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"The only reason you’re here and not doing corporate PR for fucking DivaCups is that I brought you here. You are dispensable which means that you answer to me."
Homelander to Ashley[src]

Ashley Barrett is a main character in the Amazon series The Boys. She is the CEO and former Director of Talent Relations for Vought International.

After Madelyn Stillwell's death, Ashley took over her position as the Senior Vice President of Hero Management, though she held no authority over The Seven like her predecessor did. After Stan Edgar's ousting from his position, Ashley went on to take over the role of CEO.

The Boys Series[]


Ashley claimed that her mother died of cancer when Ashley was just seventeen years old.

Season One[]

At first Ashley was Madelyn Stillwell's assistant. Being assigned to deal with The Seven's new recruit, Starlight, Ashley booked her an appearance at the Believe Expo. But between her and Vought’s mistreatment of Starlight and forcing her into their constant scripts and demands, the super-heroine had enough and revealed the truth of her frustrations on live TV, resulting in Ashley getting fired.

Season Two[]

After Homelander murdered Madelyn Stillwell, he recommended Ashley to fill her spot. Ashley is thrilled to have the opportunity to not only get her old job back, but with a promotion, yet Homelander quickly reminds her that she is there to tell him what's going on and that he is really in charge.

Ashley tries to help fill the empty spot in The Seven but soon realizes that she has very little power as Homelander and Stan Edgar seem to make all of the important decisions.

Season Three[]

Ashley is now working in a senior position at Vought on public relations. She continues to obsess over "the numbers" and status of the Supes as she tries to help save and support their public image.

Ashley is having sex with Adam Bourke, a director. She also gets a new assistant, also named Ashley, who she seems to enjoy bossing around.

After Stan Edgar is asked to step down, Ashley is promoted to CEO of Vought- at Homelander's suggestion to the board. Ashley presents herself as an ally to Homelander, eager to please him at any moment. Starlight asks Ashley to please help her stand up to him but Ashley tells Starlight she has no superpowers and can't help.


Like most Vought employees, Ashley is a deceptive self-promoting liar: She works Vought company managing PR duties, but never displays any kind of real sympathy toward others. Especially with the Seven, she fails to even bother concealing her general disregard for others. She prioritizes promotional events of the famous over any moral and ethical issues, and loathes any co-workers who do share her goals. Notable examples include her loudly belittling Starlight over her public appearance, and ranting about Starlight going off script, completely ignoring the fact that Starlight saved a person’s life. Another such example is when she became angry at Queen Maeve after she broke up with Elena.

The only time she showed a little bit of compassion and understanding for others was after Maeve was shown to be deeply upset over Elena separating herself from her, due to now knowing the "truth" about her actions for Vought's interest, and falling into a self-loathing binge of heterosexual sex to bury her depression, pain and being lectured by Ashley for being "Not Lesbian". Maeve disgusted by her behavior, tearfully asks her try and be "a fucking human being for once"; Ashley pauses after realizing how upset she was and showed some remorse for her insensitivity before sincerely apologizing to Maeve about her separation with Elena and gave her space. As shown in the events of season 3, unlike Edgar or Madelyn, Ashley has shown to have begun becoming more outwardly disturbed with Homelander’s more psychotic behavior and to a degree, has begun becoming more sympathetic to the victims of his actions and even towards the other members of the seven, such as the Deep, who he has begun terrorizing in order to control.

As shown during her angry rant against A-Train, Ashley possess extreme levels of stress due to her job of having to cover up the numerous crimes and even murders done by The Seven and the other Supes she manages, which has increased even more due to her two promotions as the Head of Hero Mangament and now as the new CEO of Vaught. This is seen where she angirly told off A-Train about his callous actions and of how she was the one who had to cover them up to protect him and was even further enraged and disgusted at his hypocrisy of wanting Justice when he himself had done numerous crimes and caused massive collateral damage without guilt or hesitation. This serves to showcase Ashley’s true feelings regarding her opinion on the Supes underneath the corporate mask of her job, showcasing that Ashley does possess a concience and at least some sense of morality.

As also seen in her rant to A-Train and in other instances, Ashley suffers from trichotillomania, a disorder characterized by the urge to pull out one's own hair at the scalp.

She also displays sexual tendencies as a way to destress herself as seen when she has aggressive sex with Adam in the bathroom at the premiere event of the Dawn of the Seven movie, and when she insinuated to Cameron Coleman.

After becoming Vought's new CEO, her tone has became estatic with joy due to her new position, she is also willing to do Homelander's bidding. When A-Train ask her to change his image to reflect his black heritage, she sarcastically agrees while also speaking almost in jive slang towards him (including getting his catchphrase wrong), hinting that she maybe out of touch. When A-Train gets a heart transplant with Blue Hawk's heart, Ashley informs him to wear his regular suit and that his new movie shows his alleged new origin story that he grew up as a gangster who was trained by a coach played by Tom Hanks rather than his brother Nathan, erasing A-Train's new publicity.


  • Ashley is based on Jessica Bradley, a character who was in the comics.
  • Ashley's trichotillomania in the show is likely a nod to her counterpart in the comics.