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"BFFs" is the fifth episode of the first season of the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Its animation style was inspired by Japanese anime, Pokémon. It was released on March 4, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.


Inject yourself with Compound V and gain superpowers. Drink compound V and… this happens.


Sky waits on the corner with two other girls, Bree and Tiffany, who are using her to try to get drugs. A drug dealer pulls up and Sky's friends push her into the car with the dealer. Sky asks him for marijuana. Suddenly, the car crashes and she’s kicked out of the car by the dealer with her marijuana and a serum from Compound V that she stole. She’s encouraged to take a hit from the joint as her friends peer pressure her to get involved.

Sky heads back home alone that night and takes the compound. She wakes up in the morning and she is confronted with a small talking poop, which Sky dresses up with eyelashes and a bow. The poop decides to name herself Areola. Sky and Areola chat with each other and believe that they are "connected".

The Deep interviews the drug dealer, asking for the V. He soon shows up to see Sky, where he’s shocked to see the mini-turd wandering around. They’re taken to Vought headquarters, where Areola is studied for research. Sky is paid off $1000 and given a refurbished iPad… which certainly doesn’t work given she has an emotional bond with Areola.

Sky decides to break into Vought. She frees Areola and flushes her down the toilet. Sky eventually heads into the sewers herself, determined to catch up and find her. After their reunion, The Deep appears and demands she stop. However, Sky soon realizes what her true power is – she can control turds.

Overwhelmed with disgust after getting hit in the face, The Deep abandons his objective and leaves. Sky heads back to her normal life, only now with a brand new superpower.




Oh man, I really hope that wasn't meth