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"Okay, let them come to us! Spread it out! Fliers first, rest of you on back up! Let's show them what it means to fuck with--Teenage K--" ~ Big Game starts a fight with The Boys, also a second before getting headbutted by Billy Butcher.

Big Game is minor antagonist in controversial comic book series The Boys. He is leader of corrupt superhero team Teenage Kix. He is also a bisexual hero, who usually has sex with his teammates Shout Out and Dogknott.


Big Game makes his first appearance in a group sex orgy with his fellow teammates when Hughie was spying on them. Later, when Teenage Kix met The Boys, they started an attack on them. At the beginning Big Game get headbutt by Billy Butcher, caving in his face, breaking his nose and apparently knocking out several teeth. After this, Hughie accidentally killed Blarney Cock, which was shocking for other teammates. He later appeared at Blarney Cock's funeral, saying that he was the best of them and that he and his teammates will miss him.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Flight


  • He is bisexual.
  • He is most likely based off Nightwing from DC Comics.]]