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"The only reason you’re here and not doing corporate PR for fucking DivaCups is that I brought you here. You are dispensable which means that you answer to me."
—Homelander to Ashley[src]

Ashley Barrett is a recurring character in the Amazon series The Boys. She is the former Director of Talent Relations for Vought International.

After Madelyn Stillwell's death, Ashley took over her position as the Senior Vice President of Hero Management, though she holds no authority over The Seven like her predecessor did.

The Boys Series[]

Season One[]

At first Ashley was Madelyn Stillwell's assistant. Being assigned to deal with The Seven's new recruit, Starlight, Ashley booked her an appearance at the Believe Expo. But between her and Vought’s mistreatment of Starlight and forcing her into their constant scripts and demands, the superheroine had enough and revealed the truth of her frustrations on live TV, resulting in Ashley getting fired.

Season Two[]

After Homelander murdered Madelyn Stillwell, he recommended Ashley to fill her spot. Ashley is thrilled to have the opportunity to not only get her old job back, but with a promotion, yet Homelander quickly reminds her that she is there to tell him what's going on and that he is really in charge.

Ashley tries to help fill the empty spot in The Seven but soon realizes that she has very little power as Homelander and Stan Edgar seem to make all of the important decisions.


As the great part of Vought employes, Ashley can be see especially as a lie: she's a PR with important duties inside the Vought company, but the times she showed any ability to interact with people are very few. She never displays any kind of real sympathy toward others, especially the Seven, and even when the situation calls for it she has shown herself incapable of even feigning it. While it’s mostly her doing her job, she cares much less about morals than fame and making the heroes look good and gets huffy when they don’t adhere to the rules. Notable examples include her ranting and yelling at Starlight over her public appearance and antagonizing her when she goes off script and not getting names for publicity of an attempted rape crime, completely ignoring the fact that Starlight saved a person’s life. Another such example is when she became angry at Queen Maeve after she broke up with Elena.

The only time she showed a little bit of compassion and understanding for others was after Maeve was shown to be deeply upset over Elena separating herself from her, due to now knowing the "truth" about her actions for Vought's interest, and falling into a self-loathing binge of heterosexual sex to bury her depression, pain and being lectured by Ashley for being "Not Lesbian". Maeve, disgusted, tearfully asks her try and be "a fucking human being for once"; Ashley pauses after realizing how upset she was and showed some remorse for her insensitivity before sincerely apologizing to Maeve about her separation with Elena and gave her space.


Ashley is a parody version like of Amanda Waller from the DC comics