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"Barbary Coast" is the third episode of the third season of The Boys. It was released on June 3, 2022 on Amazon Prime. It is the nineteenth episode overall.


Tonight at 9/8C on Vought Plus, it’s the season finale of #AmericanHero! Three contestants remain, but only TWO will join #TheSeven! Will Starlight choose her old flame Supersonic? Or will someone else be moving into the Seven Tower? Tune in tonight for the SHOCKING final episode, brought to you by Lean Lady Frozen Dinners by Vought: Where slim tastes super!


In a flashback to Annie’s childhood, she entered the Little Miss Hero pageant. She complained about singing hurting her throat, but her mom coached her by saying “pain is weakness leaving the body”. She performed a number by Britney Spears which was very well received by judges and the audience. However, while she greets her mother and the audience with one hand, she hides her other hand, clenching her fist tightly.

In present, Starlight watches the reel of Homelander’s rant. Homelander watches it too, naked and on the edge of losing it- until Ashley runs in and tells him his points are up, particularly with the white male population. She explains that his fans think he’s confident and unapologetic. He’s surprised but thrilled.

Butcher throws up from a post V-24 hangover. MM and Hughie visit The Boys headquarters and consider rejoining. Since Victoria, and thereby Stan, know where Ryan is- Hughie suggests they move him to a new safe house. They all decide to visit Ryan. Hughie wants to go but knows Victoria will be suspicious if he says he’s sick so he asks Kimiko to break his arm so he has a good excuse.

At Vought, Stan, Ashley, and Starlight strategize about who to choose on American Hero. Supersonic is a favorite. Silver Kincaid is Starlight’s top choice. When Ashley suggests they run it by Homelander, Starlight tells her that she gets final say over the last two slots according to Edgar.

Frenchie goes to meet Cherie, who is on the run, to give her a fake passport. She admits she messed up at work and has to flee. She tells him to go with her but he tells her he can’t. She kisses him and leaves.

The Boys go see Ryan and Grace Mallory. MM admits to Hughie that he rejoined The Boys because Soldier Boy killed his family.

Annie pulls Supersonic aside and turns on music loudly so she can tell him, without Homelander listening in, to turn down the spot on The Seven in the American Hero finale. She warns him that something is wrong with Homelander and that he will be putting his life at risk if he gets into closer contact with Homelander.

A-Train’s brother tracks him down outside of a medical facility where A-train admits that he may never be able to run again because his heart might explode. His brother tells him to go back home with him to see the family.

Kimiko and Ryan play games. He asks her if she likes her powers and if she ever gets scared of them- she said she doesn’t like them and yes she gets scared. Ryan shares her feelings.

Butcher confronts Grace about working with Soldier Boy in Nicaragua. She tells him Nicaragua is ancient history but Butcher keeps pressing. She tells him about Operation Charlie - Reagan’s pet project that was “off the books”. Reagan needed money for it and they did it by trafficking cocaine into the U.S. to raise funds for weapons. She admits the goal was to traffic it solely into minority communities and to keep it away from rich white ones.

Payback made a visit to the camp in Nicaragua where they put on a show, along with Stan Edgar. Payback is there for a trial run to fight for the military. Grace is not happy about this- Supes do not belong in the warzone, according to her.

Mallory witnesses Black Noir arguing with Stan Edgar because he doesn’t want to wear his mask. Stan tells him that his ratings are much higher if the public doesn’t know he’s black.

Back at Vought, Homelander asks Starlight to reconsider her choices for The Seven. His vote is too bring back in The Deep. The Deep gives Starlight a necklace to ask for forgiveness and his wife, Cassandra, hugs her. Starlight tells Homelander absolutely no - she doesn’t want the guy who mouth raped her back in The Seven. Starlight threatens to release the video of Homelander on the flight and he tells her to release it- because then after that he’ll have nothing left to lose. He threatens to destroy the world bit by bit if so.

Cassandra and The Deep hook up and she gives him a play by play on what they’re going to do next. While they hook up, The Deep focuses on an octopus and starts talking dirty to it.

Hughie asks Annie to buy them some time with Homelander so that he and The Boys can try to find the weapon that could kill him. Hughie admits that Butcher has been right all along and that he’s tired of losing.

A-Train talks to his brother and his family about his new suit and new cause, but they tease him because they think this new look is ridiculous. His brother tells him if he really wants to join the cause- he should speak up about something that just happened in the neighborhood. A Supe, called Blue Hawk, killed a black man who supposedly mugged a white woman. A-Train’s brother thinks that he needs to speak up about this.

Butcher struggles with the after effects of the V-24, some of which (like the laser eyes) is still in his system. Ryan asks him if he’s sick and offers him a Triscuit cracker, something that Becca used to give both of them when they got sick. Ryan notices that his heart is racing and his blood smells funny.

Grace continues her story about what happened in Nicaragua. Their camp got attacked and the Supes started fighting and accidentally kill Grace’s men. An explosion hits near Grace, and she fell down. Later, she woke up and found Black Noir, with his face partially burned off. Crimson Countess tells Grace that the Russians killed Soldier Boy and took his body. Grace tells her that it’s impossible that he died but she sees a helicopter taking his body away.

Butcher tells Ryan he can’t see him again because it’s not safe. Ryan grabs him and won’t let him go. Butcher tells him he hasn’t forgotten about what Ryan did to his Becca. Ryan tears up and runs off, saying “I hate you” to Butcher.

Frenchie gets cornered by a group of thugs and has to get in the car. They bring him to Nina, who asks Frenchie where Cherie is. Nina tells Frenchie that Cherie stole from her. He tells her to back off because he works for the CIA.

The Deep rejoins The Seven and they celebrate with a feast. Homelander orders for everyone- a seafood feast, which makes The Deep uncomfortable. He just asks for some bread. Homelander tells him that no one can stop him now that he knows that people love him for him - “Free at last,” he says. He brings The Deep a live octopus, called Timothy. The Deep tells him that Timothy is his friend and he can’t. Cassandra texts Deep “Eat the f***ing octopus.” Homelander tells him to eat Timothy and very painfully, he does.

Kimiko suggests she and Frenchie just leave and go to Marseille. Frenchie tells Butcher about Nina and Butcher requests a meeting with her. He tells Frenchie they’re going to Russia.

Supersonic tells Annie he’s joining The Seven because someone has to have her back and he’s not going to leave her to deal with Homelander alone. On ‘’American Hero’’, Starlight and Homelander announce that The Deep and Supersonic have been chosen. Homelander announces that he and Starlight are also an item and in love- #HomeLight. Ashley and the team are thrilled about the announcement, knowing that the people are going to love the duo. Considering it a chance to keep a closer eye on him, Starlight agrees to the new ploy and even kisses him on camera, though scrunches her fist in anger behind her back, just like when she was a child at the beginning of the episode.




Go ahead. Release it. Let's light this candle, huh? I mean, sure, I'll lose everything, but then, I'll have nothing to lose. First, I'll take out the nerve centers--White House, Pentagon--then any domestic defense capabilities, and then critical infrastructure--like cellular, Internet, that kind of thing--and then, well, I think then. I'll just wipe New York off the fucking map for fun. I'll even throw in Des Monies and that little cousin-fucker hick town that Maeve's from, cause why not? See, Starlight, I'd prefer to be loved. I would, but if you take that away from me, well, being feared is A-one okey-doke by me. So. Go ahead, partner. Do it. No? You don't want to do it? Well, then, I would have to say that you have absolutely no fucking leverage because I am the Homelander. And I really can do whatever the fuck I want.




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