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I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise me that you will save him no matter what and you will get him back to me. (...) You realize this isn't just about me, right? Like, h-he can't grow up like Homelander. You have to think of all of the people out there that he would... Swear to me, then. You swear to me on your brother's soul.
―Becca Butcher to Billy Butcher regarding Ryan.[src]

Rebecca Butcher (née Saunders), better known as Becca, is a major character of the Amazon series The Boys. She was Billy Butcher's wife and Ryan's mother.

After working several years at Vought International, she suddenly disappeared on January, 24, 2012, leaving her family to believe she was dead and causing Billy to develop a particular hatred towards Homelander for raping her.

Eventually, Becca reunited with Butcher, revealing Ryan's existence as Homelander's son. Becca was accidentally killed by Ryan during the fight against Stormfront and in her final moments, she asked Butcher to take care of Ryan. Her death would leave Butcher in pain and due to his injection of compound V, Becca would appear as an illusion for him to make things good.

The Boys Series[]


Rebecca Saunders was the Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Vought International, working to create more publicity through Vought's social media pages. At a 2011 Christmas party, Becca introduced her husband, Billy to Homelander. Homelander greeted Billy and then thanked Becca for working on his Twitter profile. A few days after the party, Becca met with Homelander in a private room where he raped her. After that night, Becca was troubled on how to handle the situation. After January 24th, 2012, she went to Vought for help and confirmed she was pregnant with Homelander's child. Madelyn Stillwell and Jonah Vogelbaum oversaw the procedure. Vought made her sign a form of discrepancy where she couldn't tell anyone about the procedure, not even her husband. After a grueling and messy process, Becca successfully delivered the baby. Vought then placed her in a secret facility run by Dr. Park. From there, Becca was allowed to raise the child in privacy at the cost of everyone believing she disappeared or died. For the next 8 years Becca raised her son, Ryan on her own and undisturbed from Homelander or anyone else from the outside.

Season One[]

Once Homelander found out she was missing, Madelyn Stillwell directed him towards scientist Jonah Vogelbaum. Vogelbaum said Becca died giving birth to Homelander's son, with the baby drowning in his mother's blood. However, when asked about the baby, Madelyn tells Homelander it was a miscarriage. Homelander, suspicious, returned to Vogelbaum and got the truth from him. In "You Found Me," both Homelander and Billy discover Becca was in hiding, raising her son, Ryan in secret.

Season Two[]

After being forced to tolerate visits by Homelander to her son, Becca went on to angrily vent off to Dr. Park, the head of her gated community, saying she had a deal that living in such an isolated place would prevent his return to her life. However Dr. Park refused to do anything about Homelander, instead telling her to hope that he gets bored and moves on.

A rift quickly forms between Becca and Homelander, with Becca wanting to raise Ryan as a normal boy, while Homelander wants to train Ryan to use his powers and become a superhero. Until Ryan threatens Homelander to leave them both alone. Becca's life changes again when Billy tracks her down and reunites with her again. Becca and Billy reconnect and reminisce about where they go from here. Butcher and her plan to sneak out through a garbage truck with Ryan, however when the day comes, Becca refuses to leave with Billy. Becca states Billy will do whatever he can to get rid of Ryan, "It won't be in an obvious way, and it won't be right away" but he'll find a way. Billy denies the claims, saying he'll raise Ryan with her, but Becca sees through his lies. Billy then reveals his true feelings, calling Ryan a Vought Asset, one they will never let go. Billy suggests the two escape and go into hiding, but Becca refuses to let Vought recreate Homelander through Ryan. Billy attempts to stop her, but Becca drives off, activating an alarm, forcing him to leave.

To her dismay, Homelander returns to visit Becca and Ryan in "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker". This time however, he brings Stormfront with him. They interrupt Becca and Ryan playing with Lego by dropping in behind them. Becca watches Homelander introduce Stormfront to herself and Ryan. Becca grows suspiciously concerned as Homelander apologizes to Ryan for pushing him last time. Even more so when Stormfront talks about Ryan's superpowers, so Becca diverts the conversation away from Ryan's powers. Homelander then apologizes to Becca and Ryan, saying he wants to be involved more in Ryan's life because he wants the best for his son and wants Ryan to get to know Stormfront. Homelander promises them both they can all be one happy family.

The four watch a Lego animation of The Blindside by Ryan, to which Stormfront and Homelander question if he is into anything more "common" like video games or YouTube. However, Ryan doesn't know what they are referring to. Becca is reluctant in letting him do or see what they're suggesting. Both Homelander and Stormfront continue to excite Ryan's curiosity to the dismay of Becca. She then demands to talk with Homelander outside. Becca believes Homelander is trying to turn Ryan against her, but Homelander assures her he just wants what's best for Ryan because he was raised the exact same way as Ryan. Homelander assures her that the moment Ryan is exposed to the outside world, he will freak out just like Homelander did. Becca denies the claims saying Ryan is different because he has a mother. Furthermore, Becca states the minute Homelander shows Ryan the outside world, Ryan will be overwhelmed and freak out. Homelander calls her a liar, to which Becca justifies for Ryan's betterment to be there with his mother. She then begs Homelander to not tell Ryan the truth. Homelander nods and the two seemingly agree.

Later on, Becca cooks dinner but can't find Ryan. When she finds him with Homelander and Stormfront, Ryan resents Becca and calls her a liar. Ryan reveals Homelander showed Ryan that his whole neighborhood is fake, the house, the school, all of it. Becca stares at Homelander enraged, to which Homelander answers that he deserves to know the truth. Becca pleads with Ryan to let them talk this out, but Ryan only refuses her offer. Homelander then suggest Ryan needs a little space, to which Becca grabs and puts Ryan behind her and continues stating that Ryan needs his mother. To which Stormfront assures her that he'll still have a mother. Ryan then breaks free from her grasp and jumps into Homelander's arms as the two fly off, leaving Becca crying.

Becca eventually manages to escape from the gate some time later, and eventually tracks Butcher to the pawnshop in East Flatbush, and hugs him once he lets her in. Becca then informs Billy that Homelander and Stormfront took Ryan.

Before Stormfront arrives, Billy orders Becca, M.M. and Ryan to leave before the fight starts, however their car is intercepted by Stormfront, who flips the car over. While they escape the car unharmed, Billy escorts Becca and Ryan while The Boys distract Stormfront. Stormfront tracks them down in the forest and calls Ryan to her. Billy attempts to stop her, but she casually throws Billy into a tree with a plasma bolt. As Stormfront attempts to take Ryan, Becca stabs her right eye, leaving the knife embedded in her eye socket. With a shriek of pain, Stormfront rips the knife out and slowly begins to strangle Becca. Ryan begs Stormfront to stop hurting his mother, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Ryan then becomes enraged and uses his heat vision for the first time in a blinding flash of light. When the light subsides, Stormfront has been severely burned and in a delirious state, talking to her dead husband in German, her face badly burned and disfigured, while three of her limbs have been reduced to charred stumps. Unfortunately, Ryan also struck Becca in the process of stopping Stormfront, and Becca has suffered a critical neck wound. Billy tries to halt the bleeding and cries out for help, but no one answers. A tearful Billy holds her in his arms as Ryan keeps crying that he's sorry. Aware that she's dying, Becca extracts a promise from Billy to assure Ryan that it wasn't his fault and to promise that he'll care for Ryan and protect him. Becca then dies from blood loss, leaning against the tree.

Season Four[]

Becca appears in Department of Dirty Tricks as a schizophrenic Temp-V induced vision to Butcher, telling Butcher her last words again. She warns Butcher that if Ryan turns out like Homelander, then that will be the end of the world and an apocalyptic end times event. Her warning parallels an earlier scene where Butcher meets Joe Kessler who warns Butcher about a time that could be where Supes "Round up [us humans]" into camps.


Contrary to her husband's vengeful and distrustful personality, Becca is a very compassionate and caring, especially to her son. Throughout Season 2, Becca has done a lot to raise Ryan as a normal child, unlike Homelander, who only wants to train him to use his abilities.



What are you doing? Come on, get up! Butcher, the world doesn't end just because your shitty life does.
―Becca's hallucination encouraging a dying Billy in Wisdom of the Ages