpowder later on about why he’s protecting Soldier Boy. Gunpowder shoots Butcher three times and drops him to the ground. Butcher gets back up, seemingly unharmed. He took the V-24 Maeve gave him. Butcher breaks Gunpowder’s gun and knocks him to the ground. Gunpowder admits that Soldier Boy used to haze him and that he didn’t die in an accident. Gunpowder tells him he doesn’t know what actually killed him but they were in Nicaragua in 1984 and that he didn’t see shit- he was just a kid. He tells Butcher that they were working with the CIA and that Grace Mallory was his case officer. Gunpowder pleads for mercy but Butcher refuses to spare the supe. Butcher repeatedly beats Gunpowder while the latter loses consciousness until Butcher's laser-vision bisect Gunpowder's head.

Barbary Coast

Butcher throws up from a post V-24 hangover. He goes with The Boys to visit Ryan, who needs to be relocated now that Stan Edgar might know his location. While he's there, Butcher confronts Grace about working with Soldier Boy in Nicaragua. She tells him Nicaragua is ancient history but Butcher keeps pressing until she finally tells him what went down there.

Butcher continues to struggle with the after effects of the V-24, some of which (like the laser eyes) is still in his system. Ryan asks him if he’s sick and offers him a saltine cracker. Ryan notices that his heart is racing and his blood smells funny. Butcher tells Ryan he can’t see him again because it’s not safe. Ryan grabs him and won’t let him go. Butcher tells him he hasn’t forgotten about what Ryan did to his Becca. Ryan tears up and runs off, saying “I hate you” to Butcher.

Glorious Five Year Plan

Butcher and The Boys fly to Russia to track down the superweapon. They cut out the electricity at a military plant. The Boys enter and have to fight off security guards and a Supe-hampster. They run out of ammunition so Butcher uses his temporary Supe powers to fight back. He opens up a secure chamber, thinking it holds the superweapon, but instead he releases Soldier Boy- who is still alive.

The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies

Maeve brings Butcher more V-24 doses and asks what he’s going to do with them. Butcher offers Maeve a drink and she tells him she’s been sober for 4 months. She ends up drinking with him. Butcher tells Maeve that every single last one of them has got to go, referring to Supes. She agrees and they have rough sex.

Butcher, MM, and Hughie go to visit The Legend to find out where Soldier Boy is. With Legend's help, they track him to Crimson Countess' house. Butcher roofies MM so he gets knocked out so that Butcher and Hughie can make a deal with Soldier Boy instead of capture/kill him. They want to use him to kill Homelander.


Hughie and Butcher give Soldier Boy food, alcohol and Benzedrine. Butcher makes a pact with Soldier Boy - if he can provide him with the location of the remaining Payback team members, as well as help him settle in this new era, Soldier Boy will agree to help him take down Homelander.

At the T&T Twins' house, Butcher fights Homelander with Soldier Boy and Hughie. Homelander is surprised to see that Butcher has powers now (from the V-24).

Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed

Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy go to track Mindstorm. Soldier Boy advises them to close their eyes if Mindstorm makes eye contact. Butcher admits he keeps feeding Soldier Boy weed to keep him chilled out from his PTSD so he stops blowing up people. He and Hughie both shoot up temp-V.

On their search for Mindstorm, Soldier Boy hits a trap that triggers an explosion. Mindstorm makes eye contact with Butcher. Butcher passes out, trapped in an eternal nightmare according to Soldier Boy. Hughie tries to wake him up but can’t - Mindstorm is the only one who can snap him out of it. They leave him.

In his nightmare, Billy’s dad beats him up while continuously asking “where is he?” After his dad leaves, Billy tells Lenny it’s okay to come out. In another one of Butcher’s memories, he gets caught selling marijuana at school. He beats up his headmaster in response. He accidentally hits his brother but apologies. Billy’s father commends his violence.

Hughie teleports Mindstorm to Butcher’s body to help save him. He offers to teleport him far away if he just helps Butcher. In Butcher’s mind, Lenny begs him not to leave him alone with their father. Lenny tells Butcher he can’t take it anymore and he kills himself. Butcher wakes up from the nightmare.

Starlight calls Butcher and tells him the temp-V is going to kill the two of them. She tells him 3-5 doses kills you and that he needs to tell Hughie. Butcher hangs up on her and considers telling Hughie. Instead, Butcher tells him they have to swing by the office to get some more and rallies Hughie behind the plan to take down Homelander.

The Instant White-Hot Wild

Secretly, Butcher has a change of heart and remembers what Lenny told him. Butcher meets Hughie in a gas station restroom and remarks that Hughie resembles his little brother. While Hughie processes the comment, Butcher knocks him out with a punch and leaves Hughie behind. Butcher and Soldier Boy then continue driving back to New York, with the latter asking Butcher to wake him up when they arrive.

Maeve and the rest of The Boys show up at Butcher’s in New York, demanding to know where Soldier Boy is. Maeve throws away the dose of Novichok and tells them that Homelander needs to die no matter what. Butcher orders the group into the safe while he and Soldier Boy head to Vought.

Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Maeve go find Homelander. Homelander tells them that he killed Noir. He tells Soldier Boy he just wants to talk. Homelander tells Soldier Boy he is his son, his blood. He brings out Ryan and introduces Soldier Boy to his grandson. Soldier Boy tells him he wish he raised him so that he could be better. He grabs Soldier Boy by the throat. Ryan lasers down Soldier Boy with his eyes but gets knocked over. Homelander tries to help him. Soldier Boy looks like he’s going to hurt Ryan so Butcher fights him so he backs off, explaining that Ryan is his wife’s son.

A doctor later tells Butcher he has 12-18 months to live after the effects from temp-V. Butcher leaves the hospital, smoking, and shows up to reunite with The Boys. Shortly after, Butcher and The Boys watch a news report of Victoria Neuman running for Vice President of the US and he states that she has got to go.


"You're a bunch of pathetic Supe-worshipping cunts. I bet you'd thank a Supe if they shat on your mum's best china. Did it ever occur to you that they split your spine or broke your dick just for a laugh? Where's your fucking rage?! Your self-respect?! Sitting here in your little share circle. Having a little whinge and a moan. Fuck "letting go." You should be out there with a fucking chainsaw, going after 'em! Just a bunch of scared fucking rabbits. Supes are all the same. Every fucking one of 'em."
—Billy Butcher[src]

Billy is an incorrigible individual with clear goals and an unrelenting determination to achieve them. Prior to his wife Becca's disappearance, Billy had a more caring and jovial side - though she was aware of his capacity for violence and admitted that he had always been one bad day away from pounding someone to death in a parking lot. He isn't the type to beat around the bush- he is bold and direct, not afraid to do what it takes to avenge his wife. He also fearless; he has stood up to Homelander on multiple accounts, despite the fact that he could snap him like a toothpick. He is also fully willing to sacrifice himself to save others (mainly Becca or a member of The Boys). He had a close relationship with Lenny, his younger brother, often protecting him from their abusive father. Lenny's suicide had a great impact on him and still hurts Butcher, feeling deep remorse and blames himself for not standing up against their father.

The darker, more violent nature within him comes from his father, and the abuse he inflicted on him as a child trying to make him tough. However, while he uses it daily to get the job done, Butcher does hate that he is anything like his father.

Butcher holds a great hatred towards Supes, this hatred started after he learned Homelander raped Becca. He believes they are all the same and that, therefore, capable of doing unethical acts seeing normal people as "collateral damage", so they are all the enemy at his eyes. When it comes to deal with Supes, Butcher is completely ruthless and shows no mercy, being able to go as far as kidnapping, holding as hostage or even murdering them in cold blood.

Although Butcher is closed off emotionally, he does show some emotion to his teammates. He holds Mallory in high respect and considers MM a close friend, listening to him and even willing to put him in charge of watching out for Becca, the one thing that was most precious to him. He is also friends with Frenchie. Billy has a genuine connection to Hughie who reminds him of his brother Lenny and acts as a conscience. Although he hates the fact that Kimiko and Starlight are Supes, and has tried to kill both of them, he eventually warms somewhat to having them as teammates, although more so Kimiko due to the other members of The Boys standing by her.

When Butcher is finally reunited with Becca, he is unable to accept her son, due to his connection to Homelander and the fact that he's a Supe. His repulsion drives him to make a deal with Edgar to separate the two permanently so Billy can have Becca back. He learns to see Ryan as more than just the son of his enemy after seeing how much he means to Becca. He warns them of his double cross and tells them to leave, although Becca refuses. Butcher tells her he couldn't help her raise her son, knowing that he's too much like his father, and would never want to be like that to Ryan. When Ryan accidentally kills Becca, she makes Butcher promise to protect him with her dying breath. However, Butcher is full of anger and pain and contemplates killing Ryan. Upon the arrival of Homelander, his desire to honor his wife's dying wish overrides his anger at Ryan and protects the boy.

In season 3, Butcher seems to have calmed down, and he joined the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs under Hughie's supervision. He even agrees to follow Hughie's orders of not killing Termite, and Butcher kept Thermite alive despite his own personal desires. He cares for Ryan, occasionally visits him to maintain contact with the boy. However, Butcher still loathes Supes, and will opportunistically unleash his anger against them. Like Homelander, Butcher is willing to destroy everything and everyone as a means to stop being manipulated. Butcher hopes to someday finish his mutually hateful vendetta with Homelander and has grown willing do anything to achieve it, even if that means now doing hypocritically immoral and unethical actions like consuming V24.

Powers and Abilities

Powers under V24

"For once, I leveled the fucking playing field."
—Billy Butcher to Mother's Milk[src]

  • Superhuman Strength: Butcher possesses immense superhuman strength whilst under the influence of V24, as displayed by how he was able to send Gunpowder flying with a single punch[2] and effortlessly crush a man's neck with one hand.[3] He was also strong enough to repell Ryan's own strength[4], Billy is strong enough to deal significant blows to the Homelander, but he could only completely restrain him together with the Soldier Boy and Hughie.[5] Billy was also shown to be strong enough to deal significant blows to Soldier Boy when he fought him in Vought Tower.
  • Superhuman Durability: Butcher is amazingly durable and can take an extreme amount of punishment without suffering any physical injuries, as displayed by how he was completely unharmed when Gunpowder punched him in the torso[2] and later on when a group of a Russian soldiers sprayed him with bullets. He was also unfazed when Homelander blasted him with his heat vision and was barely hurt when the two of them engaged in a brutal fight, only suffering a small cut on his left cheek. When fighting Soldier Boy, Billy was able to withstand his blows, though he was shown to take more damage than Soldier Boy did.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Butcher possesses inhuman reaction speeds, as displayed by how he was able to easily dodge some of Homelander's attacks during their fight at Herogasm.
  • Heat Vision: Butcher is able to generate golden heat energy from his eyes and can project it outwards as high powered beams. These blasts of energy are shown to be incredibly powerful, as they were able to easily slice Gunpowder's head in half and cut clean through his car, completely separating it in two.[2] Although he initially lacked a good handle on this ability, to the point that it hurt his eyes to use it, by the time he took a second dose of V24, he was able to use his heat vision with perfect control and without any sense of pain.[3] Butcher's heat vision also proved powerful enough to knock Homelander to the ground after striking him in the chest and even block the latter's own heat vision, though with noticeable strain from Butcher that was not shared by Homelander.[5] Butcher's heat vision was also able to leave a wound on Soldier Boy's face using a continuous beam.


"Maybe I pushed you a bit hard. But look at you. You afraid of anything? No. Are you the strongest bastard you know? Yeah. Tougher than I ever was."
Sam Butcher to Billy Butcher[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: As a former member of the SAS[6] and having been trained by Colonel Grace Mallory,[7] Butcher is in peak physical condition. He is very strong, enough to contend with Translucent,[8] destroy Becca's headstone with a sledgehammer,[9] bash Mesmer's skull in with a bathroom sink,[10] break Jock's neck,[1] and deck Hughie with a single punch hard enough to draw blood.[11] He also threatened to break Hughie's legs.[12] Butcher is very resilient, as he could take hits from Translucent,[8] stand up after getting knocked down by a concussive blast strong enough to send a van tumbling,[13] and survived Stormfront's plasma bolts.[14] Butcher has good reflexes, as he caught Termite in a plastic bag[15] and avoided shots from Gunpowder.[2]
"I'm not a murderer."
"That's all right. I am."
Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher[src]
  • Master Combatant: Butcher was trained by the SAS in hand-to-hand combat.[6] His fighting style is a mix of boxing, as seen against Translucent[8] and Mesmer,[10] as well as other close-quarters techniques. He defeated Jock, a fellow SAS veteran, and even managed to deck Hughie with a single punch.[11] Butcher is extremely skilled, intelligent and adaptable in battle, as he spit his own blood on Translucent so he could see him which allowed him to effectively fight back.[8] He dominated a man in a bar fight, which he instigated.[16] Butcher's weapon of choice is a crowbar,[8][14] but he can also improvise with a fire poker.[16] Even as a child, Butcher had violent tendencies, as he beat up the boy who broke Lenny's nose,[16] and Becca also pointed out that he was always bad day away from pounding someone to death in a parking lot.[17] On V24, he was able to dominate Gunpowder in a duel, beating him to death[2] and he even fought well against Homelander, overwhelming him with Soldier Boy's help.[5] He was also able to hold his own against Soldier Boy, one of the most powerful Supe's and a master combatant himself, in a one on one fight, though he was eventually overwhelmed.
"Look, Butcher's the guy you want in a shooting war. No question. But we're in peacetime."
Victoria Neuman to Hughie Campbell[src]
  • Expert Marksman: As a former member of the British military,[6] Butcher is a highly accurate marksman. He demonstrated tight grouping when he shot Starlight twice in the chest from a distance with his sniper rifle.[10] He also held a baby supe with heat vision to fire at armed guards.[9] He nearly shot Kenji Miyashiro with his rifle if not for Hughie's intervention,[11] and he later quickly gunned down a Supe with his pistol.[13] At Fort Bragg, he taught Becca to be a better marksman than himself.[14] He is also skilled in throwing darts.[15] With his temporary powers, he was able to intercept Homelander's heat vision with his own.[5]
"All right, listen, I have worked for the Feds. I've worked for loads of people. I'm what you might call an independent contractor. You got a problem, you call me, I solve the problem."
—Billy Butcher to Hughie Campbell[src]
  • Gifted Intelligence: Butcher has been described by Homelander as "very smart," as he hid Translucent's remains in a box composed of zinc, the only material Homelander cannot see through.[12] He is potentially smarter than Stan Edgar, Jonah Vogelbaum, Victoria Neuman, Hughie Campbell, Starlight, Madelyn Stillwell, Queen Maeve, Frenchie, Mother's Milk, Alastair Adana, Stormfront, Homelander, A-Train, and The Deep.[18] Butcher's intelligence extends itself to his skills in leadership, deception and manipulation. After he woke up in Fort Wayne, he was smart enough to write down details of Becca's house for later investigation.[11] He is very observant, as he saw Black Noir hiding on a rooftop in his side-view mirror, and he also got Stan Edgar to call off the assassin from hunting him by threatening to expose Ryan Butcher's existence, which would cause Homelander's reputation to suffer.[16] He also easily deduced that Homelander and Stormfront were in a relationship[13] and knew that the cover story for Soldier Boy's alleged death was fake, and he is familiar with torture methods.[15]
    • Master Tactician: Butcher is an expert battle strategist, being able to think of strategies on the spot, such as when he spit his blood on Translucent to see him in a fight[8] and used a baby supe to cut through multiple armed guards.[9] united The Boys and inspired them to achieve their goals of eliminating The Seven. He would often put an end to the bickering between Frenchie and Mother's Milk. Even after he disappeared at the hands of Homelander, Frenchie brought him back to continue leading the Boys, as he viewed him as "a real captain." He also compared Butcher to Hannibal, Lee Marvin, and Brian Epstein.[19] Butcher can also be deceptive and manipulative, as he was able to make a criminal think he was a police officer to gain entry into a club,[8] he involved Frenchie by having Translucent see his face,[20] and he convinced Mother's Milk to return to The Boys by lying about his association with Frenchie.[12] Butcher notably harnessed Hughie's desire for vengeance against A-Train and the Supes,[8] which was one of the reasons that lead to Hughie killing Translucent.[20] He was able to identify a federal black ops unit's van in disguise and he guilt-tripped Hughie when he wanted to go after Stillwell while the latter wanted to split off to go help Frenchie and Mother's Milk.[7] He anticipated that Stan Edgar had multiple snipers ready to take him out, and spearheaded the mission to rescue Ryan.[14]
    • Expert Thief: Butcher easily pickpocketed a nurse's ID badge at Mercer Hospital to infiltrate a supe nursery.[9] He also stole a boat, My Big Wet Dream, including the ownership papers[21] and stole Grace Mallory's ledger.[4]
    • Skilled Pilot: Butcher knows how to pilot a speedboat. He killed Lucy the whale by driving it into her side.[21]
    • Skilled Physician: Butcher was able to treat a bullet wound in his leg from Gunpowder.[2]
"Goes to show you, doesn't it? The bollocks people will believe if you get them scared enough."
—Billy Butcher to Hughie Campbell[src]
"Y-You are pretty darn impressive. I mean, especially for, you know, one of you. See, even now, most people standing where-where you are would be pissing their pants terrified, but you... uh, sure, y-your heart's pounding, but you're not afraid. It's anger. That's a new one for me."
  • Indomitable Will: Butcher is an extremely determined man, never giving up on his mission to keep The Seven and all other Supes in line. He repeatedly stood up against extremely powerful beings, from Translucent to Homelander. Even when facing Homelander and knowing how easily Homelander could kill him, Butcher neve once showed any sign of fear and simply continued to threaten him.


  • Beretta 92FS Inox: Butcher used his sidearm to threaten Madelyn Stillwell.[7]
  • Beretta 92FS: Butcher later used a new sidearm to kill an EMP Supe[13] and tried to shoot Stormfront with it, to no avail.[14]
  • Colt M4A1: Butcher used a carbine to fend off a shiver of the Deep's sharks attacking him and the Boys.[21] He later brought it on the mission to rescue Ryan.[14]
"You're looking well."
"Yeah, no thanks to the .50-caliber round that you pumped into my chest."
"Well, what don't kill you makes you stronger."
—Billy Butcher and Starlight[src]

Butcher aiming his sniper rifle at Starlight

  • Serbu BFG-50A: Butcher's sniper rifle of choice is a is a semi-automatic .50-caliber rifle with a red laser sight. He loaded it with a diamond-coated round in an attempt to shoot Translucent to pierce his skin, but it ricocheted off.[20] He later used it in an attempt to kill Starlight, shooting her twice in the chest, but to no avail due to her powers.[10] He brought the same sniper rifle to provide overwatch for the infiltration of Sage Grove Center, with Starlight in his sights.[13]
  • Crowbar: Butcher used this weapon against Translucent, but failed to hit him due to his invisibility. Butcher also used his crowbar against Stormfront while her back was turned, choking Becca against a tree. Unfortunately, the blows from the crowbar had no effect against Stormfront. He later used it to destroy a fuse box for a Russian military compound.
  • Taser Rod: Butcher used a taser rod to electrocute Translucent.
  • Fire Poker: Butcher used a fire poker against Black Noir.



"I'm sayin if there is some geezer up there with a big white beard, he's a world heavyweight cunt."
"I'm sorry did you just call God a C word?"
" Yeah, he's got a hard on for mass murder and giving kids cancer, and his whole solution to the existential clusterfuck that is humanity is to nail his own bleeding son to a plank. That is a cunt move, c'mon even you have got to agree with me on that one. We should lob a fucking nuke at him and get it over and done with, you know what I'm say'in?"
—Billy calling God a cunt Good for the Soul

"Where are you?"
"Shake Shack."
"Really? Fuck'in magic that place. What'd you get?"
"-Shack Burger, cheese fries, cookie dough concrete."
"Sounds good. Does it taste like lies? I got your phone linked to my 'find your shithead friends app'. Now where the fuck are you? "
—Billy catching M.M in a lie in The Innocents

"I'll tell you what. When we're all done here, I'll buy you a nice, big, family size bottle of top-shelf lube and I'll tickle your balls till you beg me to stop and even then I won't. I just won't do it."
—Billy taunting Hughie Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men

"What was I before you? Nothing."
—Billy to Becca in Nothing Like It in the World


  • Butcher tends to say the word "cunt." He speaks it 22 times in the first season and 26 times in the second season, meaning he speaks it 2.75 times on average per episode in the first season, 3.25 times on average per episode in the second season, and 3 times on average per episode throughout the series.
  • Like Homelander and Soldier Boy, his team did not like how he was treating them so they turned on him. Though unlike Homelander and Soldier Boy, Butcher has come to some level of understanding with his team and they still work with him.
  • In the comics Billy become a villain around the second half of the series, it is unknown if the TV series counterpart will do the same.
  • It is assumed that Billy is an atheist, considering he called God a "cunt" in Good for the Soul.


  • Butcher is a parody of the Marvel anti-hero The Punisher.
    • Both were family men who become violent, unhinged vigilantes who allow their constant thirst for revenge to take them over completely.
    • Both Billy Butcher and Frank Castle come from a past in the Marines and the CIA (Though Butcher was in the Royal Marines, not the US Marines)
    • Both take a sadistic pleasure in dispatching their enemies in painful ways and both frequently use curse language.
    • The plot of the non-canonical Punisher comic "The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe", served as a prototype for what would eventually become The Boys decades later.
    • Butcher can be considered an antihero.
  • Due to his hatred of Homelander ( who is the series' parody of Superman ) and the alliterated name, even with the reverse of financial sources, Billy could be a standin/expy for Lex Luthor.






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